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Sailing boat charter Ibiza

Enjoy an amazing day, weekend or full week at sea on a sailing boat charter Ibiza. Contact our manager today at +34 651 930 939 (WhatsApp OK) and ask him any questions about your options of boat charters in Ibiza. We have the best deals in catamarans and sailboats in Ibiza, catamarans and sailing boats Mallorca, and the Mediterranean. A sailing boat in Ibiza and Formentera is ideal to discover all the unique coves on these gorgeous islands of Ibiza and Formentera.

Sailing boat charter Ibiza

This is where your floating apartment will be located

Sailing boat charter Ibiza, list of boats and weekly fees

Please read below the list of all our sailing boat charter Ibiza models. Some of them are only offered as skippered boat charters, but most are offered as bareboat (any person with a sailing license can be the skipper). All of of our sailing boats can be skippered with the basic nautical license (up to 12 meters of lenght) but you should be able to show some sailing experience.

On this table you can see the list of sailboats offered for this summer season Ibiza 2014. A variety of sailing boats that will suit the needs of our customers.

Weekly fees 2014. Click on the boat name to open boat page
Model Cabins Bath-rooms People 10/05 a 13/06 14/06 a 25/07 26/07 a 29/08 30/08 a 27/09 Skipper Required Deposit Extras
Sailboat Bavaria 50 (2007) 5+1 3 10 2.500 2.900 3.500 2.900 yes(1.050) 1.000 200
Sailboat Dufour Grand Large 365 3 1 6+1 2.600 2.800 3.000 2.600 optional 1.500 90
Sailboat Beneteau Cyclades 393 (2008) 3 2 6+2 2.350 2.550 2.950 2.150 optional 1.500 150
Sailboat Dufour 400 (2007) 3 1 6+1 2.150 2.350 2.750 1.950 yes(1.050) 0 140
Sailboat Dufour 400 (2003) 2 1 4+2 1.950 2.150 2.500 1.900 yes(1.050) 0 0
Sailboat Dufour 38 classic (2002) 3 2 6+1 2.250 2.450 2.750 2.250 yes(1.050) 500 140
Sailboat Dufour 410 (2013) 3 2 8+1 3.350 3.850 3.850 3.250 optional 1.900 350
Sailboat Dufour 425 (2010) 3 2 6+1 3.250 3.500 3.500 3.250 yes(1.050) 0 0
Sailboat Jeanneau 509 (2013) 5+1 3 11+1 4.850 5.700 6.900 5.700 yes(1.260) 1.000 240
Sailboat Bavaria 47 (2008) 4+1 2 8+1 2.900 3.500 4.300 2.400 yes(1.050) 0 100
Sailboat Amica 44 (1993) 3 1 7+1 2.200 2.400 2.700 2.200 yes(1.050) 0 120

List of catamarans and weekly fees

Weekly fees 2014. Click on the boat name for details
Model Cabins Bath rooms People 10/05 a 13/06 14/06 a 25/07 26/07 a 29/08 30/08 a 27/09 Skipper required Deposit Extras
Lagoon 380 (2006) 4+2 2 8+2 3.750 3.925 5.490 3.425 optional 1.500 250
Lagoon 380 (2012) 4+2 2 6 4.500 5.400 5.900 4.900 yes(1.200) 1.000 250
Lagoon 380 (2014) 4+2 2 8+2 3.950 4.950 5.600 3.950 optional 2.000 190
Lagoon 400 (2012) 4+2 4 8+2 4.500 5.400 6.300 4.500 optional 2.000 190
Lagoon 440 (2010) 4+2 4 8+4 5.500 6.500 7.700 6.500 yes(1.260) 1.000 160
Lagoon 470 (2005) 4+3 4 7+2 4.990 5.990 6.990 5.990 yes(1.350) 1.500 400
Lagoon 620 (2013) 5 5 10+2 23.500 26.000 26.000 23.500 included 5.000 0
Belize 43 (2003) 4+2 2 8+1 5.975 5.975 6.950 5.975 included 1.000 0
Bahia 46 (2006) 4+2 4 11+1 4.890 6.240 6.985 5.450 yes(1.120) 2.000 300
Privilege 45 (2004) 4 4 8+1 7.500 9.000 9.500 7.000 included 1.000 300

Sailing boat and catamaran week charter Ibiza general conditions

  • All prices include VAT (21%)
  • When skipper is optional you can sail the boat yourself, or you can hire a skipper for 150 euros per day + food
  • Berth at port is included for check-in and check-out
  • In order to secure your booking you must transfer 50% of the charter fee. The rest of the balance can be cancelled before embarking, usually 30 days before.
  • Weeks are scheduled from Saturdays to Fridays. Embarking Saturdays at 16:00 and disembarking Fridays at 20:00 with overnight stay until Saturday at 9:00 am when possible.

Day charter Ibiza. Rent a boat for a one day excursion and Ibiza boat trip

Some of our boats are available for day charter even in high season.

Fees for Ibiza boat trips 2014
Sailing boat People 10/05 a 12/06 13/06 a 25/07 26/07 a 22/08 23/08 a 05/09 06/09 a 27/09 Port
Catamaran Lagoon 380 (2012) 11+1 950* 1.200* 1.350 1.200* 950* S.Antonio or Salinas(IBZ) or Formentera
Sailboat Dufour 38 classic (2002) 7+1 600 700 800 750 600 Sta.Eulalia
Sailboat TES 720BT (2010) 5+1 590 650 750 750 590 Salinas(IBZ) o Formentera

(*)except for Saturdays

All our fees for Ibiza boat trips for one day include the following concepts:

  • VAT and all taxes.
  • Skipper fee
  • Fuel for the sailing boat.
  • Dinghy with outboard engine.
  • Final cleaning fee.

So everything is included except for food and drinks.

We offer one day boat excursions and boat trips to sail around Ibiza or to sail from Ibiza to Formentera and back to Ibiza by the end the day. We are aware that most boat companies in Ibiza only offer full weeks in July and August. On the contrary, in Charteralia, we offer rent a boat for one day even during the most demanding weeks of the summer. We are also offering one day catamaran charters from Ibiza to Formentera or a tour around the coves of the Bay of San Antonio, west of the island.

Video: our customers riding over the waves

Leave your stress behind on land

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Hen party Ibiza

If you are organizing a hen party Ibiza we have special offers with several options depending on the season and number of hours on board, starting from the most basic option in low season, 400 euros for a half day catamaran ride. Call us at +34 651 930 939 (WhatsApp Ok) and contact us directly to spend an unforgettable day on a gorgeous catamaran Ibiza Lagoon 380.

hen party Ibiza

Enjoy an amazing private sailing boat trip along the best beaches in Ibiza

The most popular option for hen parties in Ibiza is usually a day-tour on our spectacular sailing catamaran. Click on this link to check all the Ibiza boat trips on private yachts, catamarans and sailing boats.

On top of the catamaran day trips, we can also offer you a few more ambitious options for your hen party Ibiza.

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Boat hire Ibiza

Call us today and book your boat hire Ibiza, at +34 651 930 939 or info@charteralia.com to get the best deal for yacths, sailing boats and catamarans for charter in Ibiza and Formentera.

boat charter ibiza

Do you want to be in these people’s shoes? Forget about shoes! :-)

We offer both skippered boat hire Ibiza and and bareboat charter for those of our customers who bear the sailing license. Read the rest of this page »

Ibiza boat trips

Spice up your holidays taking Ibiza boat trips! Call us + 34 651 930 939 (also WhatsApp) or info@charteralia.com to book your sailing tour in Ibiza on a sailing boat or catamaran.

boat excursion Ibiza

Our customers enjoying a pleasantful boat trip in Ibiza

Ibiza boat trips and excursions for one day

Fees for Ibiza boat trips 2014
Sailing boat People 10/05 a 12/06 13/06 a  25/07 26/07 a 31/08 1/09 a 14/09 15/09 a 27/09 Port
Catamaran Lagoon 380 (2012) 11+1 950* 1.200* 1.350 1.200* 950* S.Antonio or Salinas(IBZ) or Formentera
Sailboat Dufour 38 classic (2002) 7+1 600 700 800 700 600 Sta.Eulalia

(*)except Saturdays

All the fees you can see on the table above are ALL INCLUSIVE except drinks or food.

  • Taxes, port fees, and VAT
  • Fee for the skipper
  • The fuel of the catamaran or the sailing boat
  • Use of dinghy when necessary.
  • Cleaning fee after the excursion.

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Our catamaran anchored between Ibiza and Formentera

Once we have sailed for a few hours the skipper will anchor the catamaran at the best and most sheltered beach , usually between Ibiza and Formentera, so our customers can jump in the water and enjoy a beautiful and relaxing swim before lunch on board or at the beach bar in front of where we have anchored. Can it get any better?
Leisure moments on board of our catamaran in Ibiza
This idyllic picture actually shows one of the daily routines that experience our customers of catamaran hire in Ibiza.

Are you having a headache organizing your best friends hen party in Ibiza? Let us help you with tons of ideas!
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Navigational routes Ibiza Formentera

These navigation routes between Ibiza and Formentera are an example of some weekly routes that we followed on our catamaran in Ibiza with our great customers last summer.
Map Ibiza Formentera

When our sailing boats in Ibiza and Formentera are hired for some of our famous Ibiza boat trips, we always return to port by sunset. Same for hen parties Ibiza unless it’s a weekend party.

But when our yachts are rented for more than one day and our customers wish to sleep at anchor then we spend the night at a cove that is well protected from the wind and especially from the waves, so we are safe and comfortable for a good night sleep. For this reason the weather will play a key role in choosing where to anchor and the itinerary to follow. The prevailing winds in the summer are East winds, and usually quite mild, but we can’t lower the guard, and the skipper will always keep an eye on the weather forecast.  CLICK here to read the rest of this post

Our customers in catamaran Ibiza

Our customers at our catamaran in Ibiza. After one of our unforgettable Ibiza boat trips for one day, or a crazy hen party Ibiza celebration, or the high season usual one week of living together with the skipper on board, our customers turn into friends more than just customers.

Club nautico San Antonio in Ibiza

Farewell after a day or week

It is customary to take a picture of the whole group when we arrive back to our usual berth at the port of San Antonio, west of the island of Ibiza. Then we exchange pictures, emails, phone numbers, facebook contacts, etc. and we get ready to prepare the last dinner on board in order to finish the remaining groceries. Or we can also go out for dinner to the nice restaurants walking distance from our berth at the yacht club, and of course party in Ibiza to squeeze the last hours of your holidays.

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Sailing boat Ibiza vs Catamaran

In this article we will list the main pros and cons of catamarans versus sailing boats on the boat hire Ibiza industry in 2014. We will get to the conclusion that these type of multihull boats a are ideal for Ibiza boat trips and Formentera.

Sailing boat catamaran

Spend your holidays in Ibiza on our sailing catamaran

The main difference between a sailing boat Ibiza and a catamaran is that the catamaran is like two boats together, one next to the other, when a normal sailing boat has only one hull. On the contrary a catamaran has two hulls and between both hulls there is a magnificent living room. click here to keep reading this interesting post

Speed Boat Hire Ibiza

Charteralia offers speed boat hire Ibiza. Our speeds boat are docked at Marina Ibiza, the main marina in Ibiza town, next to Pacha and Lio restaurant and walking distance from the historical city center. If you have your nautical license you can hire our speed boats in Ibiza. For those of you who do not have a license or do not want to worry about anything, you can also hire a professional skipper for 150 euro extra per day.

If you are already on the island of Formentera then we can convey the power boat from Ibiza to Formentera and back to Ibiza by the end of the day.

Price list for day charter (VAT and fuel not included)
Model People Lenght Engine Low season June & Sept July & August Cabin Open bow
Speedboat Monterrey 268SC 8 8.80 m 1 x 350 CV 450 550 690 YES NO
Motorboat Monterrey 278SS 8 8.80 m 1 x 320 CV 450 550 650 NO YES
Powerboat Altair Amber 6.5 WA 8 6.50 m 1 x 150 CV 350 400 420 YES YES
RIB boat SACS S33 12 10 m 2 x 200 CV 500 600 700 YES YES

Monterrey 268SC speedboat rental

Our boat rental Monterrey 268 SC (Sport Cabin) is ideal for groups who want more comfort on board, since this speedboat has an inside cabin, for the use of our customers and also has a small toilet.

Speed boat charter Ibiza Monterrey 268SC

This Monterrey 268 SC full equipe for speed boat charter in Ibiza

On the outside, as you can see on the picture above, this powerboat has a comfortable solarium at the stern. We have also equipped the boat with the latest technological advances, such as a socket to charge and connect your I-phone or I-pod to the boat speakers. It is also equipped with an electric fridge, and a large ice cooler that you can fill with all the food and drinks you want to bring on board. Read the rest of this page »