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We can offer you all types of vessels: catamarans, sailing boats, speedboats, motorboats and yachts in Ibiza and the Balearic islands in the summer. From this season on, we are also offering BVI yacht charters in the Virgin Islands for winters.

Catamaran charter Ibiza

Catamarans in Ibiza: Catamarans are like two sailing boats, one next to the other. Catamarans are more stable than regular sailing boats (so you will not get seasick), offer double the space, are a bit faster, and have more amenities!

Sailing boat hire Ibiza

Sailing boats in Ibiza: If you like heeling on a boat, your budget is a bit tighter, you do not mind a bit less space on board, and still love the sound of the wind blowing the sails and the waves right next to you, then a sailing boat is probably the type of boat you want to rent.

Yacht charter Ibiza

Yachts in Ibiza: If you like speed and luxury well combined and you are not on a tight budget, then there is no doubt that you should rent one of our yachts in Ibiza and Formentera.

Speedboat rental Ibiza

Speedboats in Ibiza: If you want to spend a really fun day with your friends and you do not have patience for a sailing boat, then your best option is chartering one of our speedboats or motorboats in Ibiza and Formentera.

Rent a boat in Ibiza, with or without a skipper

We are happy to rent some of our vessels directly to those of our customers with a valid sailing license, with no need to hire a captain for the day or the week.

We can provide a professional captain for those other customers without a license, or who would simply like to have a captain on board, so they can relax and forget about the responsibility of the ship.

Amenities on board

All our boats offer a long list of amenities on board free of charge: goggles for snorkeling, flippers, sound systems so you can play your own music, coolers, on board WIFI, etc. This year our day charter catamarans offer a complimentary SUP (Stand Up Paddle Surf) board, so our customers can enjoy it every time we drop the anchor.

Enjoy a whole new perspective of the islands of Ibiza and Formentera from the sea. It will be the best day of your holidays in Ibiza and probably much more affordable than you think.

We hate last minute surprises!

We do hate last minute surprises, especially when you have already booked, so we are going to give you all the details for your boat rental:

  • Fuel included!
  • VAT and other taxes included!
  • Captain fee included!
  • Final cleaning included!
  • Port fees included!
  • No surcharges or last minute uncomfortable surprises!

All these items are usually included in the rental fees of all our boats. We will let you know in advance in case there is ANY extra cost.

Ibiza on a boat. The peak of your holidays!

Give us the opportunity to show you the best of our islands! Most of our customers write to tell us that the day they spent on our boat was the best of all their days in Ibiza and Formentera.

Jose Charteralia, manager – read our little story.

Sailing boats and catamarans

Enjoy an amazing day, weekend or full week of sun and sea on a sailing boat charter in Ibiza. Contact José, our manager, at +34 651 930 939 (Also on WhatsApp) and ask any questions you may have about your options for renting a boat in Ibiza and Formentera. We have the best offers for catamarans and sailboats in Ibiza and the other islands of Mallorca and Menorca.

Sailing boat charter Ibiza
This is where your floating apartment will be located

A sailing boat in Ibiza and Formentera is ideal to discover all the unique coves on these gorgeous islands. In the previous image you can admire the amazing color of Illetes beach, one of the most popular destinations in the north of Formentera Island, just one hour on sail from the south of Ibiza Island.

Sailing boat charter Ibiza. List of sailboats

Please read below the list of all our sailing boat charter Ibiza models. Most of them are only offered as skippered boat charters, and a few are also offered as bareboat (any person with a sailing license can be the skipper).
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Ibiza boat trips

What better way to spice up your holidays than by taking one of our amazing Ibiza boat trips! Call us at + 34 651 930 939 (also WhatsApp), or emails us at, to book your exhilarating sailing tour in Ibiza on your choice of a sailing boat, catamaran, yacht or speed-boat. We have no doubt that it will be an unforgettable experience filled with memories that will last a lifetime!

theme party ibiza hen party
Some days I am happy to have my job

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Hen party Ibiza, hen do weekends and ideas

If you are organising a hen party Ibiza 2016 and you have never been to Ibiza before, you are probably quite lost at the moment. But don’t worry – you are reading the correct web site!

We have special offers for hen do Ibiza gatherings with several options depending on the season and number of hours on board our gorgeous sailing boats and catamarans. You can start with the most basic option, in low season 2016, in which you can rent our catamaran for 11 people for half a day for 500 euro, incluing tax, fuel and captain. Call us at +34 651 930 939 (we are also on WhatsApp) or write us an email at and we will take care of everything!

hen party Ibiza
Enjoy an amazing private sailing boat trip along the best beaches in Ibiza.

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My sailing passion. The story of Charteralia

Hi there! My name is José Navas, thanks for following us!

In these lines you can read how I changed my life, learning how to sail and pursuing my dreams. I ended up founding Charteralia and working and living on my own Lagoon catamaran.

When I was already in my thirties, I discovered this new late passion in my life that is sailing. Back then I was going through tough times in the IT company I had created when I first graduated from college. This company had meant my whole life for 15 years. We were just college kids when we started it. We put so much effort and sacrifice that definitely came to a sad end.

Disoriented, debt-ridden and discouraged I decided to take a sabbatical year and devote myself, body and soul, to learn how to sail, hoping to leave the bad times behind. For years I loved the idea of adventure, freedom and peace I imagined when I saw a sailboat sailing “away from the madding crowd”. I had begun several sea adventure books but I never had time to finish them. As the dreams we all have, we always think that someday we will make them come true, but gradually those dreams are getting trapped by the daily routine and obligations we impose on ourselves so they fade out along our life.

sunset sailboat ibiza
My first little sailing boat at anchor off a gorgeous sunset

From the first day I discovered that sailing was extremely addictive, not only because of the direct contact with nature and the sea, but also by the number of factors affecting your performance, and especially the almost instantaneous measurement you can get of the results since any small adjustment affects the speed of the ship, together with external elements. It was ideal for self-learners and hyperactive quixote-like entrepreneurs.  Continue reading My sailing passion. The story of Charteralia

Sailing routes Ibiza Formentera

These sailing routes between Ibiza and Formentera are an example of some weekly routes that some of our customers followed on our fleet of boats for hire in Ibiza the past seasons.
Map Ibiza Formentera

When our sailing boats in Ibiza and Formentera are hired for some of our famous Ibiza boat trips, we always return to port in San Antonio by sunset. Same for hen parties Ibiza unless it’s a weekend party.

But when our yachts are rented for more than one day and our customers wish to sleep at anchor, then we spend the night at a cove that is well protected from the wind and especially from the waves, so we are safe and comfortable for a good night sleep. For this reason the weather will play a key role in choosing where to anchor our rental vessels and the itinerary to follow. The prevailing winds in the summer are East winds, and usually quite mild, but we can’t lower the guard, and the skipper will always keep an eye on the weather forecast.  CLICK here to read the rest of this post

Lagoon 39 catamaran charter in Ibiza

Lagoon 39, new and improved… The words that, upon hearing, make all eyes twinkle and create smiles on faces that remind you of children on Christmas day! When speaking about the Lagoon catamaran brand though, enhancements are always expected. Being extremely active in change to assure their customers are always enthusiastic about the product they are receiving is one characteristic that sets Lagoon apart from the rest. Needless to say, they have done it again with the new 2016 Lagoon 39 catamaran.

Lagoon 39 catamaran dimensions

With a length of 11.89 metres (39 feet) and a beam of 6.78 metres (22.3 feet), this marvellous boat, that has a total surface area of 80.61 metres squared, has completely broken barriers when speaking of design.

Drone view of trampoline on 39 Lagoon catamaran rental in Ibiza with captain
With Lagoon, you can assure you are always getting a quality product.

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Lagoon 450 SporTop air-conditioned catamaran charter Ibiza

A floating lodge luxurious enough to have you feeling as if you are spending your holiday in Poseidon’s castle in the middle of paradise. Does this sound like something you might be interested in? Then do not bypass this remarkable 2016 Lagoon 450 SporTop! Being launched in June of 2016, this incredible catamaran will arrive in Ibiza on the 15th of June for its first season at sea. With a length of 13.96m (45 feet) and a beam of 7.87m (25 feet), this stunning catamaran for charter in Ibiza and Formentera will leave you awestruck with its total surface area of 110m2.

Sailing with Lagoon SporTop 450 yacht hire in Formentera and Ibiza
This Ibiza 2016 season is going to be complete with our Lagoon 450S

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Cat 210 Ibiza charter 7 cabin catamaran

Have you ever experienced days aboard a versatile boat that is not only fast, strong, and easy to sail, but that is also made with enough space for a large family to enjoy? It sounds like a huge joke! It seems impossible to have all those characteristics wrapped up in one vessel. Surprisingly enough, the Cat 210 has exactly what you are searching for! Designed for charter by an actual catamaran racer, this amazing sailing yacht for hire in Ibiza offers an incredible amount of room that has been used wisely and was thought of thoroughly, altering anything that might show a decrease in performance.

Cat 210 yacht with skipper for week charter
The luxurious Cat 210 enjoying a great day at sea!

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Yacht charter Ibiza

Are you looking for a lavish holiday with enough comfort and power to satisfy the top players from your favourite football team? Then you are in luck because CharterAlia offers 6 luxury yachts for rent in Ibiza that provide exactly what you are searching for! The only decision left to make is the length of your stay aboard our remarkable boats, may it be a full day or a few weeks.

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