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If you would like to rent a boat in Ibiza for a few hours, a whole day, a weekend or a full week, you landed at THE perfect web site for you!

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  • Call our our manager today, José Navas, directly at his mobile: +34 651 930 939, also on WhatsApp. He is English-Spanish bilingual.
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We can offer you all type of vessels: catamarans, sailing boats, speedboats, motorboats and yachts.

Catamaran charter Ibiza

Catamarans in Ibiza: Catamarans are like two sailing boats, one next to the other. Catamarans are more stable than regular sailing boats, so you will not get seasick, offer double the space, are a bit faster, and have more amenities.

Sailing boat hire Ibiza

Sailing boats in Ibiza: If you like heeling on a boat, your budget is a bit tighter, you do not mind a bit less space on board, and still love the sound of the wind blowing the sails and the waves right next to you, then a sailing boat is probably the type of boat you want to rent.

Yacht charter Ibiza

Yachts in Ibiza: If you like speed and luxury well combined and you are not in a short budget, then there is no doubt, you should rent one of our yachts in Ibiza and Formentera.

Speedboat rental Ibiza

Speedboats in Ibiza: If you want to spend a really fun day with your friends, and you do not have patience for a sailing boat, then your best option is chartering one of our speedboats and motorboats in Ibiza and Formentera.

Rent a boat in Ibiza, with our without skipper

We are happy to rent our vessels directly to those of our customers with a valid sailing license, with no need to hire a captain for the day or the week.

We can provide a professional captain for those other customers with no license, or who would simply like to have a captain on board, so they can relax and forget about the responsibility of the ship.

Amenities on board

All our boats offer a long list of amenities on board free of charge: goggles for snorkeling, flippers, sound systems so you can play your own music, coolers, etc. This year our catamarans Lagoon 380 offer a complimentary SUP (Stand Up Paddle Surf) board, so our customers can enjoy it every time we drop the anchor.

Enjoy a whole new perspective of the islands of Ibiza and Formentera from the sea. It will be the best day of your holidays in Ibiza and probably for much less than you think.

We hate last minute surprises!

We do hate last minute surprises, especially when you already booked, so we are going to give you all the details for your boat rental:

  • Fuel included!
  • VAT and other taxes included!
  • Captain fee included!
  • Final cleaning included!
  • Port fees included!
  • No surcharges or last minute uncomfortable surprises.

All these items are usually included in the rental fees of all our boats. We will let you know in advance in case there is ANY extra cost.

Ibiza on a boat. The peak of your holidays!

Give us the opportunity to show you the best of our islands! Most of our customers write us to tell us that the day they spent on our boat was the best of all their days in Ibiza and Formentera.

Jose Charteralia, manager – read here our little story.

Sailing boats and catamarans Ibiza

Enjoy an amazing day, weekend or full week of sun and sea on a sailing boat charter Ibiza. Contact José, our manager, at +34 651 930 939 (Also on WhatsApp) and ask any questions about your options for renting a boat in Ibiza and Formentera. We have the best deals in catamarans and sailboats in Ibiza and the other islands of Mallorca and Menorca.

Sailing boat charter Ibiza
This is where your floating apartment will be located

A sailing boat in Ibiza and Formentera is ideal to discover all the unique coves on these gorgeous islands. On the previous above you can admire the amazing color of Illetes beach, one of the most popular destinations in the north of Formentera island, just one hour on sail from the south of Ibiza.

Sailing boat charter Ibiza: list of sailboats

Please read below the list of all our sailing boat charter Ibiza models. Some of them are only offered as skippered boat charters, but most are offered as bareboat (any person with a sailing license can be the skipper). All of of our vessels can be skippered with the basic nautical license (up to 12 meters of lenght) but you should be able to show some sailing experience in case you pick the the bareboat rental option.
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Hen party Ibiza hen do weekends and ideas

If you are organising a hen party Ibiza 2015 and you have never been to Ibiza before, you are probably quite lost at the moment. But don’t worry. You are reading the right web site!

We have special offers for hen do Ibiza with several options depending on the season and number of hours on board our gorgeous sailing boats and catamarans. You can start with the most basic option, in low season 2015, in which you can rent a catamaran for 10 people for half a day for 400 euro, incluing tax, fuel and captain. Call us at +34 651 930 939 (we are also on WhatsApp) or write us an email at and we will take care of everything!

hen party Ibiza
Enjoy an amazing private sailing boat trip along the best beaches in Ibiza

We would like to emphasize that our sailboats and catamarans are not typical passenger vessels in which 60 or 70 people are crowded and they make you share the boat with other people you do not know. On the contrary, our product is much more exclusive and private and not necessarily more expensive. Our boats are rented for closed groups, so you all will have lots of room to lay down, sunbathe, and have the best hen do ever!

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Boat hire Ibiza

Call us today and book your boat hire in Ibiza, at +34 651 930 939 (also on WhatsApp) or to get the best deals for yachts, sailing boats and catamarans for charter in Ibiza and Formentera.

We are happy to offer you:

  • Half day boat charters visiting the best beaches along the coast of Ibiza.
  • Full day boat rentals visiting Ibiza or Formentera.
  • Sunset tours from San Antonio the enjoy the best sunset in the Mediterranean from Mambo and Cafe del Mar.
  • Weekend packages with overnight stay on our ships.
  • Full week boat hire: This is one of the most popular options in high season
  • Customized itineraries: In case you don’t want to follow the typical navigational routes
boat charter ibiza
Do you want to be in these people’s shoes? Contact us and forget about shoes for a while! :-)

We offer both skippered boat hire Ibiza and and bareboat charters for those of our customers who bear the sailing license. Continue reading Boat hire Ibiza

Ibiza boat trips

Spice up your holidays taking Ibiza boat trips! Call us + 34 651 930 939 (also WhatsApp) or to book your sailing tour in Ibiza on a sailing boat, catamaran, yacht or speed-boat.

boat excursion Ibiza
Our customers enjoying a pleasantful boat trip in Ibiza

Ibiza boat trips and excursions for one day

Fees for Ibiza boat trips 2015
Vessel Ppl 15/04 to 09/07 10/07 to 31/08 01/09 a 14/09 15/09 a 31/10
Catamaran Lagoon 380 full day 11+1 1 350* 1 500 1 350* 1 200*
Catamaran Lagoon 380 half day 11+1 750 790 750 690
Sailboat Sun Odyssey 34.2 9+1 650 790 650 600
Sailboat Sun Odyssey 40 11+1 690 850 690 650
Sailboat Bavaria 46 11+1 750 900 750 690

(*)On Saturdays the fee for the catamaran is always 1,500 euro per day regarless the date.

All the fees you can see on the table above are ALL INCLUSIVE except drinks or food.

  • Taxes, port fees, and VAT are all included
  • Captain fee included
  • The fuel of the catamaran or the sailing boat is included
  • Use of dinghy when necessary, included.
  • Cleaning fee after the excursion, included.

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Luxury Lagoon 560 Mega Catamaran Ibiza

The amazing Lagoon 560 catamaran in Ibiza mega yacht is definitely the best ship in our fleet. Also the newest and most luxurious vessel in our fleet in the Balearic Islands and the Mediterranean.

double decker sailing catamaran ibiza
Double decker luxury sailing Lagoon 560 catamaran in Ibiza. boat is divided in two areas: the upper deck with the helm and the lower deck with the large aft terrace and access to the sumptuous interiors

Floating sumptuousness: The luxury catamaran Lagoon 560

The Lagoon 560 is a floating marvel and comes with a long list of amenities and extras that will make your life aboard comfortable and safe.

  • Adjustable air conditioning in the lounge and in all cabins.
  • 5 double cabins and 5 private en suite bathroom on each double cabin.
  • High performance water maker to convert seawater into drinking water.
  • Galley Integrated dishwasher.
  • Interior lounge with two environments.
  • Two decks with a total outside area of ​​220 m2.
  • Centered helm on the fly bridge with awning and outdoor sofas and armchairs.
Spectacular lounge of the Lagoon 560 yacht for hire
Even the smallest detail of the luxurious lounge has been topped with a flawless finish

New vessel launched in 2015

This brand new catamaran has been launched in March 2015, and from the Lagoon shipmaker, located in West France, we moved it to marina el Rompido in Huelva, SW of Spain, where this amazing yacht remained until his subsequent transfer to the Balearic Islands for the start of the season boat rental in Ibiza.

lagoon 560 for rent a boat in Ibiza
Wonderful image of the Lagoon 560 catamaran full sail at the northwest cape of Formentera

Charter version with 5 double cabins

We picked the charter version of this luxury sailing yacht, with 5 double cabins to accommodate up to 10 people plus the skipper and hostess. Professional crew is required for this model. Both captain and hostess do not take up any of the 5 double cabins inside the boat as the crew has a cabin and separate bathroom with independent access from the bows.

layout map lagoon 560 5 cabins

The layout map of this mega catamaran Lagoon 560 shows 3 double cabins to the port side and two double cabins to starboard.

The double cabin at the central area of the boat at port side has two single beds in bunk.

Main features of the new design by Nauta Design

This new Lagoon 560 mega yacht has a practical and elegant design, with particular attention to safety on board both inside and outside the catamaran, performing an elegant and functional use of space, resulting in greater comfort and a very efficient performance.

Luxury cabin with bathroom inside Lagoon 560 catamaran for charter in ibiza
Deluxe Stateroom with private bath

In the manufacturing process stands out a new technique of fiberglass infusion into molds to achieve considerable less weight, which is an essential when obtaning a better hydrodynamic efficiency factor.

Lagon 560 catamaran sailing in ibiza
The high precision autopilot will sail the catamaran any time the captain wants to trake a break

The color of the inner timber is light oak, giving an impression of spaciousness and depth in the cabins.

King size bed on Lagoon 560 Mediterranean
The master cabin bed is king size

The vertical and flat window glasses around the main lounge provide better protection against glare and are ideal to improve living space on board, unlike older and previous designs.

large side space on luxury catamaran for hire in ibiza
This spectacular luxury catamaran stands out even more at night

The stairs that connect the lower deck to the fly bridge or higher deck are wing-shaped and have a half way landing for comfort and safety in case of unfavorable seas.

the helm on the lagoon 560 catamaran
The helm has firsthand everything necessary to sail the ship. The steering wheel is on the centerline with total visibility of sails and wintales


Chart table Lagoon 560 catamaran
The chart table has a joystick to control the catamaran from inside with all displays screens needed check wind speed and direction


queen size bed in cabin
The bed of the forward cabin has lateral space so you can walk along


stern cabin catamaran with bookshelf
The cabin mid-ship offers a desk and table with book shelves


owners cabin lagoon 560 catamaran
The aft cabin with a large private bathroom


cabin in the middle of the catamaran
One of the five double cabins

Luxury dimensions: Lagoon 560 Ibiza

Dimensions of this megayacht are impact: With a length of 17 meters and a beam (width) of 10 meters, the catamaran offers a surface of 170 square meters plus the 40 square meters of fly bridge, so the outer total surface is more than 200 square meters, floating on the waters of Ibiza and Formentera. A luxury boat that we are pleased to offer for the most demanding of our customers in the luxury yacht charter sector in Ibiza and Formentera.

fly board luxury catamaran ibiza
The upper deck is covered and offers the best views from the sofa corner and a couple of sunbeds solarium type

Despite the huge living area that offers this catamaran, it only needs a draft of one and a half meters. It is therefore ideal for sailing with safety since this short draft  allows to sail through all the narrow and shallow passed between Ibiza and Formentera.

luxury galley boat hire ibiza
The kitchen with center island offers many appliances just like if we were in a luxury home

Central front Cockpit

One of the great advantages of catamarans larger than 45 feet in length is the central cockpit in the front area of ​​the yacht, perfect to enjoy the front of the catamaran in good company, without havint to lay down on the net, unless you feel like to, of course!

frontal cockpit Lagoon 560
The cockpit between the bows is ideal to enjoy the front area of ​​this megacatamaran


View of the frontal cockpit with sofa on the luxury yacht in Ibiza
The front cockpit is ideal for low wind days

Weekly rental rates catamaran Lagoon 560

Model Cabins WCs PPL 10/05 – 20/06 21/06 – 28/08 29/08 – 31/12
Lagoon 560 (2015) 6 6 10+2 18.000 20.000 16.500
large side space on luxury catamaran for hire in ibiza
The dinghy platform can be used as a swimming platform when the catamaran is anchored

What’s included in our fees?

  • Tax included in all rates.
  • This model is only rented with professional crew: skipper and hostess.
  • The skipper and hostess are included in the price.
  • Rates do not include mooring in ports, which are not necessary, except if you feel like it.
  • Dinghy with outboard 70 HP engine  included in the price.
  • The rental rate includes final cleaning, linen, towels, etc.
sunset from catamaran in formentera
The front cockpit is flanked by two sun loungers


lights at night on the rental catamaran in Ibiza
All lights are low energy LED type

Read here About Us – By José Navas, manager and captain Charteralia.

Bavaria 46 sailboat hire in Ibiza

We welcome you to the page of our wonderful sailboat Bavaria 46 in Ibiza! This is a wonderful 9 year old sailing yacht that feels and looks like new. Launched in 2005, it belonged to a private owner, with very little use, (about 2 weeks per year), until February 2015, when the owner decided to offer us his beautiful sailing vessel for rent throughout the season of yacht charter in Ibiza and Formentera in 2015.

sailing boat hire ibiza Bavaria 46
Navigating a long with the wind on the starboard


Interior design Bavaria 46 sailing yacht
On this image you can perfectly see the wide range and headroom with a joint view of the lounge and galley

Bavaria 46: Up to 11 people for the day

When this boat is rented for day trips in Ibiza, this great sailing ship offers a capacity of up to 11 people plus our skipper. Continue reading Bavaria 46 sailboat hire in Ibiza

Sailing yacht Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 34.2 in Ibiza

Welcome to the page of the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 34.2 sailing yacht in Ibiza!

It is a charming cute sailing boat, 10 meter long, which can be rented for day boat trips, weekends and of course for full weeks in Ibiza and Formentera.

Sun Odyssey 34 sailing boat hire Ibiza
Overall view of the sailing vessel Sun Odyssey 34.2

Sailing boat rental for a day trips, fits up to 11 people

This sailing yacht can accommodate up to 11 people plus her captain when rented for day trips and excursions, to spend a great day at sea with family, friends, or celebrating your best friend hen party in Ibiza. Continue reading Sailing yacht Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 34.2 in Ibiza

Luxury Dufour 425 sailing boat rental Ibiza

Welcome to the homepage of the spectacular Dufour 425 sailing boat offered as luxury sailing yacht rental in Ibiza. One of the most significant features of this vessel is not the length (13 meters), but the outstanding beam (width) that allows an amazing interior roominess and comfort, much superior to other sailing yachts, even longer ones.

Sailing boat Dufour 425 in Ibiza
Dufour boat rental in ibiza, on full sail. On this picture you can see the great beam of this beautiful sailboat

This luxury yacht is used primarily as a training ship during winters at a nautical school in Malaga. Angel, the boat owner and captain of this vessel, moves her to Ibiza every summer, in order to charter her for full weeks or days throughout the season. Therefore the boat is in perfect shape, still feels like new. Boats from schools are subject to even more restrictive rules than normal vessels, according to the Spanish laws. Continue reading Luxury Dufour 425 sailing boat rental Ibiza

skippered Lagoon 400 catamaran rental Ibiza

We are pleased to introduce the newest boat in our fleet, the new catamaran Lagoon 400 S2 ‘2015.

This vessel is so new that was launched in February 2015, when we moved it from the Lagoon shipyard in Les Sables d’Olonne, France, all the way to the island of Ibiza, just in time for the beginning of the 2015 rental season.

catamaran lagoon 400 S2 2015
Our catamaran Lagoon 400 S2 2015 full sail heading to Ibiza

This vessel is probably the most demanded catamaran in the entire yacht charter market in Ibiza and the Balearic Islands, along with the interior layout that has a great acceptance among our customers: 4 double cabins with 4 bathrooms en suite, with private access to the bathrooms from each of the cabins. There is also a separated single cabin for the skipper, with entrance from the top. Continue reading skippered Lagoon 400 catamaran rental Ibiza

Ibiza catamaran hire Lagoon 380 2006

On this webpage we are proud to present a long description and dozens of photos of this spectacular Lagoon 380 catamaran in Ibiza, manufactured by the French group Beneteau in 2006. This amazing vessel is 38 foot long (11.5 meters) and 6.5 meters wide. Even when you can think that this 2006 model might be a bit old, you will see on the images below that this ship has actually been perfectly maintained throughout these years and it is in a outstanding shape.

catamaran hire ibiza to formentera
The Lagoon 380 catamaran anchored in Formentera

Continue reading Ibiza catamaran hire Lagoon 380 2006

Skippered Dufour 400 sailboat charter Ibiza

On this page you can read all the features and see lots of photos of the interior and exterior of this magnificent sailing boat in Ibiza Dufour 400.

This is 12.5 metres long sailing boat and 3.90 meters wide. Very well proportioned. The keel of the ship, provides great stability, with a draft of 2.10 meters, allowing us to sail  safely and with comfort in the seas around Ibiza and Formentera on board this lovely Dufour 400 sail yacht.

Skippered sailing boat for hire in Ibiza Dufour 40
Our Dufour 400 sailing boat tied to the port

This yacht is ideal for groups of up to 4 people, plus skipper, since it has two double cabins, one aft and one forward. We could add an additional person since the boat has a huge lounge with a large sofa turning into a double bed and one small single bunk, which is where the skipper sleeps usually. This boat is only offered as skippered charter for full weeks and many times also for one day charters. Continue reading Skippered Dufour 400 sailboat charter Ibiza

Bavaria 37 sailing boat for rent in Ibiza

Welcome to the homepage of this amazing Bavaria 37 rental sailboat with or without skipper in Ibiza and Formentera. This sailing yacht is 37 foot long, ie 11 meters in length. The width is 3.80 meters. Its dimensions are ideal for sailing, providing great interior roominess without affecting the sailing performance of the vessel.

Ibiza Bavaria 37 sailboat
Beautiful image of Bavaria 37 sailing under full sail

The Bavaria shipmaker is one of the most important manufacturers of sailing ships in the current European market. Recently Bavaria has even taken over other brands such as the famous French maker Dufour. Continue reading Bavaria 37 sailing boat for rent in Ibiza

Skippered sailing boat Sun Odyssey 40 Ibiza

On this page we proudly present this beautiful Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40 sailing yacht, in an amazing shape, all covered in teak wood from Burma, which will delight our most demanding customers.

sailing boat sun odyssey 40 for rent in Ibiza
In this picture we can see the extraordinary lines of our Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40 with an exquisite, modern design that offers lots of space both outdoor and indoor

This Sun Odyssey sailboat is 40 foot long,  about 12 meters (length), and we only offer it for rent with skipper during the summer in Ibiza and Formentera. Continue reading Skippered sailing boat Sun Odyssey 40 Ibiza