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My sailing passion. The story of Charteralia

Hi there! My name is José Navas, thanks for following us!

In these lines you can read how I changed my life, learning how to sail and pursuing my dreams. I ended up founding Charteralia and working and living on my own Lagoon catamaran.

When I was already in my thirties, I discovered this new late passion in my life that is sailing. Back then I was going through tough times in the IT company I had created when I first graduated from college. This company had meant my whole life for 15 years. We were just college kids when we started it. We put so much effort and sacrifice that definitely came to a sad end.

Disoriented, debt-ridden and discouraged I decided to take a sabbatical year and devote myself, body and soul, to learn how to sail, hoping to leave the bad times behind. For years I loved the idea of adventure, freedom and peace I imagined when I saw a sailboat sailing “away from the madding crowd”. I had begun several sea adventure books but I never had time to finish them. As the dreams we all have, we always think that someday we will make them come true, but gradually those dreams are getting trapped by the daily routine and obligations we impose on ourselves so they fade out along our life.

sunset sailboat ibiza
My first little sailing boat at anchor off a gorgeous sunset

From the first day I discovered that sailing was extremely addictive, not only because of the direct contact with nature and the sea, but also by the number of factors affecting your performance, and especially the almost instantaneous measurement you can get of the results since any small adjustment affects the speed of the ship, together with external elements. It was ideal for self-learners and hyperactive quixote-like entrepreneurs.  Continue reading My sailing passion. The story of Charteralia

Ibiza things to do

Many of our clients who rent our charter yachts for Ibiza boat trips ask us about things to do in Ibiza, so we have written this post so you guys can read it and get ideas for stuff you can do in Ibiza after spending a fantastic sailing day with us. So here’s our first hand guide: Ibiza things to do.

what to do in ibiza
I B I Z A ! ! !

You can’t leave Ibiza and Formentera without checking off the items on this list of things we recommend to do in Ibiza. And if you don’t finish the list, you can always come back of course! Although it was difficult to narrow down our list to only 22 things, we tried to sort the list starting with the most highly-recommended activities: Click to load the entire list of things to do in Ibiza