Alfamarine 60 luxury power yacht hire in Ibiza

This Alfamarine 60, luxury power yacht for hire in Ibiza, is a God of the sea. This amazing charter yacht is nearly 19 meters long (60 feet) and over 4 meters wide, providing its guests with great exterior decks and spacious interiors. If you are looking to discover Ibiza and Formentera in style, this is definitely your yacht! This summer we are offering this gorgeous Alfamarine yacht with captain, so you can enjoy the island like a true VIP. Below you can find a detailed description of the vessel, its capacity for day trips, overnight stays, and rental fees.

Alfamarine 60 yacht hire Ibiza
Enjoy the island like a true VIP on board of this Alfamarine 60.

Yacht charter Ibiza: Sportive elegance

The streamlined body of this luxury yacht gives it a sportive and yet elegant presence on the water. The white top deck provides a nice clean contrast to the blue hull and matches the white line just above the water surface. The stainless steel window frames of the portholes also make them stand out from the blue hull turning them into a stylish detail of the exterior. They match the stainless steel railing that surrounds the front deck. Italian Alfamarine yachts are well-known for their harmonious designs.

Classical motor yacht for rent in Formentera Alfamarine 60
This yacht has the classic Alfamarine signature with the navy blue and white colors.

Italian exterior Alfamarine 60 design

At the stern of the Alfamarine 60, we find the beautiful back deck with white furniture. There is a large custom-made white leather sofa that can accommodate over ten people comfortably thanks to its curved shape. There is also a beautifully curved, fully equipped white exterior bar that sits in front of the sofa. In the middle of the large couch we have a foldable white table.

Stern of the Alfamarine 60
This back deck is perfect to relax and have a drink while enjoying the sun.

In the front part of the back deck, we have the helm that can hold up to four people thanks to a large pleasant seat. The helm is equipped with some state of the art technology to help the skipper navigate this yacht safely and comfortably. The professional crew will control two powerful 1,300 horsepower engines. This luxury yacht for rent in Ibiza Alfamarine 60 can travel up to an impressive speed of 50 knots. This yacht is rented with a captain and hostess so you can enjoy a relaxing holiday.

There are four large sunbeds on this vessel, two on the back deck and two on the front, so there is plenty of space to sunbathe. These front and back sun beds are uncovered so they are perfect if you are looking for that nice summer tan. The rest of the back deck can be fully covered to create a shaded area with a milder climate. At the back, there are two ladders that lead to the swimming platform. This “jupette” is suspended above the water and has a ladder that goes directly into the sea, making it easy to get on board after a refreshing swim.

Sunbeds on the front and back deck of the Alfamarine 60 luxury yacht charter in Ibiza
Here we see the sunbed on the front and back deck of the Alfamarine. You can also see the jupette suspended above the water.

Interior of this luxury rental yacht in Ibiza

The interior of this rental yacht in Ibiza is also impressive thanks to its spacious layout and wooden interiors. You can see the open kitchen with a lot of cabinets, which provide plenty of storage space. The dining area in the living room offers white leather sofas and a richly decorated folding table.

Living room of the Alfamarine luxurious yacht
The living room with white leather sofas and a wooden table decorated with a wind rose.

There are four cabins next to the living room. Three of them are double rooms with large double beds conveniently placed in the middle of the room, so you can enter the beds from both sides. The fourth room has two single beds and it is usually for the crew members.

Master bedroom on board of the Alfamarine 60
The master bedroom on board of this luxurious Alfamarine 60 has a comfortable double bed and an onsuite bathroom.


Twin bedroom of the 60 foot Alfamarine motor yacht
The twin bedroom has the same tasteful interior and plenty of space.

60 feet Alfamarine Capacity

The total capacity for day trips is 12 guests plus the captain. You can also rent this power yacht for overnight stays as there is room for 6 guests to spend a wonderful night at sea. A great luxury that we strongly recommend for everyone, since there is nothing better than waking up in a beautiful bay and diving into the turquoise sea, coming back on board, and having a great breakfast on the deck.

Motor yacht anchored at Ibiza
A great way to wake up.

Additional extras on the yacht

We want you to feel like you are in heaven on this first-class yacht, so we have included some complimentary amenities. This beautiful motor boat comes with snorkelling equipment, stand up paddle surf board, and a sea bob.

There is enough snorkeling equipment for all the guest on board.
There is enough snorkeling equipment for all the guests on board.

Yacht Rental fees

This table shows the prices according to the season.

Alfamarine 60 daily rental fees
High season – July and August Mid Season – June and September Low Season – Rest of the year
€3628  €2414  €2051

All the prices include VAT, captain, towels, and drinks. Fuel is charged separately since its price depends on the amount the motor consumes, which is roughly 300 litres per motoring hour. On average, fuel costs between 400 and 500 euro for a trip to Formentera.

Marina in Ibiza town

This great yacht for hire in Ibiza and Formentera is moored at the harbour of Ibiza town. This is a great location as it is near the airport and it facilitates visiting the island of Formentera that lies south of Ibiza island. It is a head start for a great time navigating around the islands.

Let’s book!

Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to confirm a booking or if you have any question regarding the boat. We will check the availability for this unique yacht and explain the different ways you can pay the half as deposit, which is necessary to secure your booking.

Navigate with us toward an amazing day
Navigate with us toward an amazing day!

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