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Sailboat in Ibiza or motorboat in Formentera?

If you like the sea and you can afford to rent a boat in Ibiza, you will surely pose the dilemma of whether to rent a motor boat in Formentera or a sailboat in Ibiza. It is a difficult decision. Sailing by motor or sailing by sail are two different experiences, two different ways of relating to the sea and enjoy sailing. Sometimes the preference is clear and we are sure of the option we prefer, but in others, it is really difficult to opt for one option or another.

Sailing in Mediterranean
Ready for departure!

Main ports in Spain besides Ibiza

Among the marinas in Spain and Ibiza, with a greater power of attraction, we found the following:

Real Club Marítimo del Abra (Bilbao)

This marina is far from Ibiza. It is located in the heart of Las Arenas, a Biscayan town in Guecho, it has a privileged location. It is possible to combine the use of its functional social and sports facilities, with the advantage of quick access to the urban center. It is integrated into the set called ABRA, Bilbao, and offers a comfortable stay and great tourist and sports interest, with bar, restaurant for 400 people, lounges, nightclub, paddle court, sauna, squash, gym, indoor pool, etc.

It has 300 moorings, for boats between 6 and 25 meters. In addition to repair and cleaning service for landings, fixed crane for small boats, Travel-lift, fuel supply, WiFi, etc.

Maritimo del Abra
Port view of Bilbao.

What does the new dealer boat in Ibiza normative say?

Since October 27, 2018 Ibiza adopted measures to combat the illicit traffic of people and merchandise in relation to the vessels used in these fraudulent activities. This Royal Decree was promulgated by the increase in the use of this type of vessels, commonly called ‘dealer boats’, RIB manufactured each time with more load capacity and equipped with more powerful engines, or in which a number of engines are installed. It seems almost impossible from the point of view of naval engineering, even in Ibiza.

Stay safe on waters!!

Fishing on kayak in the sea

Sea kayak fishing is a booming sports practice and you can do it from one of our rental boats in Ibiza. Although it is more than 3,000 years old, it has been in this last decade when this type of fishing has become more important internationally. Originating in the Eskimo culture, the ‘ka i ak’ (man boat), is an activity that currently knows no borders and is practiced with the same level of popularity in all corners of the world. Most of our charter boats in Ibiza offers a kayak. A fishing style with a series of very particular characteristics that we present in this post so you can enjoy this aquatic activity with all the guarantees of success and safety.

The pure joy on waters!

Basic information on boat delivery

The usual thing is that the transport of charter boats in Ibiza is carried out in its natural environment, that is, by water. When the distances between the departure point and the arrival point are short, that is the usual mode of delivery. But there are special situations, in which either for a matter of time or a matter of distance, it may be wise to take the boat out of the water and take it to its destination point by land, through the use of a trailer.

There are many situations in which the boat delivery occurs by land: when we acquire a new or used boat, depending on where the boat is located, the owner of the same will have to use a trailer to get the ship to the point wanted. When nautical fairs are organized anywhere in the world, a well-organized logistics infrastructure is required to ensure that vessels can enter the country in question to be exposed to potential buyers.

Transport of boats
Watch out!!

Boat locator

The sea is one of the most vast areas and with the least bordering limitations, therefore, if you own ships or boats, it is very important to know your location and trajectory. Nowadays, all this is possible and simple thanks to technology. It is also very useful for rental boats in Ibiza. There are several applications and web pages that offer boat location services equipped with AIS systems, an economic system, novel, efficient and with a range of surprising coverage.

Marine traffic
The virtual map of Mediterranean coastline that are swarmed with super yachts.

How to sail with a catamaran

The catamarans have become popular during the last years in the industry of boat hires in Ibiza. Catamarans have gained increasing prominence in holiday navigation. In fact, at a particular level, there are many shipowners who opt for multihulls when buying a boat.

Basically, a catamaran is a sailing or motorsports boat, consisting of two elongated and narrow hulls that are joined by a platform. They do not have ballast, so they are a lighter type of boat than monohulls, in addition to being more stable and safe. Although catamarans can be motor and sail, the most common is that they have an engine in each helmet.

Ibiza boats
Enjoy the great stability on board!

Weather in Ibiza and Formentera

As we know that this is a fundamental issue when going on holiday, we have summarized in this article the most remarkable characteristics of the weather in Ibiza and Formentera, and so you can choose your preferred station to go sailing in Ibiza catamaran.

There is a maxim among the sailors of the Spanish Mediterranean who says that “the best ports of the Balearics are July, August and Menorca”. With this, the popular proverb summarizes the time that is usually done in the Balearics, hot, sunny summers and windy and cold winters. Which does not mean we can not sail in winter, it’s just different. For our part, for those who like to sail at any time of the year, you always have one of our Ibiza boat rentals moored in the port of San Antonio ready to sail with you on board.

Catamaran rental port of San Antonio
In autumn and winter, we also wait for you with our rental catamarans in the port of San Antonio.

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