Bali 43 catamaran charter in Ibiza

Have you ever imagined yourself relaxing amidst the calm turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, while enjoying a delicious meal with friends, knowing that a refreshing dip in the sea is just four steps away? Have you ever dreamed of experiencing a night at sea, under an endless sky of stars, but cannot comprehend how someone could succumb to the confinements of a boat? Look no further and wish no longer because we have got the perfect holiday for you! This season, we are pleased to offer in our portfolio of yacht charters in Ibiza the 2015 Bali 43 catamaran- a vessel that truly captures the essence of bliss.

Bali 43 yacht with skipper for week charter
Enjoying a day at sea aboard the luxurious Bali 43 catamaran.

For decades, Catana has been famous for the fabrication of lightning fast regatta catamarans. Their ships were mostly used for competing, which meant comfort was the last thing on their mind when designing these boats. With time, it was noted that those who looked towards catamarans did so because of the luxury that comes with one. It was not a frequent find to see someone who bought catamarans with the desire to race it.

With this information at hand, Catana started looking towards the top catamaran sellers in the market – Lagoon, top of the list for luxury catamarans, being one of the main ones- and started to shift their focus. Recently, Bali was launched by Catana as their luxurious cruising model. Although heavier than and not as quick as a traditional Catana, they have designed it with a more live aboard touch. It is said that the Bali still has the spirit of the Catana, but now the comfort comes with it as well!

Sun deck on 43 Bali boat rentals in Ibiza and Formentera
This impressive sunbathing area truly captures the transformation of Catana’s design from regatta to luxury.

Interior of the Bali 43 boat for hire in Ibiza

With a length of 13 metres (43 feet) and a beam of 7 metres (23 feet), the central platform of this astonishing catamaran has a spacious living area of 30m2 that is entirely open and free of bulkhead. Surrounded by vast windows- most of them adjustable to open as you feel necessary- the interior of this magnificent catamaran receives a significant amount of fresh air and natural sunlight. Well known for its completely retractable large back window with the push of a button, this Bali 43 boat rental in Ibiza offers breathtaking panoramic views from anywhere in the lounge and galley.

Retractable back window on Bali 43 catamaran for chartering in Ibiza
The completely retractable large back window allows for a more spacious lounge aboard the Bali 43 catamaran.


Open space on board Bali 43 catamaran for excursions in Ibiza
This remarkable Bali 43 offers an open area completely free of bulkhead.

Along with the leather cushioned sofas available for relaxing, the various hidden storage compartments, and the dining table that can accommodate up to eight people for a scrumptious lunch at sea, this Bali 43 provides a fully-equipped kitchen that will make you feel as if you never left land. The galley of this yacht hire in Ibiza offers the following:

  • A 615-litre refrigerator and freezer that comes with an ice maker and a built-in chilled water dispenser.
  • A water maker that provides 220 litres per hour.
  • A trash compactor.
  • A gas oven, gas burners, and a microwave for all our clients’ cooking needs.
  • A dishwasher so you do not need to waste your time aboard cleaning dirty dishes and instead focus strictly on enjoying yourself.
  • A coffee maker to start your morning off on the right foot!
Kitchen aboard Bali 43 yacht for rent in Formentera and Ibiza
The kitchen comes fully-equipped with everything you may need during your stay on board the Bali 43.

Cabins of the Bali 43 Catana in Ibiza

For maximum comfort in this luxurious Bali 43 catamaran, we recommend that you do not surpass the total capacity of eight guests – not including the crew – for overnight stays. This grand catamaran offers two main double cabins along with two guest double cabins. All cabins provide an abundance of storage space to organize your belongings as you would at home, including a hanging closet in each. With windows in each cabin, and the ability to open them as you please, I’m sure the fresh air and natural sunlight will be pleasantly welcomed.

Private bathrooms and showers are also provided in each cabin on our Catana Bali 43. No need to worry, we have included clean sheets, pillows, towels, etc. with these splendid rooms for your use during your stay. To add to the list of reasons why you do not need to return to the port, you will also find a washing machine at your disposal in one of the main cabins.

Cabin of Bali 43 catamaran for hire in Ibiza
The double cabins of the Bali 43 provide an abundance of fresh air and natural light.


Bathroom onboard the Bali Ibiza yacht charters
The elegant bathroom of one of the cabins aboard the Bali 43 catamaran.

Apart from the cabins inboard, there are two single cabins that will be used by our crew. The entrances to these single cabins are through a hatch found on the exterior of the boat. Needless to say, this allows our guests extra privacy during their holiday on board.

Exterior of the Catana 43 rental yacht in Ibiza

Although having the retractable large back window allows amazing comfort indoors, there is no reason to stay inside all day while the sun is calling your name! On this Bali 43, the traditional trampoline you find on most catamarans has been transformed into a sun deck with comfortable hammocks and tables to eat, providing you with a sunbathing area of 18m2. If you find yourself wanting to take a dip in the transparent waters, it will not be a problem. Our remarkable catamaran offers a stainless steel ladder that makes the sea easily accessible for you to enjoy.

Large window of sun deck on Bali 43 boat hires in Ibiza
Enjoying the sea breeze from the sun deck of the beautiful Bali 43 catamaran.

The helm, which is located superior to the deck, comes fully-equipped with the latest technology for the captain’s sailing necessities. It is made so that all the sailing can be done directly from here. The repetition of autopilot is also found inside, meaning the skipper may also handle the yacht indoors. This upper area also contains mats for sunbathing and a bench for accompanying the skipper and taking in all the astonishing views the Mediterranean has to offer. I cannot imagine a better way to spend your summer days, can you?

Catana Bali 43 helm rental yacht in Eivissa
The helm of the Bali 43 comes fully-equipped with all the captain’s sailing necessities.


Aerial view of Bali 43 Catana rent boat in Balearic Islands
An aerial view of the grand Catana Bali 43 at sea.

As with any great week-long trip, we understand that luggage always tags along. Thankfully, our boat for charter in Ibiza has the solution. Not only is there plenty of storage space in the cabins and lounge, as mentioned previously, but the deck also provides compartments under the sunbathing cushions and a small storage hutch by the bow.

Engines and Equipment of the Bali 43

Our Bali 43 catamaran is fully-equipped with the most up-to-date technology available. Launched in 2015, the engine is basically new and in perfect condition. Our amazing catamaran offers the following:

  • 2 diesel engines, each of 40hp
  • A 720Ah battery back
  • 2 inverters- one of 2KW (for the refrigerator) and another of 3KW (for all other electrical needs)
  • 4 solar panels of 100W each
  • An Onan 9KW generator
  • Fuel tank of 800 litres
  • Fresh water tank of 800 litres
  • Electronic onboard- including winches, anchor, etc.
Yacht charter in Ibiza 43 Bali Catana
The Bali 43 at sea is a marvellous view, both from within the ship and from far.

Weekly rates for the rental of our Bali 43 catamaran charter in Ibiza

In the following chart you can find our weekly rates for this beautiful Bali 43 depending on the season of rental:

Weekly Rates
Model Cabins Baths Ppl 28/10 – 31/03 01/04 – 02/06 03/06 – 30/06 01/07 – 04/08 05/08 – 25/08 26/08 – 08/09 09/09 – 29/09 30/09 – 27/10
Catana Bali 43 (2015) 4+2 4 8+1 9,840 11,050 12,260 13,470 14,680 13,470 12,260 11,050

Please keep in mind that all rates for this yacht hire in Ibiza include final cleaning after completion of the charter, sheets, towels, the Bali 43 crew, inflatable motor boat to tender with the skipper to amazing beaches, and all taxes and insurances required.

If this Catana Bali 43 excites you as much as it does us, please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss the next step in booking this catamaran and your unforgettable experience at sea!


By Laura Perez-Cernuda – If interested, take a few minutes to read the story of CharterAlia and how it became a yacht charter in Ibiza.

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