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The usual thing is that the transport of charter boats in Ibiza is carried out in its natural environment, that is, by water. When the distances between the departure point and the arrival point are short, that is the usual mode of delivery. But there are special situations, in which either for a matter of time or a matter of distance, it may be wise to take the boat out of the water and take it to its destination point by land, through the use of a trailer.

There are many situations in which the boat delivery occurs by land: when we acquire a new or used boat, depending on where the boat is located, the owner of the same will have to use a trailer to get the ship to the point wanted. When nautical fairs are organized anywhere in the world, a well-organized logistics infrastructure is required to ensure that vessels can enter the country in question to be exposed to potential buyers.

Transport of boats
Watch out!!

The transport of boats is not an easy task. In order to transport a boat by road, it is necessary to have the truck and the appropriate type of trailer. Normally this type of trailers and trucks are not available to any transport company. As always, we end up requesting the services of companies specializing in boat transport, which already have all the tools and knowledge and experience necessary to perform these jobs with professionalism and punctuality.

Have the help and experience of boat transport professionals

In any case, there are special situations in which the capacity and professionalism of ship transport companies is truly tested. We are talking on the one hand, of the boats and yachts of great length, and on the other hand, of the boats that compete in international competitions of maximum importance, like for example the America’s Cup.

The great demand of the masters of the boats or of the countries that organize the regattas and their sponsors means that in many occasions the transport of boats is a technological challenge. In recent years we have seen how for the transport of vessels participating in the Copa América, for example, even cargo planes have been used to transport parts or parts of the ship, not only for a matter of speed and safety but also for a matter up to even industrial espionage.

European masters in Valencia
The European Masters Championship 2019 in Valencia.

In any case, the air transport of boats, or part of them, is not usually the most common, due to its very high price. The normal thing is that for long distances the boats are loaded and transported in other merchant type freighters. In these cargo ships the boats are placed side by side, as if they were cars. In this way, we try to share the cost of transport and, on the other, optimize the space, so that the shipment of merchandise is as profitable as possible both for the owner of the ship and for the freight forwarding agency.

It is important to resort to the services of professional companies, since only they know the particularity involved in transporting a boat, and they know how to perform the loading and unloading operation in order that the hull does not suffer any type of damage.

Boarncruiser 1400
Boarncruiser 1400 Elegance being shipped from the Netherlands to Switzerland.

By land, sea or air

If the distance is shorter, we will usually choose land transport. To be able to transport a ship by road, we must be aware of the dimensions of the boat, the characteristics of the roads, whether it is possible to cross main roads or it is necessary to resort to alternative secondary roads, if we can drive at any time or day of the week or there are traffic restrictions for certain types of trucks.

Before you even start negotiating with the shipping companies to transfer the boat, it is essential that we pay attention to the insurance coverage we have contracted. And is that unless our agency tells us otherwise, we have to know that boat insurance usually does not cover special transport.

Eemslift Hendrika discharged and loaded
Discharged and loaded in Bodrum, Turkey.

Therefore if we have to transport the ship by land or by air, we will have to contract an additional insurance that covers the transport. For this we can talk to the company that will manage the transport of the boat and negotiate with them what is the situation in relation to nautical insurance and coverage. Remember that the ship’s own insurance is not mandatory, but it can be very useful, since in the loading and unloading operations of boats the risk of damage to the hull is multiplied.


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