Beneteau 50 airconditioned sailing boat rental in Ibiza

Welcome to the listing of the beautiful Beneteau 50– a beautiful and luxurious, air-conditioned, 15 metres long (50 feet) sailboat, with a long list of amenities, which we began offering last season in our selection of boat rentals in Ibiza.

Beneteau 50 boat rental in Ibiza and Formentera
Beautiful image of the Beneteau 50 navigating at full sail!

Boat Rentals in Ibiza: Capacity of the Beneteau 50

This luxurious, air-conditioned while at port, sailing yacht offers four double cabins- each with its own private bathroom and shower that can be accessed directly from the cabin itself. The skipper and proud owner of this incredible boat is my friend Nacho. Nacho has a small cabin, separate from the main cabins of the boat, in the bow which also includes his own bathroom. This allows the four bathrooms of the four main cabins to be used exclusively by the guests.

Although the air-conditioner for this boat will not work while at sea, because there is no generator available to power it, there is a 220V plug at the port that will provide the electricity needed to power the air-conditioner for cooler nights. I am sure this will be pleasantly welcomed during the warmer summer days in Ibiza.

Living room interior of charter in Ibiza Beneteau 50
The table and sofa sits eight people comfortably!

This boat is ideal for a maximum of eight passengers but could support up to 10 passengers, if consulted before rental date, because of the ability to convert the sofa to a double bed. However, for optimal comfort and enjoyment of this great sailboat that we offer for our boat rentals in Ibiza, we do not recommend exceeding the maximum capacity of eight people and the skipper.

This 2001 Beneteau was completely refitted in 2014 and only began being offered for rentals as of August 2015.

Clients rent boat in Eivissa Charteralia
Nacho with an Italian family that we had on board the Beneteau 50 last summer.

The Exterior of the Beneteau 50 in Ibiza

As you can see from the pictures of this spectacular 50-foot sailboat, the cockpit is extremely large. For neophytes in nautical terminology, we clarify that the cockpit is the common area on the outside of the boat where you will find seats and the two steering wheels. It is essential that charter boats have a large, comfortable cockpit that is clear of ropes, as it is where 90% of your time on board is spent during the summer.

Cockpit and steering wheel Beneteau 50 charter in Ibiza
Image of the cockpit, topped with teak wood and protected by a wide bimini top and soft-hood that will protect us from the wind.

The deck is extremely spacious and allows several people to sunbathe comfortably. Also, as can be seen in the photographs, the fibre is covered with teak wood. This is ideal because it prevents slipping and also provides a sense of warmth and security when walking on it.

The stern of the Beneteau 50 is open and offers a swimming platform also covered in teak wood. This makes it easy to access the water for a dip, to swim in the turquoise waters of Ibiza or Formentera, or to snorkel with goggles and fins that Nacho has on the boat and available to our clients. Getting back onboard is also simple thanks to the stainless steel staircase that is connected directly to the swimming platform.

Covered in teak wood sailboat of 50 feet for hire in Ibiza
In this picture we can see the amplitude of the deck, covered in teak wood, perfectly.

To disembark on the beautiful beaches that Nacho will take us to, this grand boat rental in Ibiza has a motorized inflatable dinghy- zodiac type. This will allow you to access the beach to enjoy the excellent cuisine offered by restaurants that dot the coast of Ibiza and Formentera. Certainly, the best way to arrive is on your very own boat charter in Ibiza.

Zodiac dinghy stored on deck of sailboat for rent in Ibiza
The deck is so large that it allows the Zodiac to be stored in the center area.

The Interior of the Sailboat for Rent in Ibiza

The dining room is almost bigger than the one in my house. It is topped with wild cherry hardwood, which gives it a great elegance and interior comfort. This boat truly captures the classic feel intended by the prestigious French shipyard Beneteau.

From the living room you can access the four double cabins that each have their own bathroom and shower.

Cabin and bathroom Beneteau 50 hire in Ibiza
One of the four double cabins with the bathroom at the end of the hall.


Bathroom of sailboat Beneteau 50 in Ibiza
One of the four bathrooms.

Fully Equipped Kitchen

As in all sailboats, the kitchen is integrated with the living room. It has numerous compartments to store food and two large electric refrigerators that run off battery power supplied by this beautiful rental boat of Ibiza and Formentera.

Kitchen Beneteau 50 boat for charter in Eivissa
The kitchen is fully equipped and luminous thanks to the portholes that allow the passage of light and ventilation inside of the boat.

The stove has two gas burners that rock with the movement of the boat to avoid accidents. It is integrated with an oven that is also gas. Next to it is a sink with mixer tap.

Gas burner stove on sailboat
A view of the tilting gas burners with the integrated oven.

The kitchen equipment comes complete with all kinds of silverware, pots, pans, sources, etc. to enjoy those unforgettable moonlit dinners onboard while Nacho tells anecdotes of his past life as a lawyer for a major law firm in Madrid.

Dinner under moonlight on sailboat in Balearic Islands
Anchored at moonlight is one of the most impressive occurrences that we can enjoy when renting a boat in Ibiza for a week

Rates for Daily and Weekly Rentals

This table shows the rates for the rental of this beautiful sailboat for both one day excursions without overnight stay to full weeks of onboard living.

Sailing boat Cabs Shwrs Ppl 06/05 – 09/06 10/06 – 28/07 29/07 – 25/08 26/08 – 29/09
Weekly rentals from Saturday to Saturday 4+1 4+1 8+2+1 4.500 4.950 5.500 4.500
One day excursions (8h) 0 1 11+1 850 900 950 850
  • All prices reflected in the table include IVA and additional fees.
  • Overnight rentals include sheets, towels, motorized zodiac, and final cleaning.
  • This sailboat has no homeport, nor does it need one, so fees for this are not included in the price. If you would like to have one during your stay, the cost will be added to your rental total.
  • Fuel fees for overnight rentals are not included in the price. They amount to an average of about 20 Euros a day.
  • The prices for the one day excursions without overnight stay do include the fuel fees.

The Story of Nacho and his Beneteau 50

For those of you who itch with curiosity, here you have the story of Nacho- who speaks in the first person:

My love for the sea began many years ago. Since I was a kid, every summer I would enjoy my holidays in my parents’ house in Mallorca. The house was located on the beach, a few metres from the water. The best memories of my childhood took place in Mallorca. Many of my parents’ friends had sailboats and we often went sailing with them. At that point, I already felt a powerful attraction to the sea. My brother Luis and I spent all summer practicing windsurfing and going snorkelling. My parents signed us up for basic sailing courses (optimis, cadete, 470…) and regattas every time we were going to spend the summer somewhere along the coast: RCN Pollensa, RCN Palma, Portonovo, Sanxenxo… Maybe it was a way to get rid of us in a manner that we would enjoy.

Nacho rents vessel in Ibiza and Formentera
Idyllic picture of Nacho’s sailboat at sunset.

When I turned 18 I learned to dive. That is when I fell hopelessly in love with the sea. When we would go diving with the diving clubs, I would beg the captains to allow me to pilot the RIBs (rigid-inflatable boats) that transported us to our dive spots. This is what encouraged my decision to get my first navigation license: the “RST (Recreational Skipper’s Ticket)”

Since then, every summer my friends and I would rent a sailboat for a week (not from Charteralia because they had not yet existed). Honestly, it was great: you would choose your destination and there you would rent a boat. This is how I have learned the waters of Costa Brava, Alicante, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands…What memories! But don’t think it was all sun and fun!

Nacho Morros scuba diving in the Balearic Island
Here you can see me practicing SCUBA, one of my favourite hobbies!

When I was young, I was a very serious and formal child. I graduated with a law degree and did postgraduate studies in Paris. For 20 years of my life I have worked as a lawyer and auditor. When I was able to take vacation, I would enjoy my two greatest passions: sailing and diving. In the winter, like everyone, it was time to work! Motivated by my desire to learn, I achieved a variety of nautical and diving qualifications up to the professional level. What could be more interesting than knowing your exact location in the middle of the ocean with one sextant- the sun or any other star? The sky, sea and horizon, your best allies. Now, two-thirds of the planet’s surface awaiting me, willing to reveal to me their hidden secrets.

Then, fate led me to my Beneteau 50, my current boat, which behaves like a true Rolls-Royce of the sea. The comfort in habitability is matched only by its navigational performance. I decided to invest most of the money I saved for a house in Madrid to buy this Beneteau 50, sealing my fate.

Vessel docked in Ibiza Beneteau 50
Both sails can be rolled.

A great craftsman who positively influenced my decision making was, without a doubt, José Navas, the director of Charteralia. A famous phrase, by an anonymous author, that I once read on a candy wrapper in the cafeteria of Club Náutico de Alicante comes to mind: “When you try to create a project, people will attempt to discourage you so that you do not do it; when you start it, they will attempt to persuade you to abandon it; when you accomplish it, they will say they always believed in you and encouraged you the entire way”. Well, years later, I personally met José Navas in the cafeteria of Club Náutico de San Antonio (Ibiza) and he helped me. He, like I did, decided to radically change his life in pursuit of happiness. For the first time, someone encouraged me to make my decision!

Side view of boat for hire in the Balearic Islands Beneteau 50
The line of this sailboat is impressive!

The self-help books make reference to the comfort zone when referring to those lifestyles which we establish to live with certain comforts and security: work, home, family… Well, I am one of those idiots, or geniuses, who decided to leave their comfort zone. Like Ortega and Gasset said, we are not solely who we are because of what we think, we are what we think and what we do. Our life project is written with concrete actions. For this reason, I decided to quit my job and submerge myself into the sea. Will I find my destiny?

Starboard of vessel Beneteau 50 in Balearic Islands
Image of the sailboat moored in one of the ports of the Balearic Islands.


Here you can read the history of our company– a charter rental in Ibiza. 

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