The Best Clubs in Ibiza

Everyone always asks us what we think are the best clubs in Ibiza and Formentera. Every summer, millions of tourists flock to the two islands in the Mediterranean sea, and its no secret why. White sandy beaches with crystal clear skies and transparent waters, mouth-watering seafood dishes cooked at any of the best restaurants on the island, and of course who can forget, the nightlife. The best discos in Ibiza are basically the best in the world.

While we at CharterAlia prefer to lounge back in the sun, sipping a cold drink while at anchor, we understand that every once in a while the body just needs to dance, and Ibiza is the worlds Nr.1 destination for nightclubs. The following is a small list and review of the Best nightclubs in Ibiza. We have not ranked them in any order of preference, as we feel it is you and your dancing shoes who should do the judging. Enjoy our list!

The Best Clubs In Ibiza

Ushuaia Ibiza

Back in 2011, Ushuaïa Ibiza Hotel and Beach Club took Playa D´en Bossa by storm. Not many would have guessed that their success would lead to a trend around Ibiza, others have tried to emulate the upscale hotel with international superstars DJ´ing wild parties around the pool, but not many got it right. One thing is for sure, Ushuaïa has become a global brand.

Ushuaia Tower Ibiza
Ushuaia Tower in Ibiza, not only a beautiful hotel, but also one of the best clubs on the island.

In high season, Ushuaïa Ibiza has parties every day of the week, headlined with superstars like David Guetta, Hardwell, Axwell Ingrosso, Steve Aoki, Solomun, Armin Van Buren, Martin Garrix and many, many more. The Ushuaïa stage and dance floor are easily described in one word; BIG. Keep in mind, this is an open-air club, around a pool, with basically no enforced dress code, this makes it much more comfortable when compared to other indoor venues which feel more claustrophobic, and besides, who doesn’t love to wear a bikini to the club?

Ushuaia Club Backstage
The pyrotechnics at Ushuaïa are amazing; lights, lasers, and fireworks all light up the incredible stage next to the water in Playa D’en Bossa.

The parties at Ushuaïa start early in the day, but at nightfall is when the stage really shines. An infinite amount of lights, fog machines, flamethrowers, fireworks, laser beams, and numerous other stage goodies really make the place come alive under the moon. Ushuaïa Hotel guests are allowed free entrance to the events, but tickets are also for sale to the public for 40-50 euros depending on the event, which means you can still attend a party or two in Ushuaïa while spending a week chartering with us. Don’t miss the opportunity to party at the Club that changed everything.

Privilege Ibiza

Commonly referred to as The World’s Biggest Club, the Main Room in Privilege Ibiza is without a doubt the largest of any club in the Island, perhaps the World. Tucked away in the town of San Rafael, easily accessible from the Highway that unites Ibiza Town with San Antonio, Privilege Ibiza has a party for all musical tastes.

For the past three seasons, the Ultra Worldwide’s label RESISTANCE took over the Privilege to offer its residents phenomenal house, techno to rock festive nights that came back with a huge success. Now, following the upcoming season of 2019, RESISTANCE IBIZA has already announced its line-ups that will present well-known talents like Adam Beyer, the one and only Carl Cox, DJ duet Sasha & John Digweed, Maceo Plex, Richie Hawtin, Kölsch, Dubfire, Charlotte de Witte and many more.

Privilege Main Room and dance floor
With the main dance floor like this, you can see why Privilege Ibiza is known as The Worlds Biggest Club.

And if that’s not enough, join the mindblowing live shows on Thursdays presented by SuperMartXé or tech & house Sunday parties by Solid Grooves that will include very own artists like Michael Bibi, Dennis Cru, and PAWSA.


First opened in 1976 under a different name, Amnesia is one of Ibiza’s most historic nightlife venues. This old Finca (country house) turned nightclub has won the “Best Global Club” award 4 different times. Also located in the Town of San Rafael, just off the highway that connects Ibiza Town to San Antonio, Amnesia has been a favorite of Ibiza’s most passionate music lovers for decades, and it doesn’t seem to slow down.

Amnesia dj backstage
Amnesia has a great lineup of international DJ’s playing every night all summer long.

Through the years, Amnesia Ibiza has developed somewhat of a cult following amongst underground fans looking to escape the often abundant commercial sounds that flood the island in Summer. A big reason for this strong and loyal following has been none other than superstar DJ Sven Vath and his famous party, Cocoon, usually held every Monday night at Amnesia. However, that’s not the only party that brings almost 5,000 spectators to Amnesia every night, other famous shows held at Amnesia include HYTE, headlined by Loco Dice, Music On headlined by Marco Carola, and Cream Ibiza which features an alternating list of headliners such as Steve Aoki, Armin Van Buren, Fatboy Slim, and many others. Even Paris Hilton has her own party in Amnesia.

Cocoon in amnesia
Cocoon is absolutely the Fan Favorite at Amnesia Ibiza. Headlined by none other than Sven Vath.

Amnesia’s parties go well deep into the night, some even ending at 8am, making it the perfect destination if you are trying to party all night after a long day of relaxing while sailing in Ibiza aboard a Catamaran or Sailboat. Like most other clubs in Ibiza, tickets to the parties are available at retailers throughout the island and also online, and usually, cost 40-50 Euros depending on the event.

Hï Ibiza

Since 2017 when Hï Ibiza, opened its doors to the public,  already brought an impressive recognization with the line-ups from worldwide famous DJs and their spectacular shows. Located in the same legendary venue in Playa D’en Bossa that hosted Space Ibiza for 27 years. This new proposal on nightlife in Ibiza, known as the “sister club” of Ushuaïa due to having the same owners, is sure to bring plenty of more surprises this Summer, as it looks to cement itself amongst the islands top destinations.

Hi ibiza
The logo for Hi Ibiza makes it clear that its sister is Ushuaia.

If Hï Ibiza figures to be anything like its sister, Ushuaia Ibiza, then we have no doubt that it will feature some of the biggest names in international music on a nightly basis. Already eight events have marked their dates into Hi Ibiza event calendar for 2019: Odyssey, Black Coffee, Glitterbox, F***ck me I’m famous, Armin van Buuren/Sunnery James/Ryan Marciano, BODYWORKS, Afterlife, RITCHBITCH that for sure is something you don’t want to miss out!! Combine that with the stage preparation usually spotted at Ushuaia, and Hï Ibiza promises to be another special nightlife venue in Ibiza.


The oldest club in Ibiza, and perhaps the most famous brand too. Opened in an old farmhouse back in 1973, Pacha Ibiza has become one of the worlds premier clubbing destinations. Located in Marina Botafoch, just across the bay from Ibiza Town, the famous cherry logo made famous by Pacha now makes headlines worldwide, stretching from nightlife venues to fashion apparel. Pacha nightclubs can now be found in numerous cities worldwide like Barcelona, Munich, Sydney, and several others, but it is the iconic club in Ibiza that truly is the cream of the crop.

Original Pacha in 1973
Pacha Ibiza first opened its doors in 1973, in this old Spanish country house, and today has become one of the most recognizable nightlife brands on earth.

Characterized by the good vibes of the Hippy Movement that first swept the place when it opened back in the ’70s, Pacha has managed to keep the feel-good organic vibes going despite stretching its commercial appeal. When you first step into Pacha and see the bougainvillea all wrapped the old farmhouse walls, you will feel like you really are heading back in time. The main room is not as large as others in Ibiza but it is surrounded by elevated areas all around which facilitate the view of everyone in the club.

Solomun rocking at pacha
Solomun is one of Ibiza’s’ most popular and loved DJs, with occasional sets in Destino, Ushuaia, and others. But make no mistake, Pacha is his weekly home!

Perhaps the most popular Resident DJ in Pacha Ibiza is none other than David Guetta himself. That’s right, David Guetta has a party at Pacha, usually on Thursday nights, all summer long. But that’s not the only big name Pacha has in their roster. Every day of the week during high season, Pacha has parties headlined by names like Solomun, Maceo Plex, Martin Solveig, and of course who can forget the famous Flower Power party, a tribute to the Ibiza Hippy Movement. Don’t miss your chance to visit this legendary nightclub in Ibiza while you are here.


DC10 is an icon of underground music, minimal techno, and 90’s style attitude. The famous club, located in the southeast part of the island just kilometers from where the Ibiza Airport runway ends, 10 minutes from Ibiza town, is not necessarily one of the islands super clubs, after all, it only hosts 2 parties a week. Others would say it is not a super club simply because the very essence of DC10 is not to please the more upscale, posh, and perhaps commercial crowd often seen in Privilege, Pacha or Ushuaia but rather to appease to a more underground spirit, resembling the old parties of the Acid House era. Superclub or not, DC10 Ibiza is one of the most talked about nightlife venues in Ibiza and the world.

circoloco at dc10
Circoloco in DC10 has been an institution for real music fans not only in Ibiza but around the world.

Originally opened back in 1999 behind its world-famous Circoloco party (still active today) DC10 Ibiza used to open at 6am every Monday, right at the same time that the famous 24 hour Sunday party at Space Ibiza was finishing, giving clubbers an opportunity to party for a second day straight if their bodies would allow them. The 6am openings are gone, but Circoloco is definitely not, as it is still rocking every Monday night in high season, with an alternating cast full of international superstars like The Martinez Brothers, Black Coffee, Luciano, Seth Troxler, and many more. The second party held at DC10 every week is Paradise, usually on Wednesday nights and headlined by Jamie Jones but featuring tons of other guests like Nic Fanciulli, Kolsch, and other respected DJ’s.

plane flying over dc10
The low flying airplanes landing into Ibiza Airport and the large terrace built on an old Hangar make DC10 a truly unique nightlife venue.

Due to the proximity of DC10 to the Ibiza Airport, club goers are often greeted with the roaring engine sound of planes taking off and landing into the white island. It may sound cliché, but the sensation of dancing the night away with almost 2,000 people in the covered terrace, formerly a plane hangar, while a large commercial jet plane cruises just above you truly is one of a kind, very much like DC10 is.


Perhaps one of the most beautiful venues in all of Ibiza, Destino Ibiza is actually an upscale luxury resort by the Pacha group, tucked away in the mountains of Talamanca, just 10 minutes from Ibiza Town. Its design is very similar to that of Ushuaia; a luxurious hotel with a large pool area that poses as a dance floor facing a large stage. However, because of its more exclusive location and clientele, it doesn’t come with the general craziness and large crowds that Playa D’en Bossa and Ushuaia are known for, to help aid this exclusiveness, they also don’t have parties every day of the week.

destino view of mountains
Destino has a fascinating location, up in the mountains of Talamanca, giving hotel guests and clubbers magnificent views of the Island.

The most famous resident DJ’s at Destino are Solomun and Luciano, who usually alternate headlining a party each week. Because Destino shares owners with Pacha, however, special guests are routinely invited in for special “one night only” events such as Maceo Plex, Marco Carola, and many more. Another weekly party held at Destino is Rumors headlined by Guy Gerber and Lauren Lane, that party usually takes place every Sunday. Like Ushuaia, these parties start earlier in the day and are held around a pool, bathing suits or beach attire is welcome.

destino the stage
The main stage at Destino really comes to life at one of their amazing, but exclusive, parties held throughout the summer.

As you can see, Destino Ibiza doesn’t offer many parties during the week, but the ones they do have are some of the best on the island without a doubt. Because of its cool vibes, relaxed atmosphere and stunning views, Destino even becomes an attractive destination when there is no party going on, want to simply have a cocktail drink with some friends while overlooking the mountains of Talamanca, then Destino may be right up your ally.


This last choice is not necessarily a nightclub, Lio Ibiza is better categorized as a Restaurant and Cabaret. However, with premier bottle service, international DJ’s spinning almost every night, and tables that are sometimes fully booked 2 months in advance, Lio is without a doubt one of the most exclusive and must-see venues in Ibiza. Located in Marina Botafoch, situated right alongside the bay, Lio has one of the most picturesque and romantic views you will ever see of the cathedral up in the old Ibiza town known as Dalt Vila.

dalt vila view from Lio
The view from Lio is one of the most famous ones in Ibiza, as it overlooks the entire bay as well as Dalt Vila and the Old Town in the distance.

Lio doesn’t really have a list of parties or DJ’s scheduled to play, like previously mentioned, they don’t really present themselves as a club, the idea is to come to have dinner and just let the good times roll, good food, good music, and stunning views, what can go wrong? During the last couple of Summers, Lio has become a favorite destination for the celebrity world when visiting the Island, it would not be rare, in high season, to see Leonardo DiCaprio, or Cristiano Ronaldo, sitting a few tables away from you.

Lio dinner plate
Lio primarily serves its purpose as a Restaurant and a very good one at that, but of course after dinner when the cabaret takes over, the fun begins.

The most important thing if you want to have an unforgettable night at Lio Ibiza, is to remember to book way in advance. During mid-summer, their tables are sometimes fully booked for months, if you already know the dates that you will be sailing Ibiza in a catamaran or sailboat with us, it would be ideal to also set out a night and make a reservation at Lio. We can assure you it will be an unforgettable evening.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Best Clubs in Ibiza, and that you will get to visit as many as you can during your stay in the White Island. A good night of dancing is a perfect balance to a sunny relaxing day of snorkeling and sailing around Ibiza. We hope to see you this summer, and as always, Thank You for visiting CharterAlia!

Written by Gabriel Gomez – Read more about how CharterAlia was born.

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