Cala Conta – Comte beach

Cala Conta Beach (Playas de Comte) is considered one the best beaches in Ibiza. The overwhelming majority of people who visit this beach loves it! When looking at reviews on Cala Conta Beach, they are full of praise. Most people recommend the beach to other travellers.  We think it is one of the best beaches in the world!

Aerial view of Cala Comte with sailboat for hire in Ibiza anchored at shore
With its outstanding blend of natural elements that make this a unique and breathtaking paradise, it is no wonder why Cala Conta receives all the recommendations and is usually on everyone’s must see list when coming to Ibiza.

It doesn’t surprise us that Cala Conta receives all these recommendations as it is a breathtaking paradise! It has a wonderful blend of natural elements that makes it a unique place. Its fine white sands, turquoise waters and spectacular views of the island of Conejera and the peaks of Es Vedra, make this beach really stand out. Even the beaches of Formentera can’t compete with its beauty, especially if you arrive on one of our catamarans or sailing boats that we offer for boat hire Ibiza.

We love sharing extraordinary places with travellers! This is why Cala Conta is our second stop on our “Ibiza Best Beaches” boat trip.

Catamarans of charteralia at Cala Conta
Two of our catamarans lounging at Cala Conta.


Catamarans in the swimming pool of Cala Conta
Anchoring in the aquamarine waters of Cala Conta.

Cala Conta from the sea

Due to its popularity, the roads to Cala Conta are usually congested by cars heading to the beach. The beach itself is also very crowded. These are the downsides that are most frequently cited on the Tripadvisor reviews written by tourists.  Fortunately, these are two things that we are able to get around from our boat rental in Ibiza.

Almost all our customers that go with us to Cala Conta tell us that it’s so different arriving from the sea.  There are no stressful traffic jams. There is no need to worry about finding a parking spot close to the beach. You won’t have to drag all your stuff, trough the heat, to the shore. Getting to the beach by boat is a great trip because it’s so relaxing.  You can sunbathe on deck, lay back on one of the comfortable nets on our catamarans for rent in Ibiza, have a drink and chat with the captain or simply enjoy the breeze, the movement of the boat, and the lovely views of the sea.

When we sail to this cove, we kill two birds with one stone. We dodge the crowds on the road and we avoid all the people on the beach.  We can enjoy the best beach in Ibiza without having to tip toe around other people! There is plenty of space to move around freely on the boat.  We also have the luxury of anchoring in hidden places where there is more privacy.

Swimming at Cala Conta
Relaxing away from the crowds in Cala Conta.

Places where we love to anchor

There is a beautiful place, between the Forest Island (“Isla del Bosque”) and a rocky islet that divides the Cala Conta beach in two, that has aquamarine waters.  We love anchoring there!

The reason why the sea has this spectacular colour is because we are anchored on a white sand bank. These are shallow waters, only two to three meters deep, so light doesn’t have to travel far into the water. It soon hits the white sand and is reflected back to the surface.  This accentuates the blue and creates the clearest waters of the island.

crystal clear water in formentera
Aquamarine waters in Cala Comte.

When our clients mention that it looks like the Caribbean islands, I replay: “the Caribbean wished they looked more like Cala Conta.”

Clear waters of Cala Conta
Swimming in the clearest waters of Ibiza!

Western Beach

Another of our favourite spots to anchor lies between Forest Island and Ibiza mainland.  We love this place because it is protected from troublesome west and south-western winds. Here you can still enjoy the sun and calm waters while rental boats, especially non-catamarans, anchored at other places in Conta beach will start to shake on the waves.

In case the wind comes from the North, it’s better to anchor on the Western Beach. The quickest way to get to this secluded seaside is by passing between the Forest Island and Ibiza mainland. However, the passage is only one meter deep, too shallow even for a catamaran. Only small motor boats and dinghies can take this way, so our captains will take the alternative path, passing right between Forest Island and Conejera Island, which is 3 meters deep.

There is a third, but longer way to sail around Conejera Island by the North, but this takes around 45 minutes more. In any case, if you have chosen one of our catamarans and sailing yachts that we offer for Ibiza boat hire, and you are into sailing, it’s not that long.

Navigating between Isla del Bosque and Isla Conejera
The green arrows indicate the passage between the Bosque and Conejera islands. The red cross pinpoints the passage that is too shallow for our catamaran.

Restaurants Cala Conta

  1. There are 3 very popular restaurants on this beach. We sorted our list according to our particular taste:
    Sunset Ashram: Most of our customers ask us about the red stone building that looks like Fred Flintstone’s house. This is no less than the legendary Restaurant Sunset Ashram. This was one of the first bars in Ibiza. Times have changed and so has the restaurant. The cuisine has elevated its standards. Prices are not as cheap as back in the hippy days, but its mystical spirit has remained. Their slogan is “Fear kills. Courage cures.” We love this gentile bite-sized wisdom. The Sunset Ashram is situated at the highest point of the cove and its views leave you speechless. From this point you will enjoy an overview of the whole bay. On a clear day, you can see as far as the neighboring islands on the west side of Ibiza. This restaurant offers a wide variety of delicious food inspired by Indian Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine. It is necessary to book a table because it’s a beloved place to eat.
  2. S’illa d’es Bosc: This restaurant is named after the island that lies in front of it. It is called Forest Island. It is located 200 meters west from the Sunset Ashram and is a more traditional restaurant. It serves typical Spanish food and some local Ibiza dishes. They also have some modern cuisine, but it is too minimalistic for my taste.
  3. Ses Roques: This restaurant serves a wide variety of Spanish dishes. They also have some French dishes like Foie Gras on the menu. This restaurant is also situated in a stunning location. Located in the bay near the restaurant, you will find Ibiza’s typical fishermen’s huts. Some of them are now converted into luxurious apartments. When we sail by, we often see photographers taking pictures of newlyweds posing in front of the fishermen’s houses. Ses Roques is also a popular restaurant to celebrate weddings.
The Forest Island of Ibiza
The Forest Island of Ibiza (Isla del Bosque).

Snorkelling at Cala Conta

The transparent seas at Cala Comte are ideal for snorkelling and diving. There is great visibility everywhere and you can find lots of marine life in the rocky areas. It is also common to see small stingrays hidden in the sand. All our rental boats in Ibiza have snorkelling sets on board with goggles, snorkels and flippers. If you prefer swimming closer to the boat, you can always get the fish to come near you. Just use a little piece of bread as your bait and they will practically come to eat from your hand!

underwater with fish
The fish will eat right out of your hand!

Next stop: sunset at Cafe del Mar

An hour before the sun sets, the captain of the charter catamaran will raise the anchor. We will leave Conta, but we won’t sail straight back to port. There is yet one more surprise in store. We will sail across the bay to the legendary Cafe del Mar, from where we can enjoy the spectacular sunset – the perfect ending for our catamaran excursion.

View from Sunset Ashram
View of the beach of Cala Comte from Sunset Ashram.

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