Captains in CharterAlia

Edorta – Professional skipper Ibiza

Hello! My name is Edorta and I have always been passionate about the sea. I was born in a place where ships were part of a lifestyle for most people. When I was a child, small traditional wooden boats, paddle boats, and even trawlers were always being built on the banks of the Nervión River. They also made fishing boats of all shapes and sizes, merchant ships, tankers and super-tankers. If you are from Portugalete, you always have an adventure to tell and there is usually a boat involved!

Skipper Edorta with CharterAlia boat for rent in Ibiza
I could not imagine myself happier being anywhere other than the sea.

Mario Arias Skipper for CharterAlia

A huge hello! My name is Mario and you guys could be my next guests onboard our boats for charter in Ibiza! That truly sounds marvellous!

You are probably wondering who I am, so here are a few lines that will give you a better idea of my life and how I got here, starting from the 80´s.

Skipper Mario of CharterAlia on board catamaran charter in Ibiza
Mario welcomes all to join him aboard our catamaran for an unforgettable experience at sea.

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