Cat 52 catamaran hire in Ibiza

We welcome you enthusiastically to the page of this grand Cat 52- a beautiful catamaran that was launched in 2015 and has a length that measures 16 metres (52 feet). A spectacular boat rental in Ibiza, this vessel has a total surface area of 120 square meters. In CharterAlia, we are more than pleased to offer this impressive sailing yacht for charter with skipper in Ibiza and Formentera this season as a novelty in our list of yacht hires in Ibiza.

Yacht charter in Ibiza for Cat 52 catamaran
A majestic image of the catamaran Cat 52 sailing in the bay of San Antonio, west of the island of Ibiza.

Day charter and rentals with an overnight stay

This remarkable Cat 52 catamaran for rent in Ibiza can accommodate up to 12 people plus crew for a typical day tour of 8 hours. In the occasion that this catamaran is rented to sleep on board, the ideal occupancy is 6 people. Our guests will occupy 3 of the 4 double cabins offered on this beautiful sailing yacht and the fourth cabin will be occupied by the ship’s crew. If your group size exceeds 6 people, depending on the dates chosen for rental, you can contact us to see if there is something we can work out.

Trampoline of catamaran of 16 metres for hire in Ibiza
The trampoline on the catamaran provides a surface for our customers to lie down while sunbathing and relaxing.

Erick Lerouge’s design

The design of this stunning boat rental in Ibiza and Formentera is done by the legendary nautical architect Erick Lerouge, who we are already familiar with because of his design of another catamaran we also manage in Ibiza, the Ambercat 210.

Side view of Cat 52 catamaran for hire in Formentera and Ibiza
The aggressive design of Erik Lerouge gives this charter boat ideal characteristics for sailing.


Cat 52 yacht with skipper for rent for overnight stay
By comparing the size of the boat with those on board, we can appreciate the true dimensions of this catamaran rental in Ibiza and Formentera.

Boat rentals in Ibiza: Top Materials

The finest materials have been used in the fabrication of this boat for rent in Ibiza. Although expensive, they are noticeably light to improve efficiency and performance while sailing. Some, but not all, other top materials they used are Kevlar, carbon fiber and epoxy. Its construction ended in 2015 and therefore is completely new, practically out of package. That smell of fresh wood still surprises everyone upon their first entrance into this yacht.

It is true that this yacht charter in Ibiza does not have the finishing touches that meet the standards of the usual boat that has been made in mass production and is much heavier, such as the Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot, or new Bali catamarans. However, this catamaran Cat 52 of 16 metres offers quality and a finishing touch quite acceptable for a ship with an interior that was custom made for the users liking.

Enrique, your proud skipper and the co-owner of this sailing yacht hire in Ibiza, played an active part in the construction of this vesel and in result knows well even the smallest details of each frame of this vessel. He will be delighted to welcome you aboard and show you a great time so that you return home with memories of unforgettable days at sea onboard the Cat 52.

Later view of lounge aboard Cat 52 yach for rent in Ibiza
The living room has a minimalist and very well organized distribution.


Lounge of Cat 52 boat rental in Ibiza and Formentera
In this picture we see the chart table and the great amount of natural sunlight that lightens the lounge.


Kitchen on board Cat available for hire in Ibiza
The L-shaped kitchen is fully equipped with sink, stove, microwave, stove and all necessary utensils for cooking on board.

Space, space, and more space!

The surface area of 120 square metres and the elevated interior height of 2 meters in practically all indoor cabins aboard this fantastic charter boat in Ibiza contribute to the sensation of more space and superior liveability.

Aerial view of catamaran Cat 52 renting boat in Eivissa
In this overhead view from the top of the mast you can appreciate the true magnitude of this vessel.

Already advanced in the creation of catamarans, this large modernized Cat 52 that we offer in our portfolio of boat rentals in Ibiza this season has four large double cabins with an en-suite bathroom in each. All the bathrooms have a separate shower and the toilet is electric.

Aft cabin of catamaran charter in Ibiza
View of one of the cabins with a double bed and an integrated private bathroom.


Bathroom aboard Cat 52 catamaran for hiring in Ibiza
One of the four bathrooms with private access from the cabin.

Additional equipment for this grand sailing boat

To disembark at any of the beaches of Ibiza and Formentera where you will be anchored at, this next generation sailing yacht for rent in Ibiza is equipped with a Zodiac dinghy of 4 meters in length and an outboard motor.

In addition, for entertainment on board this boat charter in Ibiza and Formentera, the Cat 52 also offers a rigid family kayak that can accommodate two adults and two children, equipment for snorkelling and a paddle board for paddle surfing.

Inside the catamaran hire in Ibiza are plenty of amenities that are offered and will have you feeling as if you were in your own home: TV, full kitchen with microwave, espresso coffee machine, independent freezer of 90 litres, etc. All these appliances are self-sufficient and maintain power thanks to solar panels installed on the hardtop of the ship.

Family kayak included with 52 Cat available for chartering in Ibiza
The kayak ready for use.

Rates of daily and weekly rentals of the Cat 52

In the table below you can find the prices for weekly and daily rentals for this beautiful catamaran rental in Ibiza, with skipper included in the price.

Cat 52 Rates
Type of rental Ppl Cabins WC 01/05 – 11/06 11/06 – 09/07 09/07 – 30/07 30/07 – 27/08 27/08 – 24/09 24/09 – 07/11
Weekly 6+2+1 4+2 4 10,500 11,500 11,900 12,900 11,500 10,500
Day (8h) 12 0 1 2,900 3,250 3,500 3,900 3,500 2,900

What is included in the WEEKLY rental cost?

  • The skipper.
  • The 21% VAT and all taxes.
  • Comprehensive insurance.
  • Butane gas for cooking.
  • Linens, blankets and towels.
  • The Zodiac with outboard engine.
  • All water entertainment described above.

What is NOT included in the rental cost?

  • Fuel: Depending on the use of the engines of the boat; At the end of the rental period, the fuel consumed is calculated. On average, when sailing this catamaran for hire in Ibiza, the fuel cost is between 100 and 150 Euros for the full week. For rentals of one day, fuel is included in the price.
  • Mooring: This charter boat in Ibiza does not have, nor need, mooring. If you would like to have a mooring for some nights during your stay, you may contact Enrique for more information.

General conditions of the boat

Below you can read the general conditions for the rental of this beautiful multihull sailing boat.

Payment methods

To proceed with the booking for a day or a week rental, the first payment of 70% of the corresponding lease rate at the time of booking is requested. Once you have completed the booking, it is not necessary to make any further payment until 30 days before embarkation, at which the second payment of the remaining amount must be made.

Exterior of Cat 52 yacht for day excursions and weekly rentals
The bulwarks (side areas) of this catamaran are very spacious and allow you to comfortably walk along the boat and safely.

Weekly rentals: Embarking and Disembarking

This great charter boat in Ibiza and Formentera is usually anchored at the Yacht Club of San Antonio, west of the island of Ibiza. Check-in is on Sundays from 16:00h at the marina of San Antonio. The check-out takes place at the same location on Saturdays at 19:00h.

Spacious cockpit of Cat 52 yacht for renting in Ibiza
The cockpit, located at the rear of the catamaran, offers a spectacular barbecue area with two tables.

Sailing crew of the Cat 52 catamaran charter

According to nautical habits, maintenance is carried out by customers. This means that the skipper can eat from the list of weekly shopping without participating in it financially.

Floor plans of Cat 52 yacht charter in Balearic Islands
In this image you can see the distribution of the 4 cabins.

Deposit for boat hire

A deposit of 2,000 Euros, that can be liquidated at embarkation, is requested.

By Laura Perez-Cernuda – Take a few minutes to read the story of CharterAlia and how it became a boat rental in Ibiza.

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