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Catamaran charter Mallorca, circumnavigating the island

Mallorca is a lot bigger than Ibiza island and, even in the best case scenario, you will need more than a week if you want to circumnavigate the island and enjoy the wonders of its coves. Sailing conditions in the summer are usually great, but it’s important to keep an eye on the weather forecast, especially if you are sailing in the north of the island. The “Tramontana” northern wind is particulary feared even by local sailors and skippers. It usually stays for 2-3 days and brings waves of 1.5 to 2 metres and winds of 25-30 knots. We want you to charter your catamaran in Mallorca safe and sound!

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Our customers ready to jump in the crystal clear waters of Mallorca.

Berths and ports in Mallorca

Mallorca is your ideal yacht charter destination if you are planning to stay overnight at port, since there are many more berths available in Mallorca than in the neighboring island of Ibiza. In any case, it is always wise to plan ahead, especially if you are planning to sail to the North, where there is only one port in the quaint and cute fishermen town of Soller. Particulary during the month of August, it’s quite common to find a full port since the two first weeks of August is when the island supports the largest influx of nautical tourism.

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The sun setting behind the catamaran.

Cabrera, south of Mallorca, ideal for catamaran charter in Mallorca

We always recommend spending at least one night at anchor (at buoy) in the wonderful island of Cabrera. If you are up for it, please book well in advance as Cabrera is a natural reserve and anchoring is forbidden in order to preserve the seeweed “posidonia” submarine meadows. So buoys in a designated area are your only option. You can find information on how to book the buoys at the local government of the Balearic Islands.

Video: Dolphins are quite often seen around Cabrera

The protected areas of the natural park shelter dolphin schools.

From Mallorca to Cabrera island

If you are chartering a catamaran in Mallorca and you are planning to visit the amazing island of Cabrera, then we recommend the following itinerary:

  1. Sail towards the South of Mallorca.
  2. Anchor in the turquoise waters of Es Trencs.
  3. Wake up the next morning and sail the 15 miles South that separate this wonderful anchorage from the island of Cabrera.
  4. Once tied to the buoy in Cabrera, climb up to the castle from where you will enjoy breathtaking views. Cabrera is probably the most charismatic island in the Mediterranean and an ideal destination for catamaran charter Mallorca and Menorca.
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Ready to set sail!

Read the story of our company here. By Jose Navas, author, CEO and founder of Charteralia.

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  1. Hi there, would you be able to take a group of 10-12ppl from Palma to Ibiza on Saturday 24th August, wait overnight at Ibiza and return to Palma the following day – Sunday 24th August?


    1. Maria CharterAlia

      Hi Richard,

      I have sent you an email with all information about our catamaran charter in Mallorca! Please, take a look and let us know your comments;-)
      Looking forward to having you on board!

  2. Alexander tennstrom

    Hi, i am interested in catamarn sailing for 1 or 1/2 day 4 or 5th of september 2015. We are 20 people. Please send qoutation for charter with events, sailingplan and catering (beer) etc.

    We are living in palma 3-6th of september.

    Best regards

  3. hi
    have you a catamaran available for a half or one day charter for 18 adults and 4 children. We are staying in Palmanova on 6th may until 10th may 2016.


  4. Sandra robertson

    I am looking for a catamaran to take us from magaluf to port Adrianna for about thirty people on wed June the 28th for a 50th birthday

    1. Hola Sandra!

      I have sent you a detailed email with our catamarans to hire in Mallorca. Please, let us know your thoughts;-)
      Looking forward to having you on board!

    1. Maria CharterAlia

      Hola Laura;-)
      Thank you for your request to rent a catamaran in Mallorca. We´ve just sent you an informative email.
      Please, let us know your comments. Thanks!!!
      Looking forward to hearing from you!

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