Catamaran Lagoon 420 with AC

We are beyond excited to present to you our luxurious Lagoon 420 ‘2012 catamaran, with air-conditioning, available for day and week long hires around the idyllic islands of Ibiza and Formentera!

Constructed in 2012, we are thrilled to be offering this beautiful sailing and motor catamaran for our charter guests in Ibiza, for the first time, starting in August of 2018!

Rent a boat in Ibiza Catamaran Lagoon 420 in Ibiza Aerial View
Bird’s eye view of the Lagoon 420 catamaran majestically sailing at full sail between Ibiza and Formentera.


Boat charter Ibiza and Formentera catamaran Lagoon 420 Side View
Incredible image of the beautiful Lagoon 420 sailing with both sails deployed in the San Antonio Bay area.

Only one person has had ownership of this magnificent rental boat since its manufacture in 2012 at the prestigious shipyard of Lagoon catamaran. The previous owner, a real estate constructor from Andalusia, was happy with the vessel from the day he bought it, throughout his 4 weeks of use during the six years in his possession, and even up to the day he sold it to CharterAlia! With only 180 hours of motor usage (equivalent to the use of a single month), it is still in an impeccable state with the smell of the fresh wood still lingering as if it recently arrived from the factory!

Enjoy the Lagoon 420 Front View in Ibiza and Formentera
In this image you can see the line of this beautiful sailing catamaran. It progressively gains in height so that the bow staterooms are immense.

The catamaran Lagoon 420 is 13 meters in length and has a beam width of almost 8 meters, offering our customers over 100m2 of surface area to enjoy!

This incredibly beautiful charter sailing yacht, for rentals in Ibiza, offers the maximum legal capacity for any day time recreational navigational craft in Spain: 12 people. For overnight and weekly charters, we can comfortably accommodate 8 people, plus our captain, and an additional hostess (optional).

The interior of this impressive catamaran is that of a small floating palace, equipped with all the comforts one could only wish for in any luxury apartment in Ibiza.

Interior equipment for the Lagoon 420 catamaran

  • Five independent air-conditioning/heating/dehumidifying units with regulating thermostats located in each of the 4 cabins, and one more for the living room and common area.
  • AC generator, which provides power for the use of the air-conditioning and other electrical equipment at all times on this magnificent vessel.
  • 12V / 220V integrated electric inversion system.
  • TWO flat screen televisions, one with an integrated DVD player. Each is situated in different corners of the living room so that no passenger has a bad view.
  • Electronic navigation systems with external GPS forwarded to indoor televisions.
  • Wireless HiFi system via Bluetooth.
The catamaran Lagoon 420 with Living room and Kitchen
General view of the living room and the kitchen. We have changed the upholstery in 2018 to a brown colour that matches the floor. More beautiful than in the picture!


Lagoon 420 View of Living room from Kitchen 5
View of the living room from the kitchen.

Interior design of the Lagoon 420 catamaran in Ibiza

This grand Lagoon 420 catamaran is characterized by its incredible interior comfort, allowing 4 individual bathrooms, each with an independent shower and water heater, and all having private access from the corresponding cabin itself. A design of this stature was looked upon as the forerunner of current designs for all catamarans (not only those from the Lagoon brand). For the first time, the design gave higher importance to the interior comforts. The freeboard and the roof have been raised, giving the Lagoon 420 catamaran an interior height of two and a half meters in the kitchen and 2.2 meters in the lounge area, opening up the feel of this remarkable space- something unthinkable for similar boats, until the design of the Lagoon 420 arrived.

Floor map Lagoon 420 luxurious vessel for rent in Formentera
In this image we can see the general distribution of the boat, with two cabins aft, two forward and four bathrooms with four shower rooms.

The interior is furnished with a clear-toned pine wood, which makes the areas look even more spacious.

  • Four double cabins, each with en-suite bathrooms, having private access from the cabin, and four shower rooms separated from the bathrooms.
  • 360  degree panoramic views from the dining table and central living area.
  • Newly upholstered sofas in both the dining area and living room.
  • Kitchen with gas oven, stainless steel sinks with a single lever faucet, refrigerator and freezer.
  • Electric microwave.
  • Complete, brand new kitchenware set: pots, pans, cutlery etc bought in August 2018.
  • Up to 8 boxes for storage of food, equipment, etc.
  • Wine bottle rack connected to the living room air conditioner.
  • Wide, spacious staircase to go down to the cabin area.
  • Hot water system with tri-load: motor, generator and solar panels.
Huge stern bedroom on board the lagoon 420 rental catamaran in Ibiza
Photo of one of the two aft cabins with a fan, two reading lights, ventilation gates, an upper hatch and a spectacular window.


Rent a catamaran in Ibiza Lagoon 420 elevated bed forward stateroom
Image of one of the two bow staterooms. A beautiful waste of space and sumptuousness. Elevated bed, with reading lights, two vents, upper hatch and the best: the window just in front of the bed with the best views of the sunrise.


Boat hire Ibiza Lagoon 420 separate private bathroom
Independent bathroom with private access from the cabin.


Lagoon 420 boat rental in Ibiza separate independant shower
One of the four independent shower rooms.

Exterior design of the Lagoon 420 catamaran in Ibiza

The exterior design of this impressive sailing catamaran offers the following characteristics:

  • Large outdoor rear terrace with dining table and waterproof outdoor mattresses with capacity for 10 guests.
  • Direct communication with the kitchen from the rear terrace by opening one of the windows, so those in the kitchen can speak freely with the ones outside.
  • Hard top roof that provides a pleasant on-going shade to the entire rear terrace.
  • Incredible front terrace with large integrated sofa in the bow and nets area.
  • Pulpits bow, where you have the best possible view
  • Two brand new individual nets, installed in August 2018, as if the sofa wasn’t enough.
  • Wide bands to walk from the rear area of the boat to the front and vice versa.
  • Efficient structuring allowing all maneuvering to by easily done by the captain from the helm.
  • Swimming platform with fresh hot/cold water control.
  • Entire exterior is lined with teak, offering non-slip comfort grip when walking barefoot.
Spacious outdoor seating on the rental boat in ibiza
The aft terrace offers an extraordinary amount of space. The table offers space for 10 guests.


Ideal sofa at the front of the catamaran Lagoon 420 for chilling out and siestas in Ibiza
Ideal sofa at the front of the catamaran Lagoon 420 for chilling out and siestas in Ibiza!


Rental Lagoon 420 port side view
Port side of the catamaran. We insist again on the amount of space to move comfortably from the rear area to the front of the catamaran.

Technical equipment of the Lagoon 420 catamaran

This rental catamaran comes equipped with all sorts of electrical elements to assist our captain in navigation and provide comfort for our passengers:

  • New 2018 Zodiac auxiliary boat, with an outboard motor of 20CV, so our captain can disembark our guests.
  • Full batten mainsail, which maximizes efficiency in sailing.
  • Roller furling Genoa.
  • Ability to maneuver from the helm.
  • Electrical winch at the help.
  • Complete high definition Raymarine system with GPS, digital radio, complete wind equipment with probe and slide.
  • High-Definition digital RADAR system with up to a 50-mile range.
  • Full auto-pilot with gyroscope.
  • Digital control panel with battery charge meter, fresh water control, navigation instruments etc.
  • Navigation system and internal digital radio on the card table with flexo.
  • 75MW YanMar diesel engines.
  • Solar Panels.
Lagoon 420 wheel and navigation system
The helm with all the technical instruments and the maneuver resent so that a single person can control the whole ship comfortably.


Rental catamaran in Ibiza Lagoon 420 front view with trampoline
Lagoon 420 catamaran sailing with two people lying on the bow trampoline.

Other Extras and toys on board

In addition to the zodiac used disembark our guests, this beautiful catamaran includes snorkel equipment complete with diving goggles, fins and tubes of various sizes. We also include a stand-up paddle board with oar.

All-inclusive rates on the 420 Lagoon

In the following table, you will find the rental rates of our incredible Lagoon 420 catamaran for day trips, several-day overnight stays and full week rentals. It is important to note that these prices include all taxes and the required insurance, our professional skipper, bed linen and towels (only for overnight rentals) and the dinghy to disembark on a variety of beaches and coves. Gasoline is included for day trips (without overnight stay) but it is not included for overnight rentals or for the use of the generator for the A/C (if used). The average fuel expense per week is usually 100 to 150 euros, depending on the usage, we calculate it about 10 euro per hour of motor used and 10 euro per hour for the generator. This grand catamaran, like the others that exceed 12 meters in length, does not fit in the moorings of the San Antonio nautical club, so it has an assigned buoy in the bay of San Antonio facing the port and embarkation is done with a zodiac that brings you to the boat. Too easy!

For the overnight stay at deposit of 900 euros will be ask in CASH before boarding and will be given back at the end of the end of the charter (minus fuel expenses).

Rental fee Lagoon 420
Period Ppl Cabs WC 08/06 09/06 – 29/06 30/06 – 27/07 28/07 – 24/08 25/08 – 21/09 22/09 – 02/11 Depo sit
Weekly rental (Sat to Sat) 8+1 4 4 12,400 14,000 14,400 14,900 13,400 11,400 900
Weekly rental (NO Sat to NO Sat) 8+1 4 4 13,400 15,000 15,400 15,900 14,400 12,400 900
Period Ppl Cabs WC 01/04 – 30/06 01/07 – 31/08 01/09 – 30/09 01/10 – 31/10
Full day (8h) 11+1 0 1 3,500 4,500 3,500 2,900
Half day (3:30h) 11+1 0 1 2,500 2,800 2,500 2,250
Day with overnight (price per day) 8+1 4 4 3,900 4,500 3,900 2,900

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