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Lagoon 52 FlyBridge with A/C rent luxury catamaran Ibiza

In this page you can admire this stunning catamaran Lagoon 52 F Grand Luxe with flybridge and fully equipped. This is the catamaran of your dreams! It was built is 2017. Air conditioning, professional cook, WIFI, futuristic design and a neverending list of amenities are included. Once you are on board you will wish to stay forever! This luxurious catamaran for rent in Ibiza offers generous dimensions:  16 meters of length and 9 meters of beam. This is a total of 200 m2. We can say this catamaran is really a floating villa!

The Lagoon 52 catamaran is one of the newest and most beautiful charter boats in Ibiza and Formentera
The Lagoon 52 catamaran is one of the newest and most beautiful charter boats in Ibiza and Formentera

Photo gallery hen parties in boat Ibiza

Our charter boat clients who have enjoyed hen parties in Ibiza have sent us all these photos. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Before viewing all the images, take a look at this video that illustrates the fun we have aboard our rental boats in Ibiza that are constantly hired for hen and stag parties:

Hen do in Ibiza
Celebrate the bride on board our boat charter!
Hen parties on board a catamaran hire in Ibiza and Formentera Lagoon 380 2018
The Lagoon 380 catamarans, including our new Lagoon 380 2018, is preferred by groups celebrating a hen do. Long live the bride!
The most important Spanish influencers celebrating a bachelorette party in catamaran
The most important Spanish influencers celebrating a bachelorette party in a catamaran in Ibiza.
The bride and her friends celebrating a hen party in catamaran in Ibiza
The bride and her friends celebrating a hen party in a catamaran in Ibiza.
Long live the bride
Long live the bride!
The Lagoon 380 is the model of catamaran most chosen by our bachelorette parties
The Lagoon 380 is the model of catamaran most chosen by our bachelorette parties.
Celebrate a hen do in Ibiza
Celebrating a hen do in Ibiza by renting one of our boats is one of the best ideas to enjoy an unbeatable day.
Bachelorette parties on a catamaran in the Balearic Islands
Bachelorette parties on a catamaran in the Balearic Islands.
The Lagoon 380 is the most demanded boat to celebrate bachelorette parties on. The space and stability offered are fundamental factors
The Lagoon 380 is the most demanded boat to celebrate bachelorette parties on. The space and stability offered are fundamental factors.
Excursion in catamaran for hen do in Ibiza
Excursion in catamaran for a hen do in Ibiza.
The nets of the Lagoon 380 catamaran have space to hold all the fun in the world
The nets of the Lagoon 380 catamaran have space to hold all the fun in the world.
Bachelorette parties in Formentera by rental boat
This popular backless topless photo has become one of the classics at bachelorette parties in Formentera by rental boat.
Themed hen party by boat in Ibiza
Themed hen party by boat in Ibiza.
Bachelorette party in Cala Salada San Antonio Ibiza
Bachelorette party in Cala Salada San Antonio Ibiza.
Celebrate bachelorette parties in Ibiza and Formentera on sailboat
Celebrate bachelorette parties in Ibiza and Formentera on Oceanis sailboat from the bay of Porroig to Formentera.


Cancellation policy for boat hire

In CharterAlia, we will go far and beyond to assure you have the best possible experience aboard our boat rental. Unfortunately, there are times that circumstances completely out of our control unwillingly present themselves,  which very occasionally obliges us to cancel some of the day trips or week charters that have previously been booked.

In this page you will find our cancellation policy for some of the different causes we can foresee taking place.

1. Cancellation policy for bad weather

Before we continue, it must be explained that meteorology is not an exact science, especially during the spring or the end of summer, so we are not able to make any final decisions until 24 hours before the start of the excursion.

In the case that the weather conditions are adverse and prevent the contracted boat excursion from going out, we will act as follows:

1.1 Alternative date

The most logical option would be to try to find an alternative date that can be enjoyed. In the case of not being able to offer an alternative date or that the clients cannot adapt their agenda to the new date, an alternative itinerary for the same day will be offered.

Even within the same day we will try to adapt the time of departure and arrival to avoid possible bad weather to the best of our ability. For example, if the forecast says that it will rain continuously from 18:00 onward and we have hired a full day excursion from 12:00 to 20:00 then we will change to a new schedule of 10:00 to 18:00.

The change of date or schedule might imply a different vessel and different rental conditions.

In no case will it be possible to make the decision of shortening the excursion, once it has already begun, in exchange for a reduction of price.

In case there’s variation in the number of passengers, the rental fee will remain the same since our company does not charge per person.

Once an alternative date has been proposed by customers, all the same cancellation policies will apply to the new date.

If customers propose an alternative date, the booking will be automatically changed to the new date, applying the same cancellation policy.

1.2 Alternative itinerary

Sometimes it may occur that the weather conditions are adverse for navigation only in a specific area of the island. At these moments the boat trip will continue on a different route than originally planned, with no possibility for customers to choose the itinerary in which the conditions are adverse.

For example, for day trips on a sailboat or catamaran, we usually offer two types of routes:

  1. Route number 1: Tour of the best beaches and coves of Ibiza. This route is usually more “sheltered” and therefore less susceptible to cancellations due to bad weather.
  2. Route number 2: Excursion from the south of Ibiza to the beach of Ses Illetes in Formentera.

In the event that a group had contracted route number 2, that is, the trip from Ibiza to Formentera, and it could not be held due to adverse weather conditions of wind, wave or rain, if we are not able to provide an alternative date then we would continue forward with the tour by following the other itinerary, route number 1, the one of the best beaches in Ibiza, as long as the weather conditions in this other route allow us to make the excursion with comfort and security for our customers.

In the event that customers decline this new itinerary offered due to weather conditions, they would not have the right to recover the amount paid in advanced to secure the reservation.

1.3 Alternative boats

In the event that the customers have booked a boat for large groups 12 pax or more and due to the weather conditions we can’t sail on them, we’ll propose an alternative with another large boat, or several catamarans in order to accommodate all passengers. If the customers don’t accept this alternative, they’re not entitled to any refund.

1.4 Refunds for bad weather

In the event that the weather conditions prevent us from advancing with the trip and we can not find an alternative date, nor can we offer a comfortable and safe alternative route, we will proceed to return the total amount paid in advance. The refund will be made within 48 hours, by bank transfer, to the account indicated by the customer.

It is very important to note that if have accepted an alternative date to enjoy a day with better weather, all the same cancellation policies will apply to the new date. For example, if you change dates due to any of the causes listed before (bad weather, overbooking, upgrade), you can only cancel the new date and get a refund if it complies with our cancellation policies.

Weather forecasts in Ibiza are rarely correct. It might say that there’s a 100% chance of storm and hail, and in 10 minutes the sun is shining. For this reason, we can’t cancel a booking because of a bad forecast. The charter can only be cancelled the same day, if the weather conditions do not allow us to have a safe embarking and/or sailing experience.

In order to consider that a day is not good for sailing, there has to be rough weather for at least 25% of the duration of the trip. If there are some short light showers during the trip, or some slightly strong wind, this will not be considered bad enough to stop sailing.

1.4.1 Refunds or partial refunds for any other reason

We try our hardest to get as close to perfection as possible but, as we all know, nobody is perfect! Very seldom, a customer may find a detail on board that is not as we planned: an area that may not be cleaned as thoroughly as expected, a break down of some sort, amenities promised and not presented, a changed or shortened itinerary, etc.


If you feel the boat is not cleaned properly, we will immediately send our cleaning crew to take care of that for you. If you feel the boat is slow, we will speak to the captain and see the reason behind it and if there is any possibility of speeding up. If you feel your experience is below your expectations, for any reason at all, PLEASE CALL US ASAP WHILE YOU ARE ON BOARD!

Please note that we have a strong policy against refunds or partial refunds if we receive the notification AFTER the boat trip has ended and it is no longer possible to resolve the issue for you.

1.5 What would we consider adverse weather conditions?

Adverse weather conditions are those that either prevent the boat from leaving its base or that avert the boat trip from being carried out with full guarantees of safety and comfort for our customers. What we want is for you to spend an unforgettable day on board, but unforgettable “for good” not “for bad”.

Examples of adverse weather conditions
  • Forecast of strong waves, with a wave height of more than 1.5 meters, in the area where the boat trip takes place.
  • Strong wind forecast with speeds exceeding 25 knots.
  • Prediction of intense rain for a period of time exceeding 20% of the total duration of the excursion.
Examples of weather conditions that are NOT adverse to navigation
  • There is a forecast that shows it is cloudy or there is little sun.
  • There is possibility of weak rains during a period of less than 20% of the total time for the excursion.
  • We are cold because we have not read the instructions and we have not brought warm clothes.

1.6 Above all, we will always apply common sense

CharterAlia will, above all,  always apply common sense. In no case will we force the continuance of the excursion on a day in which our clients are not going to enjoy our boat and our island to the maximum, showing the greatest flexibility possible in itineraries, schedules and meeting points.

1.7 Boat Rentals without skipper

Customer is required to present the original of the boat license issued in his country of origin. We are accepting all international licenses stating the maximum length and number of passengers allowed on board.

License must be NOT EXPIRED, perfectly readable and valid for waters abroad the country of origin.

Expired or not valid licenses will not be accepted and customer will be required to hire a skipper for the regular skipper fee at the moment.

Cancellations due to expired or not valid licenses are NOT subject to refund.

2. Policy for cancellations by the client

In the event that the client, due to any circumstances, including unexpected and uncontrollable situations, such as flight cancellation, airline strikes, robbery at home, not finding a taxi, etc, could not carry on with the contracted excursion, or the rental, client would lose partial or the total amount paid depending on the following:

  1. Notifying us of such event more than 6 months prior to the date of the charter: 100% refund of the amount paid delivered minus the service charge (advertising, bank fees for payment and refund, time of blockade of the ship, etc), which is 30% of the total of the booking. For example, if an amount of 500 euros is paid to reserve a boat with a total price of 1,000 euros, and a cancellation is made with a notification of more than 6 months, the total amount of the amount paid (500 euros) minus 30% of the total value of the booking will be refunded. (30% of 1,000 = 300 euros). Total refund 200 euros.
  2. Notifying us of such event between 6 months and 30 days prior to the date of the charter: Loss of 100% of the amount paid, even if the amount paid is 100% of the total price.
  3. Notifying us of such an event less than 30 days prior to the date of the charter: The client will be obliged to pay 100% of the total value of the rental fee and all expenses (fuel, berths, etc) even if client does not take part in the boat trip.
  4. In the event of a justified force majoure cancellation with a notification of 15 days or more, a voucher for the total amount of your deposit will be issued so you don’t lose your deposit.

These times apply for the original booking. In the event that the client asks for a date change, the cancellation policy applies for the original date of the request.

In the event that the client has several boats hired and for any type of cause the number of passengers is less than expected, the customer will not be entitled to any refund, nor reduction in the total price of all reserved boats. You must pay 100% of all reserved boats, even if you do not use them, unless you notify of this partial cancellation within 60 days prior to the boarding date. The 60 day interval applies only to the original bookings. Once the original booking is rescheduled the 60 days grace period doesn’t apply any more.

In any case, as a sign of goodwill, CharterAlia will offer a larger and more expensive boat with a price equivalent to the multiple small boats hired provided there is availability.

In the event that the client has a specific contracted time slot and for any reason wants to enjoy less time than originally contracted, the client will not be entitled to any refund or reduction of the rental rate. You must pay 100% of all reserved boats, even if you do not use them, unless you advise of this reduction within 30 days prior to the boarding date. This applies ONLY to first dates. This means that, if there’s any change of date, the 30 days grace period doesn’t apply any more.

If for any reason CharterAlia can’t offer the regular service in one of the passenger boats (boats for more than 12 passengers ) alternative options for the same rental fee will be offer based on combos of multiple regular recreational boats (up to 12 passengers each) and vice versa, if for any reason CharterAlia cannot offer the regular service in a combo of multiple regular recreational boats of max 12 passengers each, alternative options for the same rental fee will be offered for a larger passenger boat that can take the total number of passengers. Refund will be offered only when CharterAlia can’t offer alternative options for all passengers.

3. Policy for cancellation by the boat owner

Our company manages a mixed fleet of owned and managed boats. The boats in management belong to shipowners who entrust us with the management of customer reservations for the entire summer. Sometimes this reservation management is not even exclusive, as they also work with other booking agencies like us.

Therefore, in these cases, our company acts as a mere intermediary, being the management of the boat, with the lease and the payments sent directly to the shipowner. It is very rare, but sometimes it has happened, that some of the boats had a technical problem and could not be available for the contracted week. In this case, or in any other case in which the boat is not available for the contracted week, the lessor (the shipowner) would proceed to cancel the contract with a refund of the entire amount received up to that moment, without the lessee or the other passengers being compensated for any cancellation, reimbursement of airline tickets, etc.

4. Policy for cancellation with alternatives

In the event that, after booking a boat or a boat combo, and such boat(s) are no longer available due to a technical problem, or any other reason, we’ll present the clients with several alternatives, all of them of equal or higher value than the original booking for no extra cost. In this case, the client has no right to a refund if they don’t want to take the alternatives, since we’re still offering the service.

5. Change of date

We are aware that planning a trip in advance is bound to have some changes. Sometimes there’s a very interesting show the same day of your booking, and it would be a bummer to not be able to experience both things! No worries 😉 In CharterAlia we’re always goint to try to accommodate your needs as best as possible.

Any changes of date confirmed with a minimum of 30 days in advance will be charge-free. However, if this change is requested with less time than 30 days, we ask for a surcharge of 500 euro.

Catamaran Lagoon 380 2018 Ibiza and Formentera

We give you a warm welcome to this page that describes our new beautiful sailing catamaran Lagoon 380. This is the 2018 model but we have 4 other identical models of the catamaran Lagoon 380 in our fleet.

It is a sailing catamaran with a maximum capacity of 12 people for day trips without an overnight stay and 8 people for rent with an overnight stay for one or several days or even weeks.

Rear view of Lagoon 380 2018 catamaran hire in Ibiza with skipper
Rear view of the catamaran rental in Ibiza, Lagoon 380 2018 model.

Sailing boats and catamarans

Welcome to CharterAlia, Sailboat charter in Ibiza and Formentera

Enjoy an amazing day, weekend or full week of sun and sea on a sailing boat charter in Ibiza. Contact José, our manager, at +34 651 930 939 (Also on WhatsApp) and ask any questions you may have about your options for renting a boat in Ibiza and Formentera. We have the best offers for catamarans and sailboats in Ibiza and the other islands of Mallorca and Menorca.

Sailing boat charter Ibiza
This is where your floating apartment will be located.

A sailing boat in Ibiza and Formentera is ideal to discover all the unique coves on these gorgeous islands. In the previous image, you can admire the amazing color of Illetes beach, one of the most popular destinations in the north of Formentera Island, just one hour on a sail from the south of Ibiza Island.

Sailing boat charter Ibiza. List of sailboats

Please read below the list of all our sailing boat charter Ibiza models. Most of them are only offered as skippered boat charters, and a few are also offered as bareboat (any person with a sailing license can be the skipper).

In this table you can see the list of sailboats offered for this summer season in Ibiza. A variety of sailing boats that will suit the needs of all our customers.

Click on the boat name or image
Image Model Cabs WCs Ppl day Ppl night Skipper Required
Sailing boat charter in Ibiza Sailboat Oceanis 351 (2008) 3 1 9+1 6+1 YES
boat rentals in Ibiza Sailboat Oceanis 383 (2006) 3 1 11+1 6+1 YES
charter boat in Ibiza Sailboat Bavaria 46 (2005) 4 2 11+1 8+1 YES
Sailing boat Dufour 425 in Ibiza Sailboat Dufour 425 (2010) 3 2 11+1 6+1  YES
girls sailing on yacht in Eivissa Sailboat Sun Odyssey 34.3 (2003) 3 1 9+1 6+1 YES
Skippered sailing boat for hire in Ibiza Dufour 40 Sailboat Dufour 400 (2003) 2 1 11+1 4+2 YES
Boat hire San Antonio Sailboat Dufour 365 GL (2003) 3 1 9+1 6+1 NO

All of of our vessels can be skippered with the basic nautical license (up to 12 meters of length), but you will be asked to show some sailing experience if you decide to choose the bareboat rental option.

List of sail catamarans for rent in Ibiza

See the table below for a list of all the sail catamarans that we offer for rent in Ibiza and Formentera this season. Catamarans are also sailboats, just wider, more stable, faster, and a bit more expensive than regular sailing boats.

Click on the boat name for full details
Image Model Cabins WCs Ppl day Ppl night Skipper Required
Rear view of Lagoon 380 2018 catamaran hire in Ibiza with skipper Lagoon 380 (2012) 4 2 12+1 8+1 WITH SKIPPER
Sailing in Ibiza with the wind in the sails Lagoon 380 (2017) 4 2 12+1 8+1 WITH SKIPPER
Aerial shot of catamaran Lagoon 380 2018 at full sail Lagoon 380 (2018) 4 2 12+1 8+1 WITH SKIPPER
catamaran in san antonio ibiza Lagoon 380 (2019) 4+2 2 12+1 8+1 WITH SKIPPER
catamaran lagoon 400 S2 2015 Lagoon 400 (2015) 4+2 4 12+1 8+1 WITH SKIPPER
Aerial view of the Lagoon 400 catamaran anchored in Ibiza Lagoon 400 (2018) 4+2 4 12+1 8+2 WITH SKIPPER
Rent a boat in Ibiza Catamaran Lagoon 420 in Ibiza Aerial View Lagoon 420 A/C (2012) 4+2 4 12+1 8+1 WITH SKIPPER
Drone view of sailing 42 Lagoon catamaran rental in Ibiza with Captain Lagoon 42 A/C (2016) 4+2 4 12+1 8+1 WITH SKIPPER
Lateral view of the Lagoon 470 catamaran available for renting in the Balearic Islands Lagoon 470 A/C (2001) 3+3 4 12+1 10+1 WITH SKIPPER
Lagoon 40 catamaran for hire in Balearic island Lagoon 40 (2019) 4+2 4 12+1 8+2 OPTIONAL
yacht hire Mallorca Lagoon 450 (2015) 4+2 4 12+1 8+2 OPTIONAL
Trampoline with sunbeds and frontal sofa on the Lagoon 52 luxury catamaran rental Ibiza Lagoon 52 A/C (2018) 5 5 12+1 8+3 WITH SKIPPER
lagoon 560 for rent a boat in Ibiza Lagoon 560 (2015) 5 5 12+1 10+2 WITH SKIPPER
Lagoon 620 Catamaran anchored Lagoon 620 (2011) 5 5 12+1 10+2 WITH SKIPPER

Sailing boat and catamaran week hire Ibiza: General conditions

  • All prices include VAT (21%) and other taxes.
  • When skipper is optional, you can sail the boat yourself or you can hire a skipper for 150 euros per day
  • Mooring at the port is included for check-in and check-out for most boats only when the marina grants the spot. Otherwise, the check-in and the embarking process will be carried out with the dinghy.
  • In order to secure your booking, we usually ask for 50% of the total cost of the rental fee.
  • Weeks are normally scheduled from Saturdays to Fridays on most boats. Check-in is usually Saturdays at 16:00 and check-out Fridays at 20:00 with an overnight stay until Saturday at 8:00 am when possible.

girls at the front of the sailing boat in ibiza
Get to the islands around Ibiza!

Day charter Ibiza. Rent a boat for a one day excursion and Ibiza boat trip

Some of our boats are available for day charter even during the high season. In this link you can see a complete description of our day trips in Ibiza with daily fees.

rent a sailboat in Ibiza
Matching bikinis are always a great idea!

We offer one day boat excursions and boat trips to sail along the best beaches of Ibiza, starting from San Antonio, or to sail from Ibiza to Formentera and back to Ibiza by the end the day. We are aware that most boat companies in Ibiza only offer full weeks in July and August. On the contrary, in CharterAlia we offer to rent a boat for one day even during the most demanding weeks of the summer. We are also offering one day catamaran charters from Ibiza to Formentera or a tour around the coves of the Bay of San Antonio, west of the island.

Video: Our customers riding over the waves


Sailing boat charter Ibiza, berths and ports

Most of our boats are located at the spacious and new Yacht Club in San Antonio (Club Náutico de San Antonio). San Antonio is the second biggest city of the island and it is located at the west side of Ibiza island, just 10 minutes by car from Ibiza town, and surrounded by an imposing and well sheltered natural bay. The usual lack of waves around the bay will improve your Ibiza sailing boat hire experience!

five people on the stand up paddle suft at cala conta ibiza
All our Lagoon 380 catamarans include a complimentary Stand Up Paddle Surf Board so our customers can use it every time we drop the anchor.

Pick your sailing boat and we will email you all the pictures and details

Contact us letting us know which of our boats suits your group best and we will send you several pictures and full details, equipment description, boat map layout, etc.

Typical land issues vs sailing boat charter Ibiza

You don't picture yourself on board of a sailing boat charter in Ibiza everyday. But think about it, when you go on vacation to an island, you spend most of the day struggling to find your way through the narrow roads on your rental bike or car. The final goal is usually visiting the best beaches and coves on the island. With a chartered sailing boat in Ibiza, you will never experience these typical problems that you usually suffer on land. Take the best of all the Ibiza boat trips on a private yacht, catamaran or sailing boat.

best crew ever
Zoom into the comfort!

Forget about renting a car and wasting your morning on the parking lot next to the beach looking for a spot where to leave your car. On most of the world famous beaches in Ibiza and Formentera, it's quite common to find full parking lots already by noon.

With your sailing boat charter Ibiza you will be able to see all this "from the other side." Your only concern will be to let the skipper take care of the hard work on the catamaran while you are comfortably lying on the net enjoying the amazing view. A catamaran is much more than a normal boat. It is actually a floating apartment.

sailing formentera
Sunny days and amazing landscape with CharterAlia!

This type of nautical tourism is getting more popular thanks to our modern boats full of amenities and reasonable prices. Many of our customers are surprised by our fees and the small price it costs per person. They acknowledge that chartering a sailing boat in Ibiza never crossed their minds because they thought the price would be much higher and that they felt it was a luxury for a wealthy few. Quite the contrary! In high season, a week at a semi-decent hotel or apartment in Ibiza or Formentera is probably more expensive than a week on our boat. And not to mention that the vacation experience is completely different.

renting a boat in ibiza makes you happy
Celebrating friendship!

Also, it is important that you take into account that most of our catamarans and sailing boats are brand new and better equipped than many apartments on land. They are full of amenities. Can you picture your friends and your family spending such a great day, sailing from Ibiza to Formentera, anchoring in front of the nice restaurants in Illetes, disembarking for a fancy lunch, and taking a nice siesta back to Ibiza? Are you still thinking about it? Join us on the islands this summer. Do not let your friends brag about it without being a part of it! Sailing boat hire Ibiza!

Video: Sailing boat charter Ibiza and ride with dolphins

By Jose CharterAlia - the story of our company.

Ibiza boat trips

Welcome to CharterAlia, Boat charter in Ibiza and Formentera

What better way to spice up your holidays than by taking one of our amazing Ibiza boat trips! Call us at + 34 651 930 939 (also WhatsApp), or emails us at, to book your exhilarating sailing tour in Ibiza on your choice of a sailing boat, catamaran, yacht or speed-boat. We have no doubt that it will be an unforgettable experience filled with memories that will last a lifetime!

theme party ibiza hen party
Some days I am happy to have my job!

Ibiza boat trips and excursions for one day

Fuel, tax & captain INCLUDED. No hidden fees
Sailboats & Catamarans Ppl Time slot 01/11 – 31/03 01/04 – 14/06 15/06 – 19/09 20/09 - 31/10 Port
Catamaran Lagoon 380 11+1 full day (8h with sunset) 2,950 2,950 2,950 2,950 South of Ibiza island or Formentera
Catamaran Lagoon 380 11+1 full day (7h no sunset) 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500 South of Ibiza island or Formentera
Catamaran Lagoon 380 11+1 afternoon 3:30h 1,950 1,950 1,950 1,950 South of Ibiza island
Catamaran Lagoon 380 11+1 sunset 3:30h 1,650 1,650 1,650 1,650 South of Ibiza island
Catamaran Lagoon 380 11+1 9:00-12:30 1,200 1,200 1,200 1,200 South of Ibiza island
Catamaran Lagoon 380 11+1 sunset 1:30h 950 950 950 950 South of Ibiza island
Catamaran Lagoon 380 11+1 shared full day (7h) 290pp 290pp 290pp 290pp South of Ibiza Island
Catamaran Lagoon 400 (2015) 11+1 full day (8h) 3,500 3,500 3,950 3,500 South of Ibiza island or Formentera
Catamaran Lagoon 400 (2018) 11+1 full day (8h) 4,700 5,100 6,000 5,100 South of Ibiza island or Formentera
Catamaran Lagoon 420 11+1 full day (8h) 3,950 3,950 4,500 3,950 South of Ibiza island or Formentera
Catamaran Lagoon 42 11+1 full day (8h) 3,950 4,450 4,950 4,450 South of Ibiza island or Formentera
Catamaran Lagoon 470 11+1 full day (8h) 3,950 3,950 4,450 3,950 South of Ibiza island or Formentera
Sailboat Oceanis 351 9+1 full day (8h) 1,700 1,800 1,800 1,700 South of Ibiza island or Formentera
Sailboat Oceanis 383 11+1 full day (8h) 1,800 1,890 1,950 1,890 South of Ibiza island or Formentera
Sailboat Bavaria 46 11+1 full day (8h) 2,250 2,250 2,250 2,250 South of Ibiza island or Formentera

Motor Boats Ppl Period 01/11 – 31/03 01/04 – 14/06 15/06 – 19/09 20/09 - 31/10 Port
Speedboat Sea Ray 270 11+1 full day (8h) 1,300 1,400 1,750 1,400 Cala Jondal
Speedboat Sea Ray 230 9+1 full day (8h) 1,050 1,150 1,250 1,150 Cala Jondal
Cranchi Endurance 39 11+1 full day (8h) 2,500 2,800 3,100 2,800 Cala Jondal

All the rental fees for our boat trips in Ibiza include fuel, tax, and our delightful captain- If you are looking for something more luxurious take a second to peek at the list of luxury power yachts that we offer.

back of catamaran Lagoon 380 anchored in Ibiza
Wide and comfortable steps to get in the water from the catamaran Lagoon 380 in Ibiza.


boat excursion Ibiza
Our customers enjoying a pleasantful boat trip in Ibiza on the Lagoon 380 catamaran.

Disembarking for lunch is always a great idea

Thinking about having lunch at one of the many restaurants located on the beaches we will be sailing by? Not a problem! In fact, we can even lend you a hand with your reservation. During high season, reserving a table can become a headache. Not to worry though, we will do everything we can to land you that perfect spot for lunch.

From arranging a reservation by Illetes- a beautiful beach in Formentera- at an upscale location such as Molì de la Sal, Juan y Andrea, Es Ministre, Tanga, El Pirata, Tiburon or Beso Beach (former Big Sur) to coordinating anchorage by the bay of San Antonio in Calabassa or Cala Conta and disembarking to eat at well known spots such as CBBC, Silla dens Bosc, Ses Roques or Sunset Ashram. With a simple heads up, we will be sure to point you in the best direction.

In case you decide that you do not want to spend a minute longer than needed off the boat, the option to bring food on board is always available. All vessels that we offer on our boat trips in Ibiza are equipped with a spacious cool box that you can fill with ice and your choice of food and drinks.

Boat trips Ibiza to Formentera
Lie down over the waves on the way to Formentera Island on the Lagoon 380 catamaran.

Please read below for details on all of our options for our Ibiza boat trips for sailing boats, catamarans, power yachts, and speed boats.

sailing formentera
Sunny days and amazing landscape with CharterAlia!

OPTION 1: Catamarans and sailing boats

Choosing one of our catamarans or sailing boats will only lead to a marvellous boat tour in Ibiza. For day excursions, most of our catamarans and sailing boats fit up to 11 people on board- this does not include our wonderful skipper.

For those who haven’t spent much time on a sailing boat, we usually recommend going with the catamaran. What most differs a catamaran from a sailing boat are the two hulls it contains. A catamaran has the characteristic of two sailing boats side by side making it, not only wider, but more stable and comfortable than a traditional sailing boat as well. Also, who could forget the trampolines at the front of the catamaran? Let’s be honest, this will possibly be your favourite spot to lie down while sailing!

If you are still undecided on what the best option for you would be, read up on some of the pros and cons of renting a catamaran versus a sailing boat to help finalize your decision.

rent a yacht in Ibiza
This is going to be a great day!


friend reunion on a catamaran in ibiza
Spend an unforgettable day on our catamaran Lagoon 380 with skipper!

High season is usually defined as June 15th to September 30th. During this time of year we tend to offer only full day charters. Of course, depending on availability, if you are interested in just a half day excursion, we will be more than happy to see what we can work out for you.

Video: Come and float over the waves with us!

Catamaran Ibiza, relaxing times after having lunch in Formentera.

Boat tours starting from different points

Unlike other charter companies in Ibiza that offer only full weeks, our vessels are always available for daily boat rides around Ibiza departing from San Antonio or the bay of Porroig (south of Ibiza) and Formentera- even throughout the high season.

Stand up paddle surf at Cala Salada San Antonio
All our catamarans offered for day charter in Ibiza include complimentary Stand Up Paddle Surf boards so our customers can try to paddle board every time we drop the anchor.

medicinal muds in espalmador
Forgetting a day at sea spent with us is impossible!

Sail with us and we promise you won’t regret it. In fact, we guarantee that it will not be anything short of the most amazing experience you ever lived in Ibiza!

OPTION 2: Speed boats and power yachts

If you are a speed aficionado, our speed boats and power yachts are calling your name.

With the rental of one our swift speed boats or luxury power yachts, that are based in the bay of Porroig, in the south of the island, you can arrive at Formentera Island in less than 20 minutes! That practically leaves you all day to enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches and the delicious restaurants.

dinghy service at Blue Marlin Cala Jondal ibiza
We have 7 different speed boats that you can rent with or without skipper.


Party at the yacht in Ibiza
Having a party on board of this yacht in Ibiza is the best there is.

Boat trips in Ibiza - itineraries and timetables

  • We have itineraries around the best beaches in Ibiza and the nearby island of Formentera, with transparent turquoise waters and memories waiting to be made.
  • For groups smaller than 6 people, we would like to offer you a nice discount for the larger boats so you too could receive the experience you are looking for.
  • We are also more than happy to offer you a good deal for our boat tours in Ibiza if you are a loving couple or a small family.
  • On the Lagoon 380 catamaran, you can book half day excursions lasting 3.5 hours. Feel free to choose between the more economical morning half day trip for a short tour of Ibiza’s amazing beaches or the afternoon half day trip for a sunset that will leave you in awe.
  • Remember that our fees include fuel, tax, and our lovely captain that will unquestionably show you a great time! 🙂
  • Outings to admire the sunset while our catamaran is anchored in front of Cafe del Mar and Cafe Mambo are also offered. You can choose to take a half day trip of 3.5 hours to enjoy the sunset or select just a quick sunset voyage that typically takes place from 20:30 to 22:00.

Speed boat for up to 8 people
Rent this speedboat and head south towards an unforgettable day.

Boat trips along the best beaches in Ibiza

To commence our boat tour of the best beaches in Ibiza, we will begin at San Antonio. Unlike the city of San Antonio, which is not the most eye-catching part of Ibiza, the bay of San Antonio is truly an outstanding natural shelter and ideal for incredible boat trips around the best beaches in Ibiza. The beauty of its islands, islets, coves and cliffs are one of the last havens for endemic forest vegetation and they are the perfect spots for sailing during the summer days.

bay in San Antonio ibiza
The bay of San Antonio in Ibiza.

During the summer, the prevailing winds appear from the East, meaning the bay is very well sheltered from any wind and all waves. With no waves reaching the boat, the vessel will barely sway while out at sea. This will only improve your experience, allowing you to be more comfortable and removing the chances of getting seasick while onboard your Ibiza boat trip.

boat excursions Ibiza Formentera
Do you want to be in these people's shoes? Forget about shoes! 🙂

If experiencing a memorable boat trip around Ibiza is still on the top of your list, take a look at all our photos from last summer of cherished moments in Ibiza and Formentera.

Ideal conditions for Ibiza sailing boat trips

Not only does the bay of San Antonio regularly offer the perfect conditions for sailing boat trips in Ibiza, as previously mentioned, but it is also overflowing with some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in Spain. Many of these incredible beaches have recently been selected among the 20 best beaches in Spain to visit, such as Cala BassaCala Conta (also known as Playas de Compte), Cala Salada and Conejera Island. With all the astounding beaches San Antonio, and Ibiza in general, has to offer, you are going to wish you had more time aboard to encounter them all!

catamaran sailing towards the sunset in ibiza
Sunset trips from San Antonio are breathtaking!

On our way back to the port from an unforgettable day anchored at one of these coves, we will sail in front of the famous Café del Mar and Café Mambo, where hundreds of people gather daily to watch the gorgeous sunset. Imagine being just a few meters from the shore, relaxing on the net of a catamaran with a drink at hand, sharing the view of this spectacular sunset, while those at shore enthusiastically clap their hands and search for that last green ray of sunshine when the sun sets just under the sea. There is no better way to end the utmost incredible Ibiza boat trip!

This video does not do it justice, better seen live sunset in front of Cafe del Mar and Cafe Mambo

Unlike tears in rain, all these moments will NEVER be lost in time.

Ibiza catamaran trip itinerary full description

Although the port or beach where you embark from can vary depending on the itinerary planned, embarking usually takes place around noon at the yacht club in San Antonio. Here begins our sailing adventure!

After an hour of sailing we will arrive at Cala Bassa The waters of Cala Bassa are so transparent that our anchor will be seen at depths over 12 meters. While anchored at Cala Bassa we can swim around the catamaran, snorkel the stunning turquoise waters, challenge ourselves paddle boarding, or take a ride to the beach on the zodiac for some lunch at the many restaurants, cafes and beach bars Cala bassa has to offer.

Es Cavallet beach Formentera
Yes! we love IBIZA!

After lunch, we can choose to continue beach hopping to Playas de Comte, between Ibiza and Isla del Bosque, or set sail for the island of Conejera, where, because it is a natural reserve, we will not be able to disembark but we can enjoy diving into the clear waters or go snorkelling around the impressive marine reserve filled with huge banks of coloured fish.

We then will weigh anchor and sail back to our port, stopping by Café del Mar for the most remarkable sunset.

catamaran sunset ibiza
the best sunsets in the world, from the bay in San Antonio

Finally, after sunset, we will return to the Yacht Club in San Antonio for the unwanted finish of our most memorable boat trip in Ibiza.

By Jose CharterAlia - Feel free to read our story.

Hen party Ibiza, hen do weekends

Welcome to Charteralia, Boat charter for Hen Parties in Ibiza and Formentera

If you are organizing a hen party Ibiza and you have never been to Ibiza before, you are probably quite lost at the moment. But don’t worry – you are reading the correct web site!

We have special offers for a hen do Ibiza gatherings with several options depending on the season and number of hours on board our gorgeous sailing boats and catamarans. You can start with the most basic option, in low season, in which you can rent our catamaran for 11 people for half a day for 450 euro, including tax, fuel, and captain. Call us at +34 651 930 939 (we are also on WhatsApp) or write us an email at and we will take care of everything!

hen party Ibiza
Enjoy an amazing private sailing boat trip along the best beaches in Ibiza!

Boat Hire Mallorca

Hello! On this page we will summarize all the different boat excursion possibilities on the island of Mallorca. On board our sailboats that we offer as boat rental Mallorca you will enjoy the most inaccessible beaches and coves of the bay of Palma, the paradisiacal turquoise water beach of Es Trenc or even the beautiful protected archipelago of Cabrera.

For one day excursions we offer two beautiful sailboats of 13 meters in length. We always use the wind to sail, allowing us to enjoy the incredible sun and sea while still respecting nature. We also have catamarans for hire but they are only offered for full week boat rentals.

Swimming and snorkeling on board our boat hire in Mallorca
Come and join us on board as we find the perfect spots in Mallorca for swimming and snorkeling in the most turquoise waters.

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