Deposit Refund due to Coronavirus

In CharterAlia, we will go far and beyond to assure you have the best possible experience aboard our rental boats. Unfortunately, there are times when we face circumstances completely out of our control, like the current coronavirus situation.

We understand that it feels like it is an international issue and the media seems to uplift a collective hysteria. Here in Ibiza everything is great, as usual, and there is nothing to worry.

According to the cancellation policy published on our website, most customers in your situation would lose their deposits in case of cancellation:

However we understand this is an ongoing unforeseen situation for everyone, so we have decided to offer the maximum flexibility to all the customers that prefer to not come to Ibiza offering a NON-EXPIRING voucher for the total amount of your deposit.

In case the situation is unclear when your booking is closer and you decide not to take your trip to Ibiza, we will issue you the voucher so you can use it any time in the future, and this way you won’t lose your deposit.

Let’s all hope for the best!

Mediterranean warm season is around the corner and the heat will stop the virus, as it does with all the other winter viruses 😉

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