Deposit Refund due to Covid Restrictions

In CharterAlia, we will go far and beyond to assure you have the best possible experience aboard our rental boats. Unfortunately, there are times when we face circumstances completely out of our control, like the current Covid-19 situation.

For new bookings in 2021 with deposits paid also in 2021, we are offering 100% FULL REFUND of your deposit through voucher in case your country of residence issues an official prohibition to fly into Ibiza Island due to Covid-19 the day of your booking.


Self quarantine when returning to your home country does not mean prohibition (AMBER OR AMBER PLUS)

Vaccinated people from your country allowed to travel or travel with quarantine does not mean prohibition.

Covid Tests required upon arrival or departure does not mean prohibition.

Cancellations must be advised 15 days before the booking date at the latest.

All communications stating the possibility of cancellation will be taken as an actual cancellation unless advised with a 15 day notice.

Let’s all hope for the best!

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