Epic days for large groups renting several catamarans

We know exactly what you are thinking right now: We are a large group (more than 11 people) and we all want to be together on the same boat.

However, the most epic days we have had on board our catamarans these past seasons have been those in which we had large groups renting several catamarans. Each catamaran fits 11 people + captain and we have up to 5 catamarans, so we can fit up to 55 people! Please take a moment to watch this one minute video:

These catamarans follow the exact same itinerary and sail practically side by side. You will be able to see each other at all times and even talk to the other boats while sailing unless your music on board is too loud.

catamaran anchored in ibiza with more than 12 people on board
We had a birthday for 33 people. We arrived at Es Torrents beach, anchored the catamarans, and all 33 people got together on one of the catamarans.


Ibiza hen do on 2 ibiza boat hire for more than 12 people
Once the captains anchor the catamarans, the entire group can reunite on one of the boats.


boat hire Ibiza tied to each other
The boys rented one of our catamarans for the stag do. The girls rented the other catamaran for the hen party. And later we got them all together.

Then, every time we anchor, we will tie all the catamarans next to each other, and YES, YOU CAN ALL BE TOGETHER ON ONE OF THE CATAMARANS WHILE WE ARE ANCHORED.

We have snorkel gear for everyone, one paddle surf board for each catamaran, WIFI on board each catatamaran, bluetooth speakers, and a long list of amenities.

A typical full day-trip lasts 8 hours. Out of those 8 hours, we are on the go (sailing) for only around 2.5 hours, which means you can all be together the other 5 hours!

catamarans tied groups more than 10 people
Two catamarans can fit a group of 22 people.


two catamarans tied in cala bassa ibiza
Both catamarans combined offer a 200 m2 surface.

You are probably wondering now why we can’t just offer you a larger boat that can fit 20 or 30 people. The answer is quite simple: We are in Spain and Spanish stupid law sets a limit of 12 people per boat including crew for any vessel, regardless its size.

girls on catamaran in Ibiza
Ready to swap from one catamaran to the other.


sunset in front of mambo and cafe del mar on two charter boats in Ibiza
Even at sunset, we will tie both catamarans together so you can share one of the most magical moments of the day as a happy group.


Catamarans in the swimming pool of Cala Conta
Anchoring in the aquamarine waters of Cala Conta with 2 catamarans.


inflatable auto pilot ibiza boat hire charteralia
All our catamarans come with an inflatable autopilot. He is the Spanish cousin of the autopilot in the movie Airplane.

The eternal question: Does size matter?

We do have larger boats, but even the largest yachts have a legal max capacity of 12 people, including crew. So it looks like, in this case, size does not matter.

the bride is the captain of her hen group
So it looks like size does matter for her!


Frontal view of the predator 82
Even the huge yacht Predator 82 can take only 12 people on board. Stupid Spanish law!

And don’t worry about the price. We will offer you a good deal to please everybody!

We promise we will do everything in our power to assure you all spend an unforgettable hen do, birthday, company event, wedding celebration, etc.

Groups larger than 40 or 50 people

For groups with more than 40 or 50 people, we also have this huge catamaran with legal capacity for up to 80 people. This catamaran is probably one of the few exceptions, and it’s legally declared as a passenger boat, not as a charter boat.

boat hire ibiza 80 people
Idyllic image of our catamaran with capacity for up to 80 people.

By Jose Navas, you can read the story of our Ibiza boat hire company Charteralia.

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