Deposit Refund due to Covid Restrictions

In CharterAlia, we will go far and beyond to assure you have the best possible experience aboard our rental boats. Unfortunately, there are times when we face circumstances completely out of our control, like the current Covid-19 situation.

For new bookings in 2021 with deposits paid also in 2021, we are offering 100% FULL REFUND of your deposit through voucher in case your country of residence issues an official prohibition to fly into Ibiza Island due to Covid-19 the day of your booking.


Self quarantine when returning to your home country does not mean prohibition (AMBER OR AMBER PLUS)

Vaccinated people from your country allowed to travel or travel with quarantine does not mean prohibition.

Covid Tests required upon arrival or departure does not mean prohibition.

Cancellations must be advised 15 days before the booking date at the latest.

All communications stating the possibility of cancellation will be taken as an actual cancellation unless advised with a 15 day notice.

Let’s all hope for the best!

New Lagoon 40 2020 Catamaran with VIP cabin

We are very excited to present to you the newest member of our fleet, our brand new, out-of-factory, 2020 Lagoon 40 catamaran available for day rentals and overnight charters in Ibiza and Formentera. We can take 12 passengers plus our captain for day cruises and 7 people plus our captain for overnight rentals. Can you think of a better way of spend your holidays? Laying back on a brand new luxury sailing yacht. Cruising over crystalline Mediterranean waters. Laughing and relaxing not worried about a thing… Sounds like paradise to me!

Model boat for rent in Baleares Lagoon 40
In this panoramic view of the Lagoon 40 catamaran for hire we can see the helm to starboard, the cockpit on one level and the wide steps to access the sea.

Voucher activation

What happens if you need to cancel but you still are planning on coming on another time? No worries, we have it all under control 🙂 In order to offer the most flexibility as possible to our clients, some cancellation cases can be settled with a “voucher” of the amount of money the client has paid by the time the cancellation was official.

This voucher works simply: we mark your booking status as “cancelled with voucher” so we know that we have a deposit saved from you. No need for official files or codes! We are a small company so these things usually don’t get lost.

Non-Expirable Voucher

The best part is, this voucher does not expire ever, and it’s possible to transfer it to someone else if you decide to give it to a friend or family member. It can be used for any time-slot, high or low season. However, it must be used for the same type of boat (if the voucher was given for a catamaran, it can be used for another catamaran).

The process is very simple 😉

Once you get in touch with us for the new booking, we’ll give you our best discounted price (if possible) for the dates you selected. On top of said discount, we will subtract the voucher.

To secure the booking, we ask the customers to complete what’s left to pay for the booking (after voucher).

The voucher can only be used for the same time frame and the same boat model the client booked originally. For instance, a voucher generated by a full day can be used only for full day bookings.

If the new booking costs less than the current voucher, it’ll be necessary to still secure the booking with a payment of 400 euro (minimum for deposits), and the remaining balance will be kept on the voucher for later use.

If your voucher was for a combo of two or more boats, and your new request is for one boat, we’ll use half of the voucher.

When can I use this voucher?

In order to avoid having a group cancel to get a voucher and do a new booking for last minute prices, the voucher is valid a month after it has been issued.

Other than that, you’re completely free to use the voucher as you so desire 🙂

If you want to know more about this, please send us a message at where we’ll answer all your questions.

If you are curious, here you can read the story of our company, CharterAlia, boat rental in Ibiza and Formentera.

Ten Coves to enjoy when you hire a Boat in Ibiza

Ibiza, we can enjoy many pleasures when you hire a boat in Ibiza and one of them, not to mention the best, is the pleasure of being in one of the most beautiful coves in the world, not just spending the day bathing and lying down in the sand, but on your boat enjoying the sea breeze, the spectacular sunsets and its starry nights.

Although anchoring in the months of July and August may be impossible in some coves, especially the best known and crowded ones, that is why in this article we recommend you, if you are thinking about doing it, go for it on the months of June and September, where the level of tourism is lower than usual.

Cala Salada

Impressive cove located in San Antonio, hidden among rocks and located in an enclave where tourists do not usually arrive, you can find one of the best coves to visit when you hire a boat in Ibiza. Beach of fine sand and surrounded by vegetation, is perfect for anchoring and relaxing. Although you will have to be careful with the depth, since there are enough rocks skimming the surface.

The great variety of marine fauna will surprise you very pleasantly in its wonderful crystalline waters, enjoying a day at the beach and a relaxed night watching the stars.

Cala Jondal

It is a must stop if you visit Ibiza by rental ship, although it is not exactly the quietest you can find an infinity of Beach Clubs where you will find world famous celebrities. You can see them anchoring on their big private yachts, but you can be near on your rental boat in Ibiza, we recommend that you visit it in September because, as we said before tourism is reduced in large quantity and the water is still very pleasant to be able to enjoy it, perfect time to hire a boat in Ibiza.

Cala Bassa

It is one of the most well-known coves of the island, although very busy by tourists, it will be essential to stop on the rental boat in Ibiza, spend at least one night in the cove is almost mandatory, after having enjoyed the day of its clear waters and crystalline and on its fine white sand. It is beautiful seaweed and rock bottoms where you can snorkel will leave you speechless, you will be able to enjoy an immense offer for practicing water sports while you anchor with your rental yacht. Although if you prefer something more relaxed you can enjoy a good swim and its bars and restaurants.

Cala Portixol

This is a really quiet beach due the low flow of tourists, it is a perfect option to leave our rental yacht in Ibiza at anchor point five meters, and access to the white sand with our zodiac to enjoy this delight of nature, since it is not It allows access to tourist boats due to its small size, giving way only to small and fishing boats, with a bottom of sand and rocks perfect for anchoring and enjoying the marine fauna.

Cala Conta

You can not miss out on this Ibiza boat trip, which we consider the best cove in the whole island, for its wonderful white sand and crystal clear water. We strongly recommend that you stay in this cove with your best circle of friends so that you can enjoy it much more. To anchor, it will be possible to do it approximately five meters probe.

You will also find several restaurants and a splendid cafe where you can have a good breakfast to start the day with strength an continue the trip on your Ibiza hire boat.

Cala D´Hort

Located near Sant Josep de sa Talaia, we recommend this cove especially for its excellent quality for diving and snorkeling, since they have a large dimension and marine animal fauna, an open and abrupt coastline with a background of fine sand and waters not Extremely deep and in perfect conditions to carry out aquatic activities and see the living beings that inhabit them.

Cala Vedella o Badella

If what you are looking for is relaxation and tranquility this is not exactly the one we recommend, at least in high season, since it has a lot of variety in leisure, locals and restaurants that make them the best concurred beaches. So it becomes a perfect place to be accompanied by friends on a Ibiza boat hire. On the contrary, you can always get away a few meters and anchor a few meters away and away from the hustle and bustle that is concentrated on the beach and its surroundings.

Cala Llonga

Again, and as in the cove that precedes it (Cala Badella), it is not the most recommended place for tranquility and relaxation when you hire a boat in Ibiza, if that is what you are looking for, this cove is located in one of the most crowded areas of all the island of Ibiza, especially in high season, but it is a perfect place to anchor to be in your rental ship in Ibiza, this cove has a sand and seaweed unequaled funds, being used for anchoring probes to eight meters approximately.

Cala Olivera

This Cove is located very close to Cala Llonga, about four kilometers approximately, a stone’s throw sailing on our rental yacht in Ibiza. If we are very tired of this last cove we can give ourselves a rest and enjoy the tranquility that the natural state gives us this cove, more than anything because it is virgin, surrounded by rocks that allow the anchorage to be excellent and its clear waters allow visibility exceptional.

Cala Molí

Our last stop on this list of the best beaches to enjoy when you Hire a Boat in Ibiza finish at Cala Molí, is a beach of fine sand and surrounded by high cliffs that will turn the scenario into a dream. The anchoring is done in about five meters with a sandy bottom that seems expressly drawn.

We hope that you have enjoyed the same as us, listing the ten best coves to enjoy in a rental boat in Ibiza, we wish you could use it well and have a trip anchor in Ibiza in fantasy.

Main ports in Spain besides Ibiza

Among the marinas in Spain and Ibiza, with a greater power of attraction, we found the following:

Real Club Marítimo del Abra (Bilbao)

This marina is far from Ibiza. It is located in the heart of Las Arenas, a Biscayan town in Guecho, it has a privileged location. It is possible to combine the use of its functional social and sports facilities, with the advantage of quick access to the urban center. It is integrated into the set called ABRA, Bilbao, and offers a comfortable stay and great tourist and sports interest, with bar, restaurant for 400 people, lounges, nightclub, paddle court, sauna, squash, gym, indoor pool, etc.

It has 300 moorings, for boats between 6 and 25 meters. In addition to repair and cleaning service for landings, fixed crane for small boats, Travel-lift, fuel supply, WiFi, etc.

Maritimo del Abra
Port view of Bilbao.

Fishing on kayak in the sea

Sea kayak fishing is a booming sports practice and you can do it from one of our rental boats in Ibiza. Although it is more than 3,000 years old, it has been in this last decade when this type of fishing has become more important internationally. Originating in the Eskimo culture, the ‘ka i ak’ (man boat), is an activity that currently knows no borders and is practiced with the same level of popularity in all corners of the world. Most of our charter boats in Ibiza offers a kayak. A fishing style with a series of very particular characteristics that we present in this post so you can enjoy this aquatic activity with all the guarantees of success and safety.

The pure joy on waters!

Basic information on boat delivery

The usual thing is that the transport of charter boats in Ibiza is carried out in its natural environment, that is, by water. When the distances between the departure point and the arrival point are short, that is the usual mode of delivery. But there are special situations, in which either for a matter of time or a matter of distance, it may be wise to take the boat out of the water and take it to its destination point by land, through the use of a trailer.

There are many situations in which the boat delivery occurs by land: when we acquire a new or used boat, depending on where the boat is located, the owner of the same will have to use a trailer to get the ship to the point wanted. When nautical fairs are organized anywhere in the world, a well-organized logistics infrastructure is required to ensure that vessels can enter the country in question to be exposed to potential buyers.

Transport of boats
Watch out!!

Boat locator

The sea is one of the most vast areas and with the least bordering limitations, therefore, if you own ships or boats, it is very important to know your location and trajectory. Nowadays, all this is possible and simple thanks to technology. It is also very useful for rental boats in Ibiza. There are several applications and web pages that offer boat location services equipped with AIS systems, an economic system, novel, efficient and with a range of surprising coverage.

Marine traffic
The virtual map of Mediterranean coastline that are swarmed with super yachts.

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