Hire Sea Ray 210 speed boat in Ibiza and Formentera

It is a pleasure to present to you, in detail, our Sea Ray 210 speed boat rental in Ibiza. It is the smallest and most economical of the boats that we offer this season in Ibiza for rent with skipper.

You might think this is a “low cost” boat if you just look at the price. On the contrary, this very affordable price does not result in a decrease in the quality of the product, the service or the nautical benefits.

This speed boat charter in Ibiza and Formentera has a legal capacity of a maximum of 8 occupants on board. However, to be really comfortable we recommend a maximum of 6 people plus our professional skipper, who will surely go out of his way to make the most of your holiday in Ibiza and Formentera on board the Sea Ray 210 speed boat!

Speed boat hire in Ibiza Sea Ray 210 for 8 people
General view of our Sea Ray 210 speed boat for rent in Ibiza and Formentera.

If you prefer a larger and more comfortable boat, for a very small difference in price, we have two older sisters to this model, the Sea Ray 230 speed boat (up to 10 people) and the even larger Sea Ray 270 speed boat (up to 12 people).

For lengths that are superior to the Sea Ray 270, you can always have a look at our Cranchi 39 Endurance power yacht.

Everything included: Captain, VAT and gasoline

The table shown below states the rental prices with EVERYTHING included. It also includes snorkeling equipment for all occupants.

Daily rental cost for Sea Ray 210
Schedule People Length Engine 01/10 – 31/05 01/06 – 30/06 01/07 – 31/08 01/09 – 30/09
Full day 8h 7+1 7 m 1 x 250 HP 800 850 950 850
Half day 4h 7+1 7 m 1 x 250 HP 700 750 850 750
Morning half day 8:30 to 12:00 7+1 7 m 1 x 250 HP 650 700 800 700

As always, it should be noted that in CharterAlia, a boat hire in Ibiza, we include gasoline within the price for all recommended itineraries. Also included is the VAT, all taxes, and the required insurance. Of course, the fee for the captain is included in the total price, listed in the previous table, as well. Do not worry, there is no hidden charge or any unpleasant surprises at the last minute. All the snorkeling equipment you may need is also included.

Sea Ray speed boat 210 for charter in Ibiza with bimini
The Sea Ray 210 with awning offers a “low cost” solution within reach of all pockets.

Where can we go with the recommended itineraries?

There are two recommended routes that we can follow with the motor boats. The gasoline is included for both itineraries!

Visiting the island of Formentera

This is usually the most requested itinerary by our clients. We start from our base, located in the beautiful natural bay of Porroig, south of the island of Ibiza, next to the famous Blue Marlin bar in Cala Jondal and very close to the airport of the island of Ibiza. From Porroig, we will pass in front of Cala Jondal and Es Codolar beach just before crossing the channel between the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. We will arrive at the islet of Espalmador, where we can make the first stop to snorkel and take a walk through what they say is the best beach in Spain. Next, we will cross the passage of Es Trucadors, which separates the islands of Formentera and Espalmador.

We will continue along the famous beach of Illetes, the turquoise waters where the largest megayachts of the world are known to anchor. There, you can disembark to eat at any of the restaurants that line the beach. After lunch you can continue a bit further south, to the marina of Formentera, which marks the limit that we can reach with the fuel rate included in the rental price. Practically all the places of interest that are possible to visit during a day on board are within our recommended itinerary to Formentera.

From Formentera we can return to our starting point in the incredible natural bay of Porroig to disembark after an unforgettable day at sea!

Sea Ray 210 speed boat Ibiza with awning
The awning of this boat will allow us to enjoy a pleasant shade on hot summer days.

Tour to the island of Es Vedrà

The other route that we recommended, also completed with the fuel included in the rental rate, is the itinerary to the island of Es Vedrà. We always start from the magnificent natural bay of Porroig, very close to the airport of Ibiza. From there we will visit Sa Caleta and the secluded beaches of the southwest of the island of Ibiza, such as Cala Llentrisca, until we reach the magical islands of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell. We can surround them with the boat, and go through the narrow channel between them, to appreciate up close the most iconic natural spot of Ibiza.

From Es Vedrà we can continue the journey to the beautiful Cala D’hort, where we can disembark to eat at any of its restaurants and enjoy its magnificent rice dishes: Es Boldado, Cala D’hort Restaurant, El Carmen Restaurant.

From Cala D’hort we will head back to Porroig, but passing by the beautiful Cape Joue and Cape Llentrisca.

Sea Ray 210 speedboat hire in Ibiza and Formentera with seats at the bow
In this image we can appreciate the space offered at the bow by this Sea Ray 210 so that two people can comfortably lay at the front with unbeatable sea views!

Can we combine both itineraries?

Yes, you can combine both itineraries for an additional 200 euros, but we also have to take into account that we will have less time to be in each place to give time for everything. Another option is to enjoy both itineraries on separate days with a 20% discount on the rental rate of the second day.

Helm of speed boat Sea Ray 210 in Formentera for hire
The helm of the Sea Ray 210 is equipped with all sensors and the latest technology.

Can we change the boarding point?

We can transport the empty vessel to pick you up at Playa d’Embossa for an additional 300 euros. The embarkation point in Embossa is the public dock of Figueretas, opposite of the Albatros bar, just at the beginning of the beach (the end closest to Eivissa).

Exterior area of Sea Ray 210 motor boat rental in Ibiza and Formentera
In this image you can see the seats of the skipper and the passenger, along with the aft seats and the aisle that continues towards the seats at the bow.

By Jose Navas. In this link you can read the history of CharterAlia, our boat rental in Ibiza.

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