Holidays in Ibiza with children

Many wonders if enjoying a holiday in Ibiza with children is the ideal destination to spend summer time with the family. I have it clear, yes it is. I never tire of saying that Ibiza gives you what you need, everything depends on what you expect from the island. For some Ibiza is just a place to party, lust and debauchery, for others it is an ideal place to enjoy the beaches on board your boat rental in the Balearic Islands and a holiday that brings you back to life. The best thing is to know how to enjoy all the combination between both parties, that’s why you’re vacationing in paradise. And of course you can rent a boat in Ibiza with us. Best activity ever for kids!

Which part do you prefer? For tastes, as they say, colors. So today we are going to dedicate this space to give you ideas of a Holiday in Ibiza with children.

In Ibiza with kids
Enjoy together your family the best holidays in Ibiza and Formentera aboard one of our boats for rent in the Balearic Islands.

Beaches to go on vacation with children in Ibiza

Going to the beach on holiday in Ibiza with children becomes an authentic odyssey, between the carrycot, the towels, the toys, the food, the drink, the personal objects, the three types of sun protection, the water … etc.

It reminds me of when before you travel in the 600 with the bird in the cage and the 14 hours you had to get to Cádiz … that was to make the most of the space.

You can also make your life easier by renting a boat in Ibiza and thus reduce work, since the space is smaller, and it does not take as much … but I’ll tell you that below. 😉

Formentera boat rental
On board your rental boat in Ibiza, on the beach and with the little ones, can you ask for more?

I recommend the beaches of the north of the island in general, it is an idyllic place to enjoy a holiday in Ibiza with the little ones and of course the least crowded, where you can not find the Beach Clubs in Ibiza or the Playa d’en Bossa area, more than anything because you never know what can happen there and there are environments that it is better to know of adulthood.

The best coves of Ibiza to go on holidays with children

Choosing a holiday in Ibiza with children is a success, I tell you from my own experience. My first years on the island were always with little ones and the truth is that it is enjoyed just like in any beach on the Mediterranean coast, only that here we have a little paradise. Without missing the other side of the pond, it’s the truth, and I say it because I spend years summering in the Castle of Papa Luna. and I was stuck, but like these waters nowhere.

beaches to go with children in Ibiza
Castles in the air or in the sand, but always with the best company.
  • Cala San Vicente, is ideal. It is wide, has sand to play, clean and crystalline waters perfect to enjoy the holidays in Ibiza with children so desired during the year, you also have supermarkets and restaurants to eat or buy ice cream. 😉 It has a very good atmosphere and makes you relax as it does not entail dangers.
Cala San Vicente Ibiza
Cala San Vicente is one of the favorite beaches of families in Ibiza.
  • Cala Gracio or Cala Gracioneta, the favorites of many of our sailboat rental clients in Ibiza. Both are very close to San Antonio and maintain the essence of Ibiza. They are calm and with sand to make castles and their waters have little depth. You can snorkel and see crabs! They are small coves, so if you do not go very late you will have plenty of space to set up the beach bar.
Cala Gracio Ibiza
One of the favorite beaches for clients who rent a boat in Ibiza.
  • The beach of Santa Eulalia is extensive and is located in one of the most important urban centers of the Pitiusas, so you have everything and with not very deep waters. You will find a room without problems and you will not have the sensation of getting on top of the others’ towel. Perfect to go on vacation to Ibiza with children and let them bury you alive.
beach of santa Eulalia Ibiza
The beach of Santa Eulalia is one of the most extensive on the island of Ibiza. Ideal for quiet tourism, with family and children.
  • Cala Conta, as I always say, is good for everything. It is clear that it is on the top of the crowded creeks in summer, but that is what I say. You can not leave Ibiza without seeing this cove. So this day, go soon yes, and take a hillside site to be further apart for example and that’s it. The favorite waters of the clients of boat rental in Ibiza. There are fish …
Ibiza coves
Cala Conta is one of the favorite beaches for clients that rent a sailboat or catamaran and rent in Ibiza.

Coves of the north of the island of Ibiza for a perfect holiday with children

    • Cala de Benirrás, I recommend it to go with children who are not real earthquakes, if you go on Sunday, which is the day of maximum attendance for the drums show at sunset and when it becomes massive. Otherwise it is perfect and the mixture of people makes it a luxury for young and old. Also, here you will see one of the best sunsets in Ibiza.
Formentera with kids
Enjoy as a child of the best so far on the island of Ibiza.
  • Cala Xarraca, located to the north of the island, and with the cleanest waters of the Pitiusas. It is not very big compared to the previous one, but it is not a small cove. You have nearby establishments, pharmacies, in case a need arises, you never know when you go on vacation to Ibiza with children. It parks near the beach, which is also important so as not to be too busy.
Cala Xarraca Ibiza
The beaches of the north of the island are those that have the purest waters of the Pitiusas, normal that they are of the most visited in a boat of rent.

Rent a boat in Ibiza on your holidays with children

Many are those who ask us if they can rent a boat in Ibiza with a baby, or small children and the answer is of course yes! Do you know what they enjoy? They feel like real pirates for a day and enjoy what they are, children, and the best thing is that they infect you with the illusion of knowing that you are on a boat.

You jump into the water with them, you snorkel, you swim to the shore, you discover fish and the harmless beings that inhabit the waters of the Pitusas. In the end, the one who returns to childhood is you.

rent motorboat formentera
Go by boat with children in possible. Do not wait any longer and enjoy aboard one of our rental boats in the Balearic Islands.

So that the little ones do not get scared, the only thing that has to be done is not to sail at strong speeds and that way we will avoid if the ship hits a bump. (when the boat hits the waves in the case of rental boats in Ibiza). You can always rent a boat in Ibiza and Formentera or choose to rent a boat with a skipper so that everything is much calmer and peaceful.

boat for rent in Ibiza
On board our rental boats you can practice water sports with your family.

Babies have just left to swim in their mother’s womb, so the sea usually relaxes them very much and the slight movement of the boat when it is anchored helps them to sleep much better than on land. And the adults, the truth that we also take a nap luxury in the sea, why lie.

ibiza water sports
Snorkeling with your loved ones in Ibiza is a fun and simple way to enjoy holidays in Ibiza and Formentera.

More information about charter boats in Ibiza and Formentera

I hope to have helped you with the doubts about whether or not to come Ibiza with the little ones of the house, and do not forget that there are plenty of places designed for tourism that does not go to the nightclubs.

Ibiza with family
A family holiday in Ibiza may be the best decision you make this summer.

If you want to know more, read sailboats and catamarans for rent in Ibiza or about rent speed boats in Formentera, or leave these links for later to know more.

See you onboard!!!

By Jose Navas, Founder of CharterAlia, renting boats in Ibiza since 2012.

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