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Welcome to Ibiza best beaches, Jose Navas’ guide to Ibiza’s beautiful beaches!

map of beaches in Ibiza
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Ibiza, much more than a party island

When you hear about Ibiza, the word “party” probably comes to mind, but Ibiza is much more than a party island. As a matter of fact, Ibiza is more than just one island; it is a small archipelago of 3 islands known as “Las Pitiusas”, including Ibiza, Formentera and Espalmador, only 100 Kms east off the coast of Alicante, in mainland Spain. About half of the top 10 beaches in Spain are located on these idyllic islands.

Let’s start heading South from Ibiza town

Next to the port of Ibiza town you can find Cala Talamanca, the most family friendly beach on the island. Heading south you will arrive at Playa D’Em Bossa, a beach famous for its discos and hotels, such as: Ushuaia, Space, Bora Bora… Sailing through “Es Freus”, the strait between Ibiza and Formentera, you will get to Espalmador, a tiny island with a white sandy horseshoe shaped beach which is considered to be the best beach in Spain.

Sunset at the beach of Talamanca
Beautiful sunset over Cala Talamanca next to the capital of Ibiza town.

Already in Formentera Island

Still heading south, leaving the port of Formentera behind, you will arrive at Cala Saona, an amazing and very sheltered cove west of the island. Turning east there is El Arenal, the widest and waviest beach, south of Formentera.

Cala Saona one on the amazing bays in Formentera
Cala Saona, an amazing and very sheltered cove west of Formentera.

Back on Ibiza Island

Heading back to Ibiza island you will find Salinas beach (Ses Salines), with its funky vibes Salinas is one of the trendiest beaches in Ibiza. West of Salinas and Ibiza airport you will get to Cala Jondal, which is very well known for the world famous beachfront club, The Blue Marlin. Cala D’Hort is on the southwest corner of Ibiza , from where you have the best view of the magic islet Es Vedrà.

Es Vedra beach party Ibiza
View of Es Vedra from Cala D’Hort. This is another great beach to enjoy the summer.

Heading north

Going north from there, you’ll find Cala Tarida and the beaches along the bay of San Antonio: Cala Conta, Calabassa and Cala Salada, all three among the best five beaches on Ibiza Island. The north of Ibiza is more precipitous and wild. Puerto de San Miguel, Benirras, Cala Xarraca, Portinatx and Portixol are the best beaches in the north . Finally, on your way back to Ibiza town, there are a few other beaches worth visiting, such as: Aiguas Blancas (white waters), Cala Boix and San Vicente, where visiting Cala Llonga (long cove) is a must.

Cala Tarida Beach Ibiza
One of the spectacular beaches of the North of the island, Cala Tarida.
Cala Salada beach Ibiza
Cala Salada meaning Salty Bay is one amazing bay to spend the afternoon.

Plan ahead

Although it probably only took you a few minutes to read, you will need at least a week to visit all these beaches. If you do not have all that time, here’s a list of the five best beaches in Ibiza.

Top 5 beaches in Ibiza

1) Espalmador Island. The smallest of the 3 islands in Ibiza is the island that has the best beach in Spain in the opinion of a vast majority. Turned into a natural park a few decades ago, do not expect any sign of civilization. Not even a chiringuito or anywhere to buy a bottle of water, so plan ahead and fill your backpack. Located south of Espalmador Island, this beach is more than 1 Km long and pretty wild. If you are looking for a quiet, private, white sand beach with turquoise waters, and some nudists here and there, this is it. Rumor has it that the sulfur mud next to the lagoon is good for your skin (but maybe not so good for your swimming suit). There are only two ways to visit Espalmador: You can walk the 100 meters of sea, with water up to your waist, from the north of Formentera or you can sail there on a charter boat. There are no ferries from the nearby islands.

Espalmador Island Ibiza
The perfect wild nature of Espalmador Island Ibiza.

2) Illetas Beach: This long tongue of sand splits the north of Formentera island into its two best beaches. Illetas Levante (East) and Illetes Poniente (West). The tiny islets off the west side, “Illetes”, meaning “little islands” in the local ibicenco language, give name to this fine white sand beach with the most amazing turquoise waters you have seen in the Mediterranean. You can get to Formentera by ferry or charter one of our boats from Ibiza town and Salinas beach.

Illetas beach Formentera
The water at Illetas beach is super clear.You can see fish swimming even without glasses.

3) Salinas Beach is located on the southernmost part of Ibiza. It is the largest beach on the main island. It’s the “Venice beach” of Ibiza. Be prepared to run into some celebrities taking a stroll along the shore or at the trendy but pricey beach bars. If you are looking for some “Ibiza action”, this is definitely your place. The top discos put on a promotional parade of the night’s party at Salinas Beach. You can take a bus from Ibiza town or drive pretty much from anywhere on the island.

Ses Salinas beach Ibiza
Salinas is one of the trendiest beaches in Ibiza.

4) Playas de Compte, a.k.a. Cala Conta, meaning “the beaches of the count”. Three narrow sandy beaches with the most crystal clear waters in Ibiza. Imposing sunsets from the nearby cliffs, off Isla del Bosque (S’Illa del bosc). Parking lot gets full quickly, so arrive early, especially on weekends, or any day in July or August.

Cala Compta beach Ibiza
This is a very popular beach. You can find locals as well as the rich and famous enjoying the sun.

5) Calabassa, in the heart of San Antonio bay. This spacious and sheltered cove is one of my favorites. It has everything a tourist desires from a beach. Spectacular waters, wild vegetation arriving almost to the shore, white sand, nice restaurants and chiringuitos, and even water sports and activities. It’s located only 15 minutes by car from San Antonio. There is also a bus line connecting Calabassa, Cala Conta and San Antonio.

One of the best beaches in Ibiza Cala Bassa
Cala Bassa on of our favourite beaches of the north.

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