Amazing offer for Ibiza Residents


We are all well aware of the craziness the long awaited for summer days bring to Ibiza- the numerous hours and effort that we put forth at work to assure everything runs smoothly for the island’s various guests and the patience and motivation that we continue to find through the exhaustion and exertion during this chaotic season. Many say that, if it were not for our diverse tourists that join us throughout these hectic months, this small remarkable island in the middle of the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea would be nothing. However, this statement could not be more false!

Diving off Lagoon 400 catamaran hire in Ibiza
Join us as we dive into an unforgettable experience on board our catamaran.

YOU make the difference.

The individuals that reside on this island, who work tough long-lasting shifts through sweat and tears to assure those who arrive also depart with the most memorable experiences to discuss, those who allow the outsiders to feel a sense of belonging by sharing with them this unique white island and everything it has to offer, the ones who receive the least amount of praise and appreciation for all their persistence, hard work, and determination, these are the special souls that make Ibiza the incredible place it is today! The place all desire to visit before they dream about staying.

Skippers for CharterAlia boat hire in Ibiza
The summer in Ibiza allows us to meet great new friends and make memories that last a lifetime… but we can never forget those who make it all possible! Without our skipper’s, their hard work and determination, we would just be another boat hire in Ibiza.

Calling all Ibiza residents!!

For this reason we are calling you out! For all that you do and simply for being you, join us on board our catamarans as we voyage out to these captivating coves and beaches before the overcrowding begins. To those in the tourism and hospitality industry, to the ones who build our roads, to the bankers and doctors, to the families and friends who make each day brighter, take pleasure in the marvellous place we call home as we journey through the transparent turquoise waters of Ibiza anchoring at some of the more iconic spots you will not dare step foot on as soon as the summer arrives.

Sailing on board catamaran rental in Ibiza and Formentera
Sailing mid sea as we enjoy the captivating sunset the inspiring island of Ibiza loves to share with us.

Thank you for all that you do.

As a HUGE thank you, we are offering ALL Ibiza residents a discount of more than 70% on our Lagoon 380 and Lagoon 400 for bookings that take place prior to the 15th of May. You read correctly, MORE THAN 70%!!! Below, you will find a table with the special prices that we offer in hopes that you will come out and enjoy paradise before the frenzied summer takes over. With proof of residency, we will apply the resident discount for you and eleven guests to kick off the season and join us for an unforgettable day at sea. Please keep in mind that all prices include the taxes and required insurance, fuel to enjoy a day out at some of the best beaches of Ibiza and your enthusiastic skipper. NO HIDDEN FEES, just an honest offer to our fellow residents who bring life to this magical island.

Fantastic Resident Offer
Tour Option Resident Total People Discounted Price Cut-Off Date
Full day outing (8 hours) 1 12+1 790 euro 15th of May
Half day outing (4 hours) 1 12+1 590 euro 15th of May


Enjoying a day on board Ibiza boat charter with skipper
Say farewell to land as we go all out to enjoy an incredible day at sea.


Written by Laura Perez-Cernuda – Take a glimpse at our story and how we became a boat charter in Ibiza.

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