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Many of our clients who rent our charter yachts for Ibiza boat trips ask us about things to do in Ibiza, so we have written this post so you guys can read it and get ideas for stuff you can do in Ibiza after spending a fantastic sailing day with us. So here’s our first hand guide: Ibiza things to do.

what to do in ibiza
I B I Z A ! ! !

You can’t leave Ibiza and Formentera without checking off the items on this list of things we recommend to do in Ibiza. And if you don’t finish the list, you can always come back of course! Although it was difficult to narrow down our list to only 22 things, we tried to sort the list starting with the most highly-recommended activities:

  1. Take a boat tour on our sailing boats and catamarans in Ibiza: Okay, we admit that we are a little biased, but we get overwhelmed with joy and super confident receiving countless emails from our customers, once they’re back home. They send us so much love & affection and tell us that the day they rented one of – and sometimes even two or three! – our boats was the best day of their holiday in Ibiza! 🙂

    boat trip ibiza to formentera
    Catamaran trips in Ibiza!
  2. Witness a unique, Ibizan sunset – watching the sun set into the sea is undoubtedly one of the key things to do in Ibiza. Sunset cruises are one of our most in-demand specialties so we’d be happy to make sure your experience is unforgettable, but you can also enjoy the sunset from anywhere on the west side of the island. Café del Mar and Café Mambo in San Antonio are the most popular spots where hundreds of people gather to applaud the sunset. However, if you want somewhere a bit more quiet, we recommend other sites like Kumharas, the Pirate watchtower in front of Es Vedra islands, the Sunset Ashram from Cala Conta, or any of the beaches on the west of Ibiza: Cala Tarida, Cala Vedella, Cala Moli and Cala D’hort. Do not forget to look for the famous green flash right when the sun is setting!

    sunset formentera ibiza
    Amazing sunset in Ibiza
  3. Attend one of those famous parties in Ibiza that everyone talks about after visiting our island. Even if you are not a party animal, and I certainly am not, visiting Ibiza and not clubbing is like going to Athens and not visiting the Parthenon. If you do not want to stay up all night, you can go to Ushuaia in Embossa beach, or the Ocean Beach Club in San Antonio, or even Destino, which is Pacha‘s attempt to copy the successful day party model first started by Ushuaia. All these parties end at midnight and are held in public areas of the hotels mentioned. If you are not into house music, then you will find the most commercial music at Pacha in Ibiza town, one of the iconic clubs on our island. We especially recommend the Flower Power hippy style party at Pacha, where you can dance to Beatles songs while surrounded by a catharsis of sixties atmosphere. Otherwise, if you are looking for trendier spots, you should go to Amnesia, Privilege and .

    rent a boat in Ibiza what to do
    CharterAlia Ibiza boat trips.
  4. Ibiza, what to see: The northern part of the island is completely different than the rest, so we suggest you spend a full day exploring the much wilder northern Ibiza, with steep cliffs and hidden coves. We recommend the following route: Take a drive on the North road to Xarraca and Portinax, great beaches where you can eat at several bars on the sand. In the afternoon, go to Benirrás, but remember to allow enough time to find parking. In addition to swimming in front of the rock emerging from the sea, known as the Queen Victoria of England (rumor has it that the profile of the stone resembles it), you can also contemplate a stunning sunset to the sound of drums usually played by local hippies. Finally, feeling reenergized from the majestic sunset and drumming, you can go to San Miguel, near Benirrás, for a fresh fish dinner.

    cala jondal Ibiza
    The north of Ibiza, so different!
  5. One of the top 10 things to do in Ibiza is taking a full day to visit the nearby island of Formentera. Jump on one of the many ferries connecting Ibiza to Formentera. You will arrive at the port of La Sabina, north of Formentera. From there you can rent a small motorbike or bicycle, at one of the many local car/motorbike/bike rental services, and tour the island. Eat mouthwatering paella at El Mirador restaurant with spectacular views, and then work your way to the lighthouse of the Mola, that became famous for its appearance in the film “Sex and Lucia”. If you stay the night in Formentera, do not forget to go to the Blue Bar. It was one of the first bars to open in Formentera and although dinner is a bit pricey, you will experience a unique and very special party atmosphere after 1am. The best beaches in Formentera are: Cala Saona, Illetas west and east, Migjorn Beach on the south of the island, and Es Caló de San Agustín, on the east side. You cannot leave Ibiza without seeing Formentera!

    formentera shape
    One of our customers at El Mirador. You can see both sides of Formentera.
  6. What else to do in Ibiza? You must try the famous Ibizan fish stew with rice called Bullit de Peix. One of the most famous sites is El Bigotes, at Cala Mastella, where you will share a community table with other tourists and have a meal to remember!

    illetas beach in formentera
    Illetas beach in Formentera.
  7. Stroll along the beautiful beach of Salinas (Ses Salinas), south of the island, near the airport area, and drink a mojito in Sa Trinxa. Check the days that they offer free electric violin and saxophone concerts. Salinas is the typical beach full of celebrities (or people trying to be), but still on the top of our list of what to see in Ibiza.

    Salinas beach in Ibiza
    The beach of Salinas is usually crowded with boats.
  8. Taste one of the wonderful pizzas, and Italian food in general, at the wonderful Italian restaurant Café del Lago, overlooking the Pond Fish (estany of peix) near the port of Las Sabinas in Formentera.
  9. Watch a movie at the outdoor cinema at Amante Ibiza, near Cala Llonga and Santa Eulalia, lying like a king on a hammock and covered with a blanket. It’s as if you get transported directly into paradise!
  10. Rent a Stand Up Paddle Surf board, like the ones we have on our catamarans for hire in Ibiza, and explore the caves of Cala Xarraca north of Ibiza or the caves in Calabassa, near San Antonio.

    stand up paddle surf en ibiza
    Paddle board makes me happy!
  11. Try bread with aioli at Es Nautic Restaurant at the Yacht Club in San Antonio. It is so soft and delicious!
  12. Go to Cala D’Hort and try paella at the restaurant Carmen overlooking the amazing island of Es Vedra.
  13. Enjoy the best tapas on the island at Es Verro: An island of peace and tranquility surrounded by the hustle and bustle of San Antonio. Sit outside, next to the church and enjoy the fresh air. Surely you will meet me, since it is located very near our marina, and I usually go two or three times a week. No wonder last year I was named client of the year!
  14. What else can we do in Ibiza? Take a walk along the pedestrian zone of Vara del Rey in Eivissa town, and climb to Dalt Villa (high town) and wander through the streets. Remember to breathe deeply as it is quite a climb, but totally worth it because it is one of the top things to do in Ibiza.
  15. Go up to the top of the island, the peak of the Atalaya. Pure nature and proof that Ibiza is much more than beaches and a party island.
  16. Visit the watchtower of Des Savinar, also known as the Pirate tower, ideal for watching the sunset with a view to Es Vedra – it is truly spectacular and probably the best sunset watching spot on the whole island!
  17. Go to hippy market Las Dalias every Saturday from 10h to 20h and on Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays starting at 19h.
  18. Take a walk along the marinas in Ibiza town and admire the mega yachts. How in the world is it possible for people can have so much money?!

    calabassa San Antonio Ibiza
    Luxury in Ibiza, a magnet for the mega yachts.
  19. Try the famous herbal liqueur – tastes a little like anise. Not one of my personal favourites but you know, it is one of the typical things to do in Ibiza!
  20. Go grocery shopping to the Mercadona supermarket of San Josep: Besides having the opportunity to buy the usual groceries, you will feel what it’s like to have an impending natural disaster: empty shelves, people hoarding food as if it were the end of the world, Italians queuing waiting to replenish their Nutella supply, muscular guys buying chicken breasts in bulk and a long list of  surreal things that can only be seen in Ibiza.
  21. If you like The Walking Dead TV show and want to see live zombies, you can walk around San Antonio at 18h.
  22. Give a try to the mud lagoon in Espalmador. Plunge into the mud, which will probably only ruin your swimsuit or bikini and will make it smell of rotten eggs for a few hours, but they say it’s great for your skin. It’s amazing how powerful the placebo effect is!

    mud lagoon in Ibiza
    Jordi, one of our skippers, with his customers after a full body bath in the mud Lagoon in Espalmador

By Jose Navas, the author of this website, manager and captain in CharterAlia Ibiza boat hire. Read our story: about us.

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