Lagoon 39 catamaran charter in Ibiza

Lagoon 39, new and improved… The words that, upon hearing, make all eyes twinkle and create smiles on faces that remind you of children on Christmas day! When speaking about the Lagoon catamaran brand though, enhancements are always expected. Being extremely active in change to assure their customers are always enthusiastic about the product they are receiving is one characteristic that sets Lagoon apart from the rest. Needless to say, they have done it again with the new 2016 Lagoon 39 catamaran.

Lagoon 39 catamaran dimensions

With a length of 11.89 metres (39 feet) and a beam of 6.78 metres (22.3 feet), this marvellous boat, that has a total surface area of 80.61 metres squared, has completely broken barriers when speaking of design.

Drone view of trampoline on 39 Lagoon catamaran rental in Ibiza with captain
With Lagoon, you can assure you are always getting a quality product.

Distinct Design of the Lagoon 39

Designed by Van Peteghem and Lauriot Prevost, who are internationally known as the finest catamaran designers, this Lagoon 39, which will be launched in May 2016 as a new addition to our list of boat hires in Ibiza, has a fresh new concept that was recently developed to improve the traditional sailboat model and add advantages for cruising catamarans. Exploring ideas that emerged from their racing experience, VPLP decided to move the mast aft of its usual placement, along with the fibre glass fin keel. This adjustment moves the vessel’s centre of effort back allowing for easier tacking and manoeuvring of the boat.

For this modification, they have made the mainsail smaller and the jib larger. Now, self-tacking is possible, which means that you no longer need to grind the winches and move the headsail from one side to the other. With the simple task of turning the wheel to steer the ship, the tacking is automatically done on its own.

39 Lagoon catamaran weekly charter with skipper in Balearic Islands
Moving the mast aft allows for easier tacking and manoeuvring of the boat.

In addition to this innovative design, the forward edges of the bow are now bevelled. This alteration is easy on the eyes and romantically captures your attention, not permitting you to look away without reason. The symmetrical hulls cut methodically through the water with identical flow, which is just another enhancement of performance to add to the many others. It is definitely safe to say that, with VPLP, performance under sail is always guaranteed.

Comfort on board this catamaran charter in Ibiza

As I am sure it is already well known to all who have embarked on one of these prestigious catamarans, Lagoon is not only known for their outstanding performance but also for the incredible comfort that comes with every vessel that they bring out. From its spacious and well organized floor plan to its abundance of storage compartments, the Lagoon 39 boat charter in Ibiza and Formentera will have you feeling at home in no time. The only question left to answer is the following: How long will you permit yourself the pleasure of being aboard our remarkable Lagoon 39 for an unforgettable experience amid the spectacular views of the Mediterranean?

Floor plans of Lagoon 39 boat for rent in Eivissa
Four double cabins and four bathrooms. The spacious and well organized floor plan will have you feeling at home in no time.

Overnight stays aboard our boat hire in Ibiza

Although your first thoughts are probably the impossible, that you never want to disembark and just enjoy those moments forever, we would love nothing more than to have you join us until it is time to return to the responsibilities of life.

To further encourage your stay, this luxurious sail yacht charter in Ibiza offers four double cabins with incomparable natural light and excellent ventilation. Please keep in mind that our enthusiastic skipper will also be joining you throughout your stay, to assure your holiday goes smoothly, and will be staying in one of the cabins. This means that the maximum capacity for guests on board is six, not including the captain.

There will be no need to live out of your luggage with the abundance of cabinets and the hanging closet provided to organize your belongings. Not to worry, each cabin also comes with a bathroom so that there is no rush in getting ready for the night events.

There is also a watermaker so you don’t need to be worried about water consumption on board.

Well lit cabin of Lagoon 39 chartering yacht in Ibiza
The cabins have incomparable natural light and excellent ventilation.

With the dinghy that this excellent boat rental in Ibiza provides, your wonderful captain will be able to take you to shore for a delicious dinner and some dancing if you wish. If you prefer to stay on board for a more intimate meal with your group, the L-shaped galley of the Lagoon 39 catamaran comes fully equipped with everything you might need- including, but not limited to, plates and cups, utensils, cooking pots and pans, a gas burner stove and oven, and a microwave. Do not hesitate to take the role as chef as the others gather around the table, impatiently waiting, while they smell the mouth-watering aroma that leaves the kitchen.

Fully enjoy that time together but, before the night ends, while you chit chat about the amazing day you have experienced, stop to take in the calmness of the vast ocean as you float under the brightly lit moon and the endless sky of stars. These moments, with those you care for by your side, are the ones you will cherish forever.

Central platform of 390 Lagoon boat available for rent in Ibiza
Enjoy a private meal at sea with your loved ones.


Cockpit of catamaran 39 Lagoon for excursion with captain in Ibiza
Take in the calmness of the ocean as you float under an endless sky of stars.

We advise that you plan the upcoming day with your skipper the night prior so that he is well aware of your interests and can assist in making the most of your days as you journey through the coasts of Ibiza and Formentera. Although we are sure you will go home wishing you had more time aboard our relaxing apartment at sea, we want you to leave the island feeling as though there was nothing more you could have done to make your vacation even more marvellous than it already was.

Day at sea on our Lagoon Thirty-Nine

For those of the group who are a bit sceptical about staying the night, you are more than welcome to join us for the day events at sea. Since none of the cabins will be used during the day because, let’s be honest, there is way too much to enjoy for us to be hiding away inside the boat, the maximum capacity is eleven plus the skipper. Just make sure that only 8 guests remain on board once the sun sets. During our outing, you will be able to take advantage of the entire deck while you sing your favourite tunes and show our friendly skipper all your awesome dance moves!

Sailing with Lagoon 39 yacht hire in Formentera and Ibiza
Sailing is always much more pleasant than motoring.

Since we like to sail to our locations as much as possible instead of using the motor, take that opportunity to lie on the trampolines at the bow of the catamaran and sunbathe. Do not be overly concerned about being too much time under the sun because this yacht for hire in Ibiza provides excellent shade at the rear of the boat that you can always escape to. Not to mention that a refreshing dip in the stunning turquoise waters of the Mediterranean are always a bit more pleasant after catching some rays.

Aerial view of Lagoon 39 yacht for hire in Ibiza
Explore the transparent waters of the Mediterranean.


Jumping from catamaran charter in Ibiza Lagoon 39
Jump off the boat into your next adventure!

Once we are anchored, feel free to jump off the boat into your next adventure. Explore the transparent waters with our snorkel gear and try to keep count of all the fishes you find. Test your balancing skills with our paddle board and see how long you can last without taking a fall.

Even take a dinghy ride to the shores of the beach to discover the unknown and possibly plunge into the ocean from some magnificent cliffs! There are so many possibilities and never enough time. Of course, watching the breathtaking sunset as you relax with a drink at hand is always pure bliss and the perfect finish to an action-packed day at sea.

Sunset on board yacht rental in Ibiza and Formentera Lagoon 39
Enjoy a breathtaking sunset while relaxing with a drink at hand.

Prices for the rental of the Lagoon 39 in Ibiza

As you can see, our wonderful skipper always has the best thought-out itinerary to assure you a memorable holiday aboard out Lagoon 39 boat for rent in Ibiza. Below, you will find the small cost that will lead to a priceless retreat of only happiness and laughter including skipper and everything else.

Period People 14/05 –  10/06 11/06 – 08/07 09/07 – 29/07 30/07 – 26/08 27/08 – 23/09 24/09 – 01/10
Full week rental from Saturday to Saturday 6+1 6,500 8,000 9,000 10,000 8,000 6,500

Although gas is not included in the cost for weekly rentals, because it depends on the use of the engine, which you can estimate to approximately 25 to 30 Euros a week, all taxes and our skipper are included as well as bath towels, pillows, linens, and the final cleaning.

Lagoon 39 anchored in Mediterranean renting boat in Ibiza
Spend a memorable holiday at sea aboard our remarkable Lagoon 39.

Allow us to assist you on your unforgettable holiday at sea by contacting us so that we could discuss in further details the length of your stay and the itinerary that would best suit your group.

Lateral view of Lagoon 39 boat hire in Ibiza for day and week trips
Sun, turquoise waters, and tranquillity… What more can you ask for?

By Laura Perez-Cernuda: To learn more about us, read the story on CharterAlia and how it became a yacht hire in Ibiza.

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