Catamaran Lagoon 400 2012 with watermaker and mooring

This amazing Lagoon 400 catamaran is one of the most versatile rental boats in our charter fleet in Ibiza. This catamaran can be rented for single days or full weeks to explore the island. Thanks to its great dimensions, it can accommodate up to 9 people including the captain for overnight rentals or 11 people plus our skipper for day rentals. We include captain or mate in this catamaran. He is an excellent skipper who knows Ibiza like the back of his hand and will ensure you have an unforgettable trip!

Catamaran Lagoon 400 with watermaker
Catamaran Lagoon 400 for rental in Ibiza with the best captain ever.

In addition to all its amazing standard features, this model offers special features, such as: RADAR, a watermaker, a powerful 220 V, and an AC generator. Also, depending on the season, we either embark in Cala Jondal or San Antonio.

paris hilton lagoon 400 catamaran charteralia
Paris Hilton rented our precious Lagoon 400 catamaran for a photo shooting the first days of August 2016.

The interior of Lagoon 400 2012

A spacious and dazzling living room lays in the centre of this catamaran Lagoon 400, between the two hulls. There is a dining area with an L-shaped sofa, stools, and a large dining table. A fully-equipped and ready to use open kitchen is conveniently situated next to the dining area. Open the sliding door to turn the interior and exterior areas into a larger, multifunctional space that allows guests to be together while enjoying their own activities. Conversation and laughter can easily flow between guests cooking inside and relaxing & sunbathing outside!

Off to the sides of the living room, we find four double size bedrooms, each with their private full bathroom (toilet and shower) that can be accessed directly from the cabins.

Double bedroom in the bow of the catamaran Lagoon 400
One of the double bedrooms on board of this amazing Lagoon 400.

A large sliding door connects the interior living room to the exterior terrace, which is a nice outdoor space designed as an extension of the interior living room.

Catamaran Lagoon 400 outdoor terrace
The exterior terrace is a great extension of the living room and one of the best places to be during the warm summer days.

Apart from the four double bedrooms that are reserved for our guests, there are also two external smaller cabins at the tip of the hulls:

* One person sized cabin on the starboard side, which can be used by the captain or mate.
* One person sized cabin on the port side, which can be used by a hostess, if you choose to hire one, who takes care of the cooking and housekeeping. This service is optional and, therefore, not included in the rental fee.

Map of the Lagoon 400 with four double bedrooms and on suite bathrooms
On this overview we can see the central living room and the spacious exterior terrace.

Eight reasons to love this catamaran

There are definitely more than eight reasons to love this catamaran, but these are the eight features that we especially love about this great vessel.

  1. Watermaker: This magical machine converts sea water into drinking water which is a luxury you will enjoy since having to reduce water consumption can lead to very uncomfortable situations. This way, you won’t have to cut down on showers or drinking water. It also saves us the trouble, and time, of having to go back to the marina to refill the freshwater deposits on the catamaran every couple days.
  2. RADAR and AIS: Ideal for navigating at night or in bad weather conditions, such as fog, that cause poor visibility. It increases safety on board so we can safely navigate with confidence.
  3. Two powerful Yanmar 40 HP diesel engines: One in each hull of the catamaran.
  4. Electric winch: Facilitates the maneuvering of the sails.
  5. AC generator: Supplies 220 volt electricity available at all times even when the catamaran diesel motor is not running or when we are not connected to the port electricity network.
  6. Raymarine chart plotter: With the latest technology, including a touch screen and updated Mediterranean maps.
  7. A stand up paddle board with an oar: Available to our customers for some extra fun on the water.
  8. And last but not least, this is a virtually new ship, launched in the year 2012 and, therefore, still enjoying its first years of life!
Catamaran Lagoon 400 in Ibiza
Catamaran resting on the turquoise sea of Ibiza.

Standard equipment Lagoon 400 catamaran in Ibiza

Below there is an overview of all the other great features that come with the Lagoon 400 catamaran.

  • Four double cabins: Two large-sized cabins at the back and two medium-sized cabins at the bow area of the ship to comfortably accommodate all your guests.
  • Four bathrooms with showers: All four bathrooms can be accessed directly from each bedroom for complete privacy.
  • Underwater views: Two hatches situated in the rear cabin allow you to enjoy spectacular underwater views.
  • Bow nets: Whether anchored or sailing, this is the perfect place to lie down for a nap or sunbath, offering enough room for 4 to 5 people. So much fun!
  • Bow pulpits: Two bow pulpits where you can sit at the front of the boat and enjoy the best views and wind in your hair.
  • Hard top: Provides more shade in the back deck, better lighting, and easier access to the top roof.
  • Cabin top hatches: Located at the bows, permitting the crew to get into their cabins without disturbing the passengers.
  • Freshwater tanks: Hold up to 600 litres of water, so we never run out of drinking water.
  • Fuel storage tanks: Hold up to 300 litres of petrol just in case.
  • Convertible lounge bed: Yet another comfy spot to relax & sleep.
  • Fully-equipped kitchen: With two stainless steel sinks, an oven, and a stove with 3 gas burners, cooking will be a breeze!
  • Storage: Plenty of storage for non-perishables and drinks.
  • Kitchenware: Plates, glasses, spoons, forks, knives, pots, pans, etc.
  • Two interior electric refrigerators: Their 100-litre size and small freezer provide plenty of space for your perishables.
  • Electric outdoor refrigerator: Its 60-litre size makes it a great place to store chilled drinks within reach when hanging out outside.
  • LED energy-saving lights: Keeps use of the generator lower.
  • Fans in the lounge and in all cabins: Great for circulating that healthy sea air.
  • Electric anchor windlass: Makes anchoring quick & effortless.
  • 220 volt outlets:  Found in each of the 4 cabins, you won’t have to fight over who gets to charge their phone first.
  • Reading lights: Two in each cabin provides the perfect amount of light at night for guests who like reading themselves to sleep.
  • Wardrobes: With hangers in each of the bedrooms to keep your party clothes wrinkle-free.
  • Indoor dining table: Stylish and light wood in colour, offering the perfect surface for your meals and/or activities.
  • Outside dining table: To enjoy meals al fresco.
  • Outside fresh water shower: To remove the salt when you get back on board after swimming.
  • Sea ladder: For those who’d rather ease, and not jump, into the clear waters.
  • Dinghy with an outboard engine: Great for getting from the catamaran to the nearest beach.
  • Davits: Used to hang the dinghy so the catamaran can sail without dragging it around, allowing faster speeds and reduced fuel consumption.
  • Lazy bag: To neatly store the mainsail and keep it from flapping in the wind when not in use.
  • Headsail: Wraps around itself for easy storage.
  • Modern instruments: Depth (probe) and speed (sliding) meters.
  • Location and communication systems: GPS and VHF digital radio.
  • Sound system: Bluetooth speaker, radio, and CD player.
The bow nets viewed from the mast
There are more than nine reasons to love this catamaran and the bow nets are another one.

Captain, mooring buoy or marina, and all taxes included

This table shows detailed pricing for our wonderful, crewed catamaran rental in Ibiza depending on the season.

Rental period People 27/04 – 07/06 08/06 – 05/07 06/07 – 26/07 27/07 – 30/08 31/08 – 13/09 14/09 – 25/10
Weekly rent from Saturday to Saturday 8+1+1 9,800 11,500 12,500 13,950 12,500 9,800
Weekly rent starting on another day 8+1+1 10,800 12,500 13,500 14,950 13,500 10,800
Rental period People 01/04 – 31/05 01/06 – 31/08 01/09 – 14/09 15/09 – 31/10
Rent per day (7/8h) 11+1 2,600 3,500 2,600 2,200
Rent per half day (3:30h) 11+1 1,900 2,500 1,900 1,600
Rent per day with overnight stay (price per day) 6+1 2,900 3,800 2,900 2,500

Additional Information

  • Although the weekly rental periods are organized from Saturday to Saturday, we can also arrange an alternative start day for a small additional fee.
  • A down payment, equivalent to 50% of the total price, is required to confirm the reservation.
  • The price includes everything except food, drinks, and fuel.
  • Final cleaning of the boat, linens, and towels are included in the rental fee.
  • For day rentals with an overnight stay or week rentals, the deposit is 500 Euro.
  • The deposit can be paid in cash directly to the captain when boarding the catamaran Lagoon 400.
  • The fuel is not included in the price for overnight rentals and is usually deducted from the deposit at the end of the rental period. The fuel is included for day charters without overnight stay.
  • The average fuel cost for a day is between 20 and 25 Euro, depending on how much the engines of the Lagoon 400 are used.
    Sitting on the bow side of the catamaran Lagoon
    Come relax with Fede on his great catamaran.


    Living room Lagoon 400 2012
    Fantastic Space at the Lagoon 400 living room.

    By Jose Navas. In this link you can read the history of CharterAlia, our boat rental in Ibiza.

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  1. We had the most wonderful day with skipper Mario! Ibiza is amazing as it is but this truly did take it up a notch – such an awesome guy, such a perfect trip, cannot express enough how much you need to do this 😀 a complete tour of the island, a beautiful catamaran and the chance to snorkel swim and board too 😀 we will be back!!! Thanks Mario x

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