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Sea lovers know well the importance of meteorology to fully enjoy their favorite hobby. Whether you are a sailor, a fisherman or a surf enthusiast, you must be aware of the weather forecast, the wind and wave tables and the tide tables. It is not a trivial matter, because before going to sea it is necessary to know what you can face. If you want to know where to get all the information you need, read on and learn about the advantages offered by the internet age to move about safely.

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Aspects to consider

Sailors veterans know well that the dangers of the sea, and the importance of not trusting and pay attention to the signs of nature. In other times this wisdom was transmitted from father to son among seamen, and experience was their best ally. Fortunately, today we have many more tools thanks to the information society. However, if you are thinking of getting started in water sports in the open sea it is important that you learn certain basic notions to know how to interpret the enormous amount of information that you will find at your disposal. Among the aspects that must be assessed the first of them is meteorology. The forecast of time is a basic factor that must be managed, but not the only one. To this we must add other issues that also greatly influence what you can find when you are on the high seas. An example of this is the tide tables, a very basic tool that you can easily find on the internet and that gives you very interesting information.

Tide time
Tide time.

On the other hand, you should also look at other aspects, such as wind and wave tables. They will let you know if you expect calm sea, swell, seasickness, etc. Another data that you will find in the maritime forecast is the wave period. This expression refers to the time in seconds that passes between one wave and the next. Therefore, the greater the period of waves, the more calm the sea will be. On the contrary, if it is very small it indicates that there are constant waves. In addition, you will notice that there is information relative to the direction of the swell and to the significant height. This last concept makes mention of the height that has on average the largest third of the total waves observed. You will also see the direction of the wind, distinguishing if it is on the coast or in open waters.

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As you can see, there are many details that are taken into account to obtain the maritime forecast. All of them have their importance, and with all the combined information you can have an idea as accurate as possible of the state that the sea will have. Unlike what happened in past centuries, today we have these valuable predictions that help us overcome the danger. If you have it in mind, you can live a more secure and satisfying experience while practicing your favorite water sports.

The best places to get your maritime forecast

We tell you which are the best websites on the internet to get the forecast you need, organized by coasts and with admirable accuracy and precision. Among the best known is the website of the Spanish meteorology agency, better known by its acronym, AEMET you will find not only the weather forecast but also the state of the Mediterranean, Cantabrian and Atlantic Seas. You can choose the coast that interests you, and thanks to its practical system of warnings by colors you will have an idea at a glance. Green indicates that there is no risk, yellow a moderate risk, and orange a high risk. Also on the portal of Spanish Puerots you have detailed information at your fingertips. This site depends on the Ministry of Development and not only allows you to get a view of the map, but also get tables and graphs for more detail. You will thus know data such as the average period of the swell or the average direction of wave propagation, among others. You will see the data of the last days and the forecast of the next ones. It is also interesting the official website of salvage maritime. In it, you have weather information and safety tips in nautical activities.

aemet forecast
AEMET forecast from Apr 29 to May 5 ’19.

Specific sites by zones and other criteria

We must highlight the specific websites of specific areas of our country. This is the case of MeteoCat if you are interested in the state of the sea in the area of ​​Catalonia, or Meteogalicia for those who are in this autonomous community. On the other hand, there are also other websites specializing in tides, such as tabla de mareas. It is a very useful resource, in which you can find wide and detailed information by regions and the main population centers of each of them. The detailed report they offer gives you an idea not only of the tides, but also of the direction of the wind, the swell, significant height, period of waves, time of sunrise and sunset, ultraviolet index and even the temperature of the water, in other aspects.

Finally, it is worth mentioning a website dedicated to surf lovers WindGuru. Although his name does not seem to indicate it, it is in Spanish and has a meticulous information that will be of great help both for veterans and for those who are new to this sport. Given the special conditions that are conducive to enjoy surfing, this website is very useful for the specificity and specificity of the data they offer.

Detailed information displayed on Windguru.

In conclusion, you have multiple options at your fingertips to get the maritime forecasts you need and prepare to live to the fullest your love of the sea.

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