Megayachts in Ibiza

The megayachts in Ibiza take over the ports of Ibiza: Ibiza Magna, Botafoch and Marina Ibiza, leaving the rest of the rental boats in Ibiza and Formentera small. A show that big and small like. You can see them a few meters away and appreciate the nautical wonders that have been built with the greatest fortunes in the world. It’s amazing to see so much money floating around.

The wealth of high spheres decide to live a few days in the Pitiusan waters and give us the view with its majestic megayachts in Ibiza. Some do not have anything, from giant trampolines, parties on the high seas, play golf in the same boat … and as I always say, and what we do not see!

Megayachts in Ibiza
Did you think you had seen everything in Ibiza? Sail on your rental boat in Ibiza like the great sea monsters.

Megayachts in Ibiza, where to see the best

It is clear that sailing the seas, is what the best megayachts in Ibiza look like. But I recommend that one morning or mid-afternoon you pass through Marina Ibiza, through La Calma restaurant. From there you have unbeatable views. You will see how they leave in the morning towards Formentera and in the middle of the afternoon when they return to port. In addition, with the backdrop of Dalt Vila, which, together with the sunset, is one of the best shows you can see. Big and old, they crowd to have their photo with one of these big sea monsters.

rent a boat Ibiza
You can see the best megayachts in the world sailing the waters of Ibiza in your own boat.

Can I rent a megayacht in Ibiza?

You can indeed! From CharterAlia, a company that rents boats in Ibiza and Formentera, we have yacht rentals in the Balearics, so you can enjoy a few days on the island. We also have superyachts for rent in the Balearics, which are a little smaller. To make the difference between the two general terms, the megayachts are over 35 meters long. The superyachts range from 25 to 35.

We are going to tell you which are the megayachts in Ibiza that unite most tourists.

rent yachts in Ibiza
Ask us without obligation about boat rentals in Baleares, and we will inform you about the one that best suits your needs.

Some of the best megayachts in Ibiza

  • Madame Gu

It is considered the best private superyacht in the world. It has an exclusive exterior and interior and its size is around a hundred meters. The images of the interior are the exclusive property of their owner, so we can not show you more than the exterior. Yes, I will tell you that in August it is usually in the port of Marina Ibiza, so you can see it from the outside at least. Even your auxiliary boat is a pass. 😉

best megayacht in the world
One of the big mega yachts that visit us every year. The best mega yacht in the world in the port of Marina Ibiza.
  • “A” the largest sailboat in the world

This sailboat so far is the largest sailboat in the world. It was built with the idea that it would be difficult to overcome. You already know that, among the high fortunes of the world, some compete to have the largest ship. Will they manage to overcome it? What we do know is that if “A” decides to visit us again this summer, you will recognize it for miles. It has already spent several summers crossing the waters of the natural park of Ibiza and Formentera.

rent a sailboat Ibiza
You can also go on a sailboat for rent in Ibiza this holiday. 😉
  • Ascari Palmer Johnson

One of the favorites by celebrities in Ibiza, Ascari docks in the port of Ibiza. It has a length of 36 meters. The rent of a super yacht like that in Ibiza, costs around 90,000 euros every day, without fuel and food. Then add half more, multiply it by 7 … and you already have the cost of the approximate week. The truth is that it is a very complete week, although it is impressive both outside and inside …

interior of megayacht Ascari
Being in a rental megayacht, it will be like being in a house with all the luxury of detail.
  • Megayacht “A”

Megayacht of the Russian Melnichenko is one of the most striking for its shape. Simply fill a deposit of this megayacht costs 40,000 euros. And its value is around 250 million euros, if millions. He usually walks around Ibiza in the summer months. Would you recognize it?

interior yacht rent Ibiza
To walk by a megayacht of rent for many is a custom, for others … it is a novelty that can only be done in the summer holidays.
  • The megayacht of Prince Abdulaziz

The prince, son of the late King of Saudi Arabia, is a regular of the Pitiusas Islands. Every year he travels with his entourage and anchors in Formentera, where if you choose to rent a rental boat in Ibiza, you may end up at anchor near this marine giant. This megayacht is considered the largest in the world of the twentieth century. Its 147 meters of length make you have to put the phone in panoramic if you are very close to it since it is the equivalent of almost 3 football fields. Look is free!

megayacht of the prince of Saudi Arabia
One of the most impressive megayachts that anchor in Formentera every summer, leaving small to the rental boats that surround it.

How is life aboard a megayacht rental in Ibiza?

Once you have booked your megayacht for rent in Ibiza, one week before you must send your preference sheet with the details of your requirements on board. In this list, you can ask for everything you want. There are very eccentric if I tell you the truth, but usually, the lists present varied food, with allergies and intolerances of passengers. Beverages of first brands, and already leaving a little of the usual, there are those who want the boat to be invaded by bottles of a certain brand of water, sheets of a specific color and that there is a specific fragrance.

luxorious in Ibiza
Life inside a megayacht is a life of luxury, comfort and dreams. Being in paradise and having everything you need in a rental boat in Ibiza is wonderful.

During the day you can taste quality food at any time with your own private chef on board. In addition, onboard services of all kinds are offered. You can ask for a masseuse, a hairdresser, a yoga teacher, a babysitter, a live music band to entertain an evening or a Dj to give a party. You also have water toys on board to have fun with your family and friends.

Once they asked for synchronized dancers to dance while watching the sunset … so you can get an idea.

Rent a boat Formenetera
Would you get lost in a megayacht rental in Ibiza?

Anchor next to the most important marine giants in the world aboard your luxury sailboat or catamaran rental in Ibiza or invent a Bachelorette party in Ibiza to enjoy aboard one of our rental boats in Formentera, you may have to ask the opener for the bottle, the neighbors of the next ship …

By José Navas, founder of CharterAlia, Ibiza boat rental.

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