Ignacio captain at the Lagoon 400 catamaran

Hi there! My name is Ignacio, but everybody calls me Nacho. I´m the captain of the wonderful Lagoon 400 catamaran in Ibiza that offered as boat hire Ibiza by CharterAlia.

capitano del noleggio barche ibiza san antonio
Navigare con il lusso di poter fare una pausa.

On this gorgeous catamaran you can visit with me some of the most amazing beaches that I know in Ibiza. I have been asked to write a small introduction about myself so you can get to know your captain a bit. In this page I will explain how my passion for sailing developed and how I ended up living on this beautiful island.

I was born in Almeria but I grew up in Granada and although Granada is landlocked my dream was always to surf and to sail, the sea means everything t me. Talasophilia is in my DNA. And of course Ibiza and Formentera.

In CharterAlia we are direct owners of all our boats. Catamaran Lagoon 400 also Contract with the final owner
In CharterAlia we are direct owners of all our boats. Also the catamaran Lagoon 400. We always advise to rent directly with the final owner. And thus avoid intermediaries.

I bought “El Iluso”. With this boat I discovered that there was a way to sail without having to carry a heavy engine. Sailing and surding became my passion. I fell in love with it because it gave me much more freedom as I wasn’t bound to get back to harbour to refuel. I loved the silence, the awareness that it required of the wind to find the best way to use the wind to move ahead. I was really lucky to be free. I learned how to knot the ropes, starting with an eye splice and all the basics of sailing. As I gained experience I also gained confidence and I started to sail more on my own and went from Malaga to Ibiza with my friend Victor.

But it wasn´t always like this, for nearly a decade it was all about surfing. I still went to the beach but not so much sailing and more surfing. I had this feeling that I was missing something, so when I turned 25, I packed everything decided to devote my life to surfing and sailing.

My first destination was Australia. Byron Bay is my happy place. I feel in love the minute I arrived.  I had almost nothing but I felt great and more alive than ever. Actually this was not the first time I felt this free. I had felt something similar while sailing but that was such a distant memory that I could not seem to remember at that time. So I carried on till it finally happened. I reencountered my first love for the sea, but she had changed.

captain of the sea
Anyone can become a captain!

Not only was she was more exotic than the beautiful Mediterranean, but there were different animal living in the water. I was deeply in love with this new world, and I wanted to dive deep in it. So I spent all my time at sea. I started to take surfing classes, working at surfing centres. I had little money but a strong determination to learn how to surf. But I ran out of money, so I had to be creative and think of other legal way to earn some money. I always thought of becoming a captain and rent boats in Ibiza and Formentera.This decision brought me another step closer to creating a life that I had long waited for. I became a reuglar surfer travelling and staying close to my love.

My next destination was Ibiza. It’s a tiny island in the Mediterranean. It’s impossible not to leave the beach in Ibiza.You can’t walk too fast because you will walk straight into the sea. I was not planning on staying in Ibiza and Formentera for over 20 months, but I have to agree with Montessier that; “the sea, one it cast its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever” and the sea that surrounded Ibiza and Formentera had me enchanted for a while.

From Formetnera I travelled to the Balearic Islands, to the island of Mallorca, that became my home for even a longer period. But the spell would eventually also break here and sailing would let me continue my travelling. For a year and a half, my first 2 catamarnas Mister Binguel and Mister JOnes.  It was fantastic because we would sail around the Mediterranean Sea. This gave me the chance to surf at some of the world most beautiful spots, discovering the waters of Espalmador Island and gorgeous Cabrera, south of the coast of Mallorca. The pearl of the Balearics!

With more than 5,000 miles sailed in my hands and many waves on my clock life, I was intented to go back to Ibiza. I was in Ibiza when I remembered that I used to love sailing and surfing combined. This memory lead me to study how to become a professional captain while working as a surf instructor in Ibiza.

I had already two catamarans and I was asked by Ariel, the dealer of Lagoon catamarans in Spain,  if I wanted to help him sail a Lagoon 380 charter catamaran from Coruña to Huelva and later to Ibiza. On this trip I met José Navas, the owner of this website. We became good friends and we started working together.

Last summer I became the proud captain of the Lagoon 400 catamaran that you can rent to discover the most amazing beaches in Ibiza and Formentera. I have finally found a way to combine my two passions: sailing and surfing. And the best thing is that I get to share this with amazing people. I can’t wait to have you guys on board!!


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