New Lagoon 40 2020 Catamaran with VIP cabin

We are very excited to present to you the newest member of our fleet, our brand new, out-of-factory, 2020 Lagoon 40 catamaran available for day rentals and overnight charters in Ibiza and Formentera. We can take 12 passengers plus our captain for day cruises and 7 people plus our captain for overnight rentals. Can you think of a better way of spend your holidays? Laying back on a brand new luxury sailing yacht. Cruising over crystalline Mediterranean waters. Laughing and relaxing not worried about a thing… Sounds like paradise to me!

Model boat for rent in Baleares Lagoon 40
In this panoramic view of the Lagoon 40 catamaran for hire we can see the helm to starboard, the cockpit on one level and the wide steps to access the sea.

Lagoon 40 catamaran for charter in Ibiza and Formentera
1. Diving in the sea

2. Go back on board

3. Repeat

Catamaran Lagoon 40 for rent in the Balearics
Impressive image of the Lagoon 40 catamaran sailing full sail between Ibiza and Formentera.

Our catamaran Lagoon 40 ‘2020 offers 100 m2 of surface area (12 meters x 8.5 meters), a large outdoor dining area in the aft or rear of the boat, secure handrails along the whole perimeter, and fun trampoline in the front. The Lagoon 40 is the perfect boat for your charter in Ibiza! Our friendly, enthusiastic, and professional skippers will take care of everything for you to have the perfect escape.

Catamaran Lagoon 40: Luxury inside and out

Front trampoline catamaran Lagoon 40 2020
Front trampoline catamaran Lagoon 40 2020

Lagoon 40 Exterior: Day Charters

Our pristine 2020 Lagoon 40 catamaran has a capacity of up to 12 guests for day charters.

Frontal view of the Lagoon 40 catamaran
Frontal view of the Lagoon 40 catamaran
Dinghy hanging from the davits of the new Lagoon 40 catamaran in Ibiza
Dinghy hanging from the davits of the new Lagoon 40 catamaran in Ibiza

Here is a quick break down of what you can look forward to on your day charter in Ibiza on our 2020 Lagoon 40 catamaran:

  • A spacious dining table with enough room to seat 10 people comfortably
  • Lofty overhang to protect you from the sun if you need to take a quick break from tanning
  • Huge 150 liter integrated ice box that you can fill to the brim with ice, beverages, and food for your awesome day at sea
  • Extra seating with large sofa lining the back rail
  • Two swim/dive platforms, one on either side of the catamaran, with broad steps for comfortable embarking
  • Includes sturdy swim ladders with handrails to easily climb back on board after a refreshing swim
  • Private sunbathing area perched above the cockpit where you can enjoy panoramic views
  • Wide and expertly engineered hull with increased surface area gives you plenty of space and mobility to move forward and aft with ease
  • Open concept lounging area in the front where you and your group can sprawl out and catch some sun
  • Two pulpits at the front where you can bring to life your Titanic fantasies while we sail
  • Teak lined floors in the rear recreational and textured passageways providing a stable non-slip-grip
  • Strategically placed handrails lining the whole exterior for added safety
  • Manropes guarding the outside perimeter of the catamaran
  • Outdoor shower hose for your convenience to rinse off with fresh water (also with hot water option)
  • Light and airy bathroom for use at your convenience with full sink and all necessities
  • Everything you need for the best day ever!

Interior: Overnight Charters

If you do decide to spend one or several nights on board, you’re in for a treat. Our brand new 2020 Lagoon 40 catamaran has a lot to envy, but one of its main highlights is the fact that it’s an owners edition. This means that one entire hull is a dedicated master suite. Catamarans are already famous for being like floating clouds of luxury and lounging space, but to have your own VIP master suite, that truly is a privilege.

In this youtube video we created you can see all de details of the VIP master suite:

Catamaran Lagoon 40 Layout Map
Catamaran Lagoon 40 Layout Map
Full equipped kitchen of the brand new catamaran Lagoon 40 of 2020
Fully equipped kitchen of the brand new catamaran Lagoon 40 of 2020
living room catamaran Lagoon 40 2020
living room catamaran Lagoon 40 2020
owners version Lagoon 40 super large cabin
owners version Lagoon 40 super large cabin

The master suite is about three times the size of a regular double cabin. How is this you ask? Starting from the aft of the boat (the back) is your luxurious and comfortable double bed, all linens and bedding included in our charters. There is a night stand where you can keep all your necessities, and sockets to charge your phones and electronics. How convenient!

Stepping out of the bedroom, you head into a private living room. There’s a bookshelf for storage, a settee where you can snuggle down with your favorite book, and even a full size desk and chair where you can reply to a few urgent emails (only when absolutely necessary of course ;). This suite also includes a spacious wardrobe where you can hang your garments and store everything out of the way. Nice and tidy!

Finally, the we get to the best part, the spa style bathroom. Unlike your conventional super cramped nautical toilet cubicle, the Lagoon 40 catamaran 2020 has a sprawling bathroom that will make you feel right at home.  Its large sink with counter space has enough storage for all your shaving gear, moisturiser, and toiletries. There will be no elbowing your partner in the face by accident while you brush your teeth in this bathroom! The shower is also a full glass walled standing shower with state of the art shower heads for you to relax and unwind at the end of a long day at sea.

The whole suite of course is lined with bright windows allowing sunlight and the fresh sea breeze to stream in whenever you wish. Or you can close all the black out blinds and sleep in until noon.

all sails out in ibiza and formentera
All sails out between Ibiza and Formentera

Some of the other perks:

  • Huge integrated windows in the main living room giving a clear story effect with 360 panoramic views
  • Abundant light and ventilation amplify the voluminous living area for maximum comfort and luxury
  • Full size sliding glass doors opens up and doubles the size of the indoor/outdoor living area
  • Modern dark wood interior designed and finished by the award winning Nauta Design Company
  • Ample kitchen space including a full deep well sink, oven, burners, and an endless amount of cabinetry
  • TWO electric refrigerators for perishable food storage
  • Numerous portholes throughout the lower deck giving glimpses of the gem like Mediterranean waters
  • Extra large windows in every cabin for bountiful illumination and letting in the sea breeze
  • Sleeping arrangement ideal for 6 guests, but fits up to 7 + our experienced captain if using the forepeak
    • Fully loaded VIP master suite (2 guests)
    • 2 double cabins with full wardrobes, cabinet storage, and several electrical outlets (4 guests)
    • 1 forepeak – full sized sleeping cubbies accessible by a hatch in the bow. Totally separated from the main living area for utmost privacy
  • 2 bathrooms, one in the master suite, both with full stone counters for storage and moving room
VIP private bathroom Lagoon 40
VIP private bathroom Lagoon 40
VIP cabin Lagoon 40 CharterAlia
VIP cabin Lagoon 40 CharterAlia

Lagoon 40 rental fees

Below are our all inclusive rates for our Lagoon 40 catamaran 2020. As mentioned, it is important to take into account that unlike other charter companies our fees include everything: nice and professional captain, all taxes, easybreath snorkel masks, stand up paddle board,  dinghy with engine used for convenient embarking and disembarking, bluetooth MegaBoom speaker, final cleaning, gasoline (only for day trips) and no last minute surprises! It is also important to note that our day charters only have access to the outside of the catamaran. Use of the interior, the galley/kitchen, or cabins is not permitted but of course you have access to the comfortable bathroom inside.

If you plan on staying overnight on top of everything we listed above we also include, bath towels and comfortable bed linens (only included for overnight charters)

As mentioned, gasoline is included for day trips but it is not included for overnight rentals. The average fuel expense per week is usually 350 to 400 euros. It is calculated with the following rule: 15 euro per hour per motor.

We ask for a 900 euro safety deposit in cash only for overnight stays which must be given to the captain before boarding. At the end of your charter we will deduct the fuel costs from your safety deposit and return the remaining balance before you disembark.

Best place for breakfast with sea view
Best place for breakfast with sea view
Rental fee Lagoon 40 2020
Period Ppl Cabs WC 01/05 – 15/06 15/06 – 15/09 15/09 – 30/10 30/10 – 01/05
Weekly rental (Sat to Sat) 7+1 3 2 10,950 13,950 12,950 9,950
Weekly rental (NO Sat to NO Sat) 7+1 3 2 12,950 15,950 14,950 11,950
Period Ppl Cabs WC 01/05 – 15/06 15/06 – 15/09 15/09 – 30/10 30/10 – 01/05
Full day (8h) 12+1 0 1 3,500 3,950 3,500 2,950
Half day (3:30h) 11+1 0 1 2,500 2,950 2,500 1,950
Day with overnight (price per day) 8+1 4 4 3,950 4,450 3,950 3,450

Embarking and disembarking will take place usually in Cala Jondal where our crew members will take you to our catamaran on one of our dinghies. 

What else is included in the price?

One Stand Up Paddle Board, bluetooth speakers and snorkeling gear is also included in the price both for day charters and overnight stay rentals in Ibiza and Formentera!

You can read the story of our company, CharterAlia, boat rental in Ibiza and Formentera.

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