New Lagoon 42 catamaran with air conditioning

Let us brag about our amazing Lagoon 42 catamaran in Ibiza, fully equipped with air conditioning, water maker, generator and a never-ending list of fantastic amenities! This catamaran offers 4 double cabins for our distinguished guests and a futuristic design that will snatch all the attention everywhere you go.

Lagoon 42 anchored in Mediterranean renting boat in Ibiza
If you think Ibiza is beautiful from the boat, wait until you jump in and explore the marine life.

This Lagoon 42 may be new, but it is already known!

Already having won four awards by the end of 2016, including Boat of the Year in the less than 50 foot category and Best Multihull Cruising Boat 40 to 50 feet, this gorgeous catamaran continues to capture hearts left and right. For this simple reason, we have chosen to welcome it as one of the most recent additions to our Ibiza boat hire fleet this upcoming season.

Previously identified as the Lagoon 420 in the old models, the Lagoon ship maker has now released the new and improved 2016 version of this catamaran, the new Lagoon 42. Do not let the removal of the ‘0’ fool you though, there might be fewer numbers behind that well-known string of letters but the modifications carry more value than ever. As with the name, a lot of thought was put into the changes that went into the restructuring of this remarkable rental sailing yacht in Ibiza… and the changes are nothing short of SPECTACULAR!! Let us take a quick walk through this marvellous vessel and make note of a few changes we are sure you will truly appreciate while on board.

Drone view of sailing 42 Lagoon catamaran rental in Ibiza with Captain
With multiple awards to its name, this remarkable Lagoon 42 catamaran continues to capture hearts.

A few characteristics of the Lagoon 42 that will entice you.

The concept of openness is more than attractive

With a length of 42 feet (12.80 meters) and a beam of 25.3 feet (7.70 meters), you will find this charter boat in Ibiza has a modernized, yet familiar, Lagoon feel while still modelling a rather unique design. Upon embarkation, you will be greeted by smooth flowing curves and an inviting open deck layout that allows for easy conversation amongst those in the living room and cockpit. No longer do you have those steps separating these two sections and causing the ruckus. No longer will you feel as if you are playing the famous children’s game of Telephone while speaking with those that joined you on your holiday. To add to this concept of openness, the sliding door has also been enlarged to rest all through the width of the coach roof.

Salon on board yacht rental in Ibiza and Formentera Lagoon 42
This chic and comfortable salon allows for great views while enjoying a meal together.


Cockpit of catamaran 42 Lagoon for excursion with captain in Ibiza
The concept of openness is truly captured, from the salon to the cockpit, in this remarkable Lagoon 42.

Air-conditioning, water-maker, solar panels… What more can you ask for?

The moment that you enter this incredible rental yacht in Ibiza, you will be embraced with a breeze that will cool you off from the summer heat that quickly overwhelms you in Ibiza and Formentera. Yes, you understood correctly, this catamaran charter in Ibiza and Formentera offers AIR-CONDITIONING! Has the idea of living at sea perpetually begun to surface on your mind yet? If so, you will be even more ecstatic to hear that this luxurious vessel for hire removes the need for those time wasting return trips to the port for charging the batteries and filling the water tanks. With a water-maker constantly working to give you the fresh water you need throughout your stay and solar panels that give the necessary power to the electronics on board, your full time and effort can be used for enjoying this magnificent boat and the transparent Mediterranean waters we love to explore.

Sailing with Lagoon 42 yacht hire in Formentera and Ibiza
Sit back and relax while your captain guides you through the most gorgeous waters of the Mediterranean.

The cabins in the 42 Lagoon have it all

If you have not already stopped reading to contact us in regards to your booking of this fabulous Lagoon 42 boat rental in Ibiza, you will be surprised to know that THERE IS MORE!! Having a double cabin up front and a double cabin at the back of each hull, all with double beds that provide both front and lateral access for a more pleasant and convenient stay, this vessel Having a double cabin up front and a double cabin at the back of each hull, all with double beds that provide both front and lateral access for a more pleasant and convenient stay, this vessel comfortably sleeps eight while peacefully at sea. Each forward cabin also provides its own bathroom and shower, while both of the aft cabins have the additional benefit of offering their own bathroom with a separate shower.

Let us not rush out of the rooms just yet though. As if floating in the middle of one of the most captivating turquoise waters with 360 degrees of jaw-dropping panoramic views is not enough to have you feeling like you struck gold, you are now able to wake up to these glorious sights with ease. Larger windows have been strategically placed in each cabin for illumination that will have you thinking the sun has personally come inside to greet you and for views that will leave you questioning whether you are still asleep and dreaming of paradise.

Floor plans of Lagoon 42 boat for rent in Eivissa
A quick look at the floor plan of the Lagoon 42 will quickly have you choosing your cabin for your stay on board.


Illuminated cabin of Lagoon 42 chartering yacht in Ibiza
Larger windows have been strategically placed in each cabin for maximum illumination and better views.

Improved communication throughout the Lagoon 42 catamaran

As formerly mentioned, the layout of this Lagoon 42 was constructed to enhance communication throughout the entire vessel. Not one person on board our grand Ibiza boat charter will feel out of the loop unless purposely searching for a moment with just their thoughts. Had an unforgettable day of jumping from the elongated swimming platform into the stunning waters and snorkelling in search of curious fish and intriguing octopus? Are you craving some down time with a round of refreshing Piña Colada’s for all, without alcohol for the children of course, but not wanting to miss out on the hilarious stories of the past that are currently being told while lounging around the cockpit? With the abundance of working space available in the U-shaped kitchen, now oriented towards the cockpit, and the enlarged sliding door previously revealed, you will not miss a beat while preparing those delicious beverages!

Central platform of Lagoon boat available for rent in Ibiza
This catamaran has a modernized, yet familiar, Lagoon feel while still modelling a rather unique design.

A happy captain aids the enhancement of the experience

Let us not forget about our most pivotal guest on board, the one who will take us through this journey we will remember forever, the captain of this impressive Lagoon 42 catamaran hire in Ibiza. Gabriel is a professional skipper who works in both the Caribbean and Ibiza. He is used to working with the most distinguished clientele. The innovative arrangements that have been made to this charter vessel for rent in Ibiza will assure he is, not only integrated with the group, but managing the sails with ease as well.

Removing the earlier placement of the skipper on the top floor allows him to share in the long-lasting memories that are being made.

Thanks to the practical development of the self-tacking jib, which is known to always provide outstanding performance, our captain is able to manage all the maneuvering without leaving the helm. Throw in a sliding panel on that helm hard top bimini for a constant look out on the sails and you have got yourself an efficient skipper who is ready to keep the good times rolling.

42 Lagoon catamaran weekly charter with skipper in Balearic Islands
The changes that have been made to this vessel will assure the skipper can manage the sails with ease without leaving the helm.

Enjoy priceless moments of relaxation on board the Lagoon 42 Ibiza

As with all group trips, there comes a time when a moment of solitude, away from the rush of the day and a chance to absorb the tranquillity of this wonderful experience, is greatly welcomed! On most catamarans, including this boat for rent in Ibiza, there are areas on the bow where you can find just that- such as the balconies that allow you to sit and patiently wait for those longed for dolphins to swim past you. On the Lagoon 42, however, the roof-top will provide more than just a nice place to lay back and sunbathe for that perfect bronze colour you are looking to work up to this holiday or shelter from any unwanted sun-rays when you have had enough.

With the help of the built-in staircase that effortlessly leads you to two hammocks on the hard top bimini, you will find yourself escaping here once the sun has set to soak in the calmness of being at mid sea. As your catamaran rocks softly under the infinite night sky above, with only the light that shines from the moon and stars to guide you, you will take in a sight that can never be captured in picture but will stay in your heart for a lifetime. A better way to escape from the commotion of everyday life, I could not think of.

Aerial view of the 42 Lagoon yacht for hire in Ibiza
On board this catamaran, you will find many places to relax- including the nylon trampoline or the hammocks located on the rooftop.

Explore all of Ibiza and Formentera with our 42 Lagoon catamaran

Wake up one morning with the itch to head onto land for a few hours to discover the coast? Maybe you decide to go cliff jumping from one of the many awe-inspiring beaches around the island. It is possible that a fancy table at one of the most lavish restaurants is what you have in mind for lunch. Making a quick stop at the local shops on the shore is always a delight. Whatever the case may be, with the enhancements made to the dinghy davit of this gorgeous Lagoon 42 catamaran for rent in Ibiza, making it easier than ever to bring the dinghy up and down, your skipper will be more than thrilled to motor you to your destination and pick-you up again when you are ready to return on board. Do not hesitate to speak with your captain, Gabriel, about your plans so that he can organize accordingly. After all, his strongest desire is for your holiday on board our boat hire in Ibiza to be PERFECT!

Lateral view of Lagoon 42 boat hire in Ibiza for day and week trips
Nothing compares to an unforgettable day of sailing in the Balearic Islands.

The cost for hiring our Lagoon 42 in the Balearic Islands

In the following table, you will find the fees for chartering this extraordinary boat rental in Ibiza and Formentera. Please keep in mind that this price includes all taxes and insurance, our professional skipper, bed linens and towels, and the zodiac to disembark you at a variety of beaches and coves. Note that the fuel is not included in the rental for overnight stays, it is calculated as 15 euro per hour of motor used and 15 euro per hour per use of the generator. This cost depends solely on usage of the motors but can average at approximately 350 to 400 euro per week and will be deducted from the deposit upon disembarking from your holiday on board. Fuel for day charters is included 😉

For the overnight stay, a deposit of 900 euro in CASH will be ask before boarding. It will be given back at the end of the stay minus fuel expenses.

Rental fees of our Lagoon 42 catamaran
Period Ppl Cabins WC 01/11 – 31/03 01/04 – 14/06 15/06 – 19/09 20/09 – 31/10 Deposit
Weekly rental (Saturday to Saturday) 8+1 4 4 14,900 17,900 18,900 17,900 900
Weekly rental (NOT Saturday to Saturday) 8+1 4 4 15,900 19,900 22,900 19,900 900
Period Ppl Cabins WC 01/11 – 31/03 01/04 – 14/06 15/06 – 19/09 20/09 – 31/10 Deposit
Full day (8h) 11+1 0 1 3,950 4,450 4,950 4,450 NO
Half day (3:30h) 11+1 0 1 2,950 3,450 3,950 3,450 NO
Full day with overnight stay (price per day) 8+1 4 4 4,950 5,450 5,950 5,450 900

During the hire of the Lagoon 42 catamaran for day charters, our clients are able to enjoy the entire exterior of the catamaran along with the common living areas and a bathroom. When the Lagoon 42 catamaran is rented for longer periods with overnight stay, the cabins are all prepared and accessible for our guests.

Embarking and disembarking will take place in Cala Jondal where our crew members will take you to our catamaran on one of our zodiacs. 

Ready to book our Lagoon 42, contact us now!!

With all the remarkable new characteristics and features the Lagoon 42 has to offer, I am sure you are left without doubts as to why we decided to bring this terrific catamaran into our Ibiza boat charter fleet. The only wish we have left is to be able to share this magnificent treasure with clients that quickly become part of the CharterAlia family… Including YOU!


Written by Laura Perez-Cernuda – Take a look at the story of CharterAlia and how it became a boat hire in Ibiza and Formentera.

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