Pitiusas Islands

If you consider yourself a lover of the sea and the Pitiusas Islands, the best way we propose you from CharterAlia is that you discover them aboard one of our boat rentals in Ibiza. Ibiza. A paradise that only a few dare to feel.

You can choose to do a Day Charter. Or live a unique experience aboard a rental boat during your entire stay in the holidays.

Imagine for a moment… You get up in the morning, you leave your cabin and you find yourself in the stern of your boat charter in Ibiza. In front of you, the sun is rising, the sea presents a spectacular calm as if you were also waking up and ready to start the day with the strength of the sun. It is one of the best sensations you can take back home. At any time, you can go back there, you just have to close your eyes and enjoy.

Pitiusas Islands
Enjoy onboard your rental boat the best sunrises of the Pitiusas islands.

Next, we are going to tell you some curious facts about the Balearic Islands.

Balearic Islands

Community of the province of Spain, which includes the Pitiusas Islands and the Gimesas Islands.

  • Pitiusas Islands

Name given by the Greeks to the whole group that accompanies the two most significant islands, Ibiza and Formentera. Also called Pitiusa Mayor and Pitiusa Menor, respectively.

Pitys, means Pine, hence its name. Curious name, because if we translate it we can say that we are talking about the “islands of the pines”. Few people know this fact, which at least seems curious.

Sunrise in Formentera
Unique sunrises await you this summer on your rental boat in Ibiza.

Also part of this group, the islands of: Espalmador, Espardell, Tagomago, Conejera, Es Vedrá … etc. Yes, it is true, that the Pitiusas contain many small islets, which are also more charming, and you can visit them on board your rental boat in Ibiza.

Some of you can only discover boat rentals in Ibiza, because if you opt for the option of swimming … we do not recommend it. It can be exhausting and many of them belong to the protected reserve of the islands, so it is not possible to access them on foot.

The Pitiusas Islands
Enjoy aboard a rental boat of the Pitiusan Islands is undoubtedly the best decision of your vacation.

However, if you opt for the boat rental option in Ibiza, you can discover them from very close and within the legal parameters that protect them.

  • Gimmesias Islands

Many are those think that in the Pitiusas islands they are formed by Mallorca and Menorca, but it is a wrong populism. The Greeks and the Romans left us a clear difference between them. For this reason, we want to share this information with you. Gimmesias comes from Greek and means naked.

The passage in Illetes Formentera
Guess where this place is? which is part of the Pitiusan Islands.

So now you can say if you want to visit the Naked islands or the islands of the Pines. Or start at the pine trees and finish at the naked … or go naked at the pine trees. There are a thousand variants … you decide. Tell us what route you want to do and we can prepare for you a complete vacation on board for example of a catamaran for rent in the Balearic Islands.

If we had to choose which ones we stayed with, I think it’s clear, we’re left with our Pitiusas! Two small islands that contain one of the largest natural paradises of the Mediterranean Sea. They left us in love with them, no lies.

Ibiza boat excursion

Whether you decide to leave from Ibiza or from San Antonio, at CharterAlia, we have thought of several options.

  • If you leave Ibiza in your rental boat, the first thing we have to take into account is the direction of the wind. The most usual route begins by visiting the beach of Espalmador. In this area, free anchorages are prohibited, it already belongs to the nature reserve. The rental boats must hire a buoy where they can tie a rope and thus remain there. Then you can go to the “El Paso” area, a spectacular place, one of my favorite places.
Boat rental Ibiza
Get lost on board one of our rental boats in Ibiza and Formentera.

You can descend from your ship, and walk between two waters. Illetes Beach is located below, and is one of the most touristic ones. There you have access to the best restaurants in Formentera, such as Beso Beach, Juan y Andrea … among many others. It can be finished in Cala Saona, where the waters are turquoise and less crowded than the previous ones.

In this part of Formentera, you can enjoy the magnificent sunset that the sun gives us every day.

Boat trip from San Antonio

  • If you decide to leave from San Antonio, we will leave towards Es Vedrá. One of the places with the highest magnetism of the Pitiusas Islands. Many compare it with the triangle of Bermuda, since there are hundreds of very similar stories, loss of electronic signals, UFO sightings … etc. Some say, I personally have not gone to check, that there are unique minerals under the rock. Then we would visit Cala Bassa, and finally Cala Conta. These two coves are the favorites for clients who rent a boat in Ibiza and it is not surprising, since the purity of its waters is unique. Cala Conta (or the count’s beaches) has been listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
Cala Conta beach Ibiza
One of our favorite places on the island, to anchor with your rental boat in Ibiza.

First time in Ibiza

We love receiving clients who do not know the islands, like those who have not missed their annual visit for years. To the new ones, because it’s like going with a small child to a toy store, and they do not know which way to start, but they can not stand still. And those who already know the store, or think they know, and suddenly show them that hall that had gone unnoticed on other occasions. Your smile when you return from your rental boat in Ibiza is the greatest reward, and that is what encourages us every day to be better, for you.

Rent a boat in Ibiza
Sailing and feeling the wind aboard one of our rental boats is one of the best experiences you will take back home.

Thanks to the usual, thanks to those who are coming and thanks to life, which can simply be wonderful.

Do not think more, and tell us what idea you have for your vacation, and we will help you.

Contact us and we will help you to have an unforgettable vacation aboard one of our rental boats in Ibiza and Formentera.

See you soon!

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