Princess V55 yacht rental Ibiza with crew

We are pleased to present the Princess V55, a beautiful motor yacht that can be rented for day trips around Ibiza or from Ibiza to Formentera. This yacht has legal capacity for 12 guests plus its two crew members, reaching a total capacity of 14 persons. The crew members are necessary to navigate this vessel; they are experienced captains that know all the best of the islands. They will make sure that your navigation runs smoothly and that you will have an unforgettable day.

The beautiful Princess V55 motor yacht in Ibiza
Ready for an unforgettable day on board of the Princess V55?

Great dimensions

The dimensions of this motorboat are impressive. The yacht is 17 meters long, (55 feet long) and more than 4 meters wide. Thanks to this generous design, it offers more than enough space to comfortably accommodate 12 people and the two members of the crew.

Fantastic layout

To make sure that not everybody is packed in the same place there are two different lounge areas. The first lounge is at the front deck of the yacht, with two gorgeous sun bed, perfect to relax and enjoy the sun. The second lounge is situated at the rear of the yacht. This deck is a great alternative to the open front deck since this spot is more protected from the wind. In contrast to the front deck the stern deck is fully shaded. However the awing is adjustable so the crew members can create a climate that suits your preferences, sun, shade or both.

Sunbeds on the front deck of the Princess V55
The gorgeous sunbeds on the front deck are perfect to relax.

This wonderful motor yacht has also an outdoor electric refrigerator to keep the drinks cool. It is situated at the outdoor galley, on de stern deck of the boat. It is easily accessible and it has sufficient room for day boat trips and day excursions.

Great back deck of the Princess V55 yacht boat in Ibiza
The great back deck offers a lot of comforted and fun.

The steering position for our captain is located on the starboard side. It features the latest generation of Raymarine navigation equipment. All of the on board technology is neatly organised and tucked away in electrically movable panels. This is a very efficient way to protect the state of the art navigation systems. Another advantage is that this is a very effective way to use the space. So all of the rear sofas, dining table and sun beds are available to our customers.

The great motor yacht Princess V55 on its way to Formentera
Thanks to the neatly organized helm there is more space at the back deck that can be used to enjoy the sun.

Stunning look

Princess ship maker is one of UK’s leading yacht manufacturing companies. They work with the best nautical engineers and use high-quality materials. This results in a stunning looking yacht with pristine white decks, cherry wood interiors and smooth curves. To make this yacht fast and stable the engineers created a very deep V-shaped hull providing this rental yacht in Ibiza with a superb sea handling.

Great looking motor yacht in Ibiza
This is motor yacht is looking amazing and is designed to be fast.

Yacht Engines

This great charter yacht in Ibiza does not only have a stunning look and a spacious design but is also quite fast. It is equipped with two inbound engines of 800 horsepower each (1,600 HP total power). This enables the yacht to speeds up to 40 knots. Getting to Formentera is a piece of cake for this speedy vessel, so this is the ideal motor boat to explore the beautiful northern beaches of Formentera.

Full speed Princess V55 motor yacht on its way to Formentera
Thanks to its great engines this boat can speed up to an incredible 40 knots.

Free extras included: Paddle Surf board and Snorkelling

Besides all the amenities that this great yacht offers we are pleased to announce that we’ve added snorkelling and a paddle surf board to all the luxury power yachts that are offering for rent in Ibiza and Formentera the 2016 summer season. This is totally free of charge because we love our customers to have a great time.

SUP Ibiza
Can’t leave the paddle board!

Daily rental rates.

In the table below you can find the daily charter fees for this motor yacht.

Daily rate of Princess V55
High season – July and August Mid Season – June and September Low Season – Rest of the year
€3025 €2293  €1930

The price includes taxes and the 2 crew members that are necessary to safely navigate this yacht. The fuel of this boat, as in all motor boats, is not included and costs approximately 200 litres per hour, or about 300 Euros when in full swing.

Charteralia Princess V55 in the Mediterranean sea
Come and join us on our wonderful day trips.

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