Princess V58 yacht charter in Ibiza and Formentera

Hello! In this page you can read about the incredible Princess V58 yacht for rent in Ibiza and Formentera. Do not be mistaken by its name, this Princess is a queen of yachts!

Sideview of the Princess V58 yacht in Formentera
Side view of the modern yacht Princess V58 in the beautiful crystal water of Formentera

The Princess V58 yacht has all the levels of luxury and standard of fittings as the other luxury yachts we offer, but it can also boast sportboat-like performance. This amazing yacht is fitted with twin 800 HP MAN diesels and it is capable of reaching 36 knots at top speed. This gorgeous motor yacht is ideal for groups that want all the thrills of a speedboat, while not missing the comfort of a big yacht.

Powerful charter yacht Princess V58
Powerful yacht Princess V58 rental in Ibiza and Formentera

Day charters on the Princess V58 yacht

Like most motor boats we offer, this yacht can take up to 12 passengers for day rentals. The Princess V58 yacht has a gorgeous exterior design as you can see in the photos attached to this page. I am sure you and your friends will be delighted!

Spacious sunbeds on the stern deck on the luxury yacht Princess V58
Large sunbed and wooden deck to spend the best day of your holidays!

This great rental yacht comes with all you need for an awesome sailing day:

  • A large outside area in the rear with a dining table and a long sofa.
  • Two big sunbeds both at the bow and stern deck.
  • A platform to make it easy to get back up on the yacht after swimming.
Sunbeds at the bow deck on the Princess V58 yacht Ibiza
Nice sunbeds at the front of the Princess V58 yacht rental in Ibiza

The rental fee of this beautiful yacht for rent in Ibiza includes a paddle-board and snorkeling equipment. You will be able to see all the beauty that is below the surface of the Mediterranean Sea!

Interior of the Princess V58 yacht

This yacht has three cabins (one master cabin, one double cabin, and one cabin with bunk beds). For overnight stays, the Princess V58 can have up to 6 people while docked at port, and 4 people when anchoring somewhere else outside of the marina. Of course, all cabins have their own bathrooms. This yacht for hire in Ibiza also comes with a fully equipped kitchen, with freezer, oven, and coffee machine.

Princess V58 double cabin
Master cabin of the Princess V58 overnight charter in Ibiza
Cabin with bunkbeds in the yacht for rent in Ibiza Princess V58
Bunk bed of the Princess V58, ideal for your overnight stay

And to make it even more appealing, let us tell you that the Princess V58 has an Air Conditioning! This will be very welcomed during the hot summer days in Ibiza and Formentera.

Princess V58 luxury yacht bathroom for overnight charter
Princess V58 luxury bathroom for your overnight stay

Renting options and fees

A typical day rental on the Princess V58 yacht lasts 8 hours long. You can pick your departure time from 10 am to 1 pm. In the table below you will see prices that include all taxes, insurance, and crew.

Period PAX 23 June-31 August 26 May-22 June and September Rest of the year
Day with no overnight (8h) 12 4.999 4.299 3.999
Day with one night 4-6 5.699 4.899 4.499
Week (6 nights) 4-6 35.700 31.500 28.500
Incredible luxury yacht Princess V58 sailing in Ibiza
Incredible luxury yacht Princess V58

Open bar is also included in the rental fee, with beverages such as beer, wine, still and sparkling water, the best cava, and sodas.

The price of fuel will depend on how far you go. This yacht uses around 250 liter per motoring hour, so on a regular day excursion from Ibiza town to Formentera you will spend an additional 700 euro on fuel. Other than this, there are no more additional costs 🙂 What you see is what you pay!

If you decide to stay overnight, you need to leave a 30% deposit. It needs to be paid upfront as a security deposit when you check in. At the end of your stay the captain will deduct fuel consumption and other expenses from this deposit and will return the rest to you.

If you are curious, you can read the story of CharterAlia, our Ibiza boat charter company.

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