Tips for renting boats in Ibiza

When it comes to renting a boat in Ibiza we have many possibilities and it is normal to be plagued with doubts, especially if it is the first time we face this small challenge. The offer is very varied so we consider that the first step is to narrow the search as much as possible through a series of questions:

Tips for renting boats in Ibiza
The sun sets in the bay of San Antonio, next to the island of Conejera.

What kind of boat do I want to rent?

The offer of boat rental in Ibiza is very wide, as in the rest of the Balearic Islands.

        • Speed boats: We can rent a boat to spend the day. They are fast, they admit up to 8 people and about 7-8 in the afternoon we must return to the port since normally we can not spend the night in the boat. Most do not have interior cabins or kitchen or bathroom, etc. In addition to the contrary that with the sailboats or catamarans, in the case of the boats it is very common that the fuel is not included in the price. Therefore you must take it into account when calculating the total cost. In this link you can see rates, photos and equipment of our models for Ibiza boat rentals.
      Boat rental in Ibiza and Formentera
      Rent zodiacs in the Balearic Islands.
      • Sailboats: Renting a sailboat is without a doubt one of the most popular options. For the day, or weekend or full weeks. They admit groups from 2 to 12 people. They have interior cabins with beds, kitchen, bathrooms, etc so it is possible to spend the night in the sailboat, well anchored (at anchor) in front of some cove of Ibiza, Espalmador or Formentera, or in the port. Also when sailing often (which logically does not consume gasoline) the general fuel consumption during the rental is very low. And even with the engine of the sailboat turned on when there is no wind, the consumption does not usually exceed 5 euros per hour so for day trips normally the cost of fuel is usually included in the rental rate. Check in this link the rates of the sailboats that we offer in Ibiza and Formentera.
girls in the prow of the sailboat for rent in Ibiza
Some girls from Madrid on Jaume’s boat.
    • Catamarans: A catamaran is like two normal sailboats glued next to each other. They usually have the same length (length) as a normal sailboat, but the sleeve (width) is double. They have the characteristics of a sailboat but with much greater habitability and with a series of advantages that we describe in another of our articles. Here are all the prices, photos and characteristics of our sailing catamarans in Ibiza.
catamaran Lagoon 380
Beautiful image of our catamaran sailing full sail.
  • Large luxury yachts: Motor yachts combine the comforts of sailboats with the speed of the boats. It is the least economic option of all, since in addition to the rental rate that is usually more expensive, we must add the fuel consumption that is usually very high depending on the type and yacht, route and engines. Here are the prices of our Ibiza yacht charter models.

 How many days do I want to rent the boat?

We can go out for a boat trip of a few hours, or half a day or a full day. Also, celebrate a Bachelorette party in Ibiza with our friends, or we can rent a sailboat during the weekend or a full week. It is important to bear in mind that the vast majority of charter companies in Ibiza and in general boat rentals in the Balearic Islands only offer complete weeks for sailboats and catamarans during the high season, which runs from June 1 to September 15.

espalmador mud
Taking a mud bath is one of the activities most requested by our customers at the stop of the island of Espalmador.

For this reason, if we want to rent a sailboat or catamaran for single days it will be much easier to do it during the months of April and May or from September 15. Although in our company of boat rental in Ibiza we are the exception since we offer some of our catamarans and sailboats for rent of a day or half a day even in high season.

The boats, on the other hand, are usually rented for single days even in high season.

Do I need to hire a skipper?

todays captain on rental vessel
A client disguised as a captain!

The answer to this question will depend on several factors. If I want to rent a boat without a skipper, the first thing will be to have the necessary nautical certification to govern the type of boat that we have chosen. The majority of boats up to 12 meters in length and from 2015 with some practices even up to 24 meters, can be carried with the PER license (Recreation boat pattern).

The Captain of CharterAlia
I need a shave!

But we must not forget that in addition to having the license it is necessary to have experience in navigation. Some companies will ask us to demonstrate this experience or they could even add a skipper for a few hours to make sure we have our skills at the helm.

If you have any doubt, we always advise you to take a professional employer on board. Thus we will forget the responsibility of carrying a boat and we can focus on enjoying and having fun and even steer the boat ourselves advised by the owner himself.

Jose Navas the captain
Here I am in the position of government, giving the chat of the day …

When signing the contract it is important that the employer has his professional title. The sports qualifications (PER, yacht skipper and yacht captain) do not enable to work as a professional skipper. It is also important that the boat rental company in Ibiza clearly indicates the amount of the captain’s fee and whether or not it is included in the rental price.

Do I have to pay for the port? What extras do I have to pay in addition to the boat rental?

It is very important to clarify all the details and even ask for a draft of the contract before paying the reservation to be clear about all the extras that have to be paid that are not included in the rental rate. One of the most important aspects to consider is to ask if the port fee is included or not in the price. This will depend if the ship has a permanent mooring point in Ibiza or only includes the port rate for the initial pick-up for boarding and the final departure for disembarkation.

Our usual mooring in the port of San Antonio
Our catamaran Lagoon 380 moored at the end of pier A.
sailing with Genova in catamaran of Ibiza
Sailing with Genova sail in a catamaran of Ibiza.

Other extras that are sometimes charged separately are: cleaning, use of the zodiac, use of the outboard motor of the zodiac, sheets, towels, etc.

Where I want to go?

It is very important to choose well the point of collection and delivery of the boat depending on the distance I intend to travel and the time I have. For weekly rentals, this is less important since there is plenty of time. However for boat rentals for single days you have to take it into account. For an hour aboard a sailboat that sails with good sea and wind conditions at about 6 knots (10 km/h) we will have traveled just that, 10 km (6 nautical miles). Our minds are used to cars with which we can travel 120 Kilometers in an hour, but by boat, distances seem to be much longer.

sailing in front of the sea cafe for the most famous sunset in Ibiza
Arriving at Café del Mar and Café Mambo to watch the sunset.

For example, if we rent a sailboat or catamaran during a single day with pretensions to go and return to Formentera, the ideal is to leave from the beach of Salinas or from the city of Ibiza. From other ports like San Antonio, it will take almost 5 hours to arrive and many others to return so the day by boat will be reduced to going and returning without time practically to anchor, bathe, swim, eat, etc.

bright sea sailing towards Ibiza forest island
The water shines on our arrival at Cala Conta.

However, if we want to explore the wonderful bay of San Antonio with Cala Bassa, Playas de Compte (Cala Conta), the island of Conejera or Cala Salada, or we want to get into the wilder and less known north of the island of Ibiza and arrive at Benirrás to hear the drums, then the ideal port in San Antonio.

Am I dealing directly with the owner of the boat or with an intermediary?

Many of the charter companies of boats in Ibiza own and manage boats and own fleet: sailboats and catamarans in property. However lately agencies or brokers have proliferated that are purely intermediaries between the owners of the boats and the clients. These companies do not own any boats and simply fulfill their function of arranging a client with a boat owner in exchange for a commission that is normally already included in the rental price. If we want to get the best rental rate possible, logically it will be easier to deal directly with the owner of the boat or its exclusive agent.

Instructions and tips for living a week on a rental boat

Do not forget to read everything we recommend you take with you if you are going to rent one of our boats in Ibiza for a full week. From luggage to the shopping list. You have everything in instructions to rent a boat in Ibiza a week.

Catamaran in San Antonio
The nets of the bow are the favorite area of ​​the ship of our clients.

The most important thing: Have fun, live unforgettable experiences and recharge your batteries

Finally and to leave us a good taste after all these boring but useful tips we leave you with the video of gratitude that we made for all our customers last season in Ibiza and Formentera. We hope to have your photos for this year’s video!

Video: Summary of the 2013 season in Ibiza and Formentera

The video of the year 2014

Browse with us and be the protagonists of the video of this season of rental boats in Ibiza and Formentera.

By Jose CharterAlia – read more about the author or read here also the story of how we got into this mess!

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