Water sports Ibiza

If you thought there was nothing better than renting a boat, we propose different water sports Ibiza to complete your stay.

Water toys for the use of adults and children of the house. We assure you that you will make your day by boat a unique experience!

Water sports Ibiza and Formentera
One of the fashionable toys, on board your rental boat in Ibiza and Formentera. Can you survive without it?

What Ibiza water sports can I take on my rental boat?

If you thought you had seen it all … it’s because you did not know these toys.

  • Sea Bob Ibiza Rental

Perhaps the most demanded toy by our boat rental customers in Ibiza, as it offers great fun. The Sea Bob can be enjoyed by children and adults, since you can graduate speed. They have 5 speeds and is very easy to use. You just have to hold hands with the handles. Then you have to graduate the speed you want, and you will slide like a fish in the water. You can dive and come to the surface in an easy way. It is advisable to use glasses for this reason. Some people prefer not to submerge and go with their heads out. We already leave it in your hands.

The autonomy of the Sea Bob, is long lasting, you can spend hours browsing with it and at all times you will see on the screen the time you have left. It loads quickly and easily.

Sea Bob Ibiza White Island
Water sport to practice in your Ibiza rental boat.

Whether you decide to rent one or several, you can go to the coast, or go from bay to bay in a fast way. You will discover the marine depths of the Pitiusas. You may end up doing a race with the fish you find on your way. You will tell us who wins!

The most daring can use it even to dive into deeper depths and you can record for example with your water camera. The secrets that hide the waters of Ibiza and Formentera are many … It sounds very good, right?

The good thing about renting Sea Bob in Ibiza, is that you set the limits, so that everyone can use it as they like.

Sea Bob Formentera
Enjoy the sensation of feeling like a fish in the water.
  • Flyboard Ibiza and Formentera

If you opt for the option to rent Flyboard in Ibiza, you are undoubtedly a lover of risk and strong emotions. Only our most daring boat rental clients in Ibiza are launched. Will you be one of them?

A water motorcycle is essential, since the propulsion mechanism is generated with the water that enters through the union tube. That way the force that generates, is what drives you to the heights. You will be able to rise, submerge and get out of the water as if you were a dolphin. You can reach heights of up to 12 meters! Also, you can make turns in the air called “Black Flip”.

Flyboard for all ages
You no longer have an excuse to go without trying Flyboard Ibiza. Did you know you could fly?

You will wear your boots on, as well as a life jacket that will help reduce the impact of your chest on the water.

Water sports aimed at children and adults, (children from 10 years old and always under the supervision of an adult). At the most it will cost you about 10 minutes to acclimate to fly over the water. It is a unique and very fun experience.

Flyboard and other watersports Ibiza
With the help of a specialized monitor you can make thousands of pirouettes in the air!

Do you dare to fly this summer on the waters of Ibiza and Formentera?

  • Paddle Surf Ibiza

If you are one of those who prefer more tranquility, we advise you to rent paddle surfing in Ibiza. For this you only need a board and an oar. We can add it to your day in a rental boat in Ibiza if you request it.

The ideal is to stand on the board, since, by moving the paddle, you can cover more surface and therefore you will move faster.

If you are a beginner and prefer to acclimatize yourself, you can first start on your knees and when you have already seen yourself with confidence, you stand up. And if you get tired … you can sit and enjoy the views, stop to take a bath, or just lay down to sunbathe while the waters of the Pitiusas Islands rock you!

Paddle surf Ibiza
Enjoy a simple water sport for all ages on board your rental boat.

Paddle surfing is a practice that fascinates us, as it combines physical sports and also allows you to discover unique places. At any place or time, you can go out to enjoy, alone or in company with this activity.

  • Snorkeling in Ibiza

If you want to swim and enjoy without further complication in your rental boat in Ibiza, we propose the lightest modality of water sports Ibiza.

We recommend the practice of snorkeling. Only or in a company, activity aimed at all ages that we are passionate about. It’s one of those things, simple and they cost nothing and bring you a lot of happiness. Swimming among fish, being able to observe them in their habitat, discover the backgrounds …

Water sports ibiza
You have snorkeling equipment in all our rental boats in Ibiza and Formentera.

In our Balearic charter boats, you will find some wonderful Decathlon snorkel masks. You can breathe through your nose instead of through your mouth, so there are no more excuses for the more fearful. Initially, these masks were aimed at children and now they have also been made in the adult format. I assure you that it is a joy to swim like that!

Ibiza Snorkel Mask
With this wonderful mask, you can dive by breathing through your nose. Did you think everything was invented?

All of our Ibiza rental boats, whether Ibiza sailboat charter or Ibiza catamaran charter, have boards and snorkel equipment on board. (included in the price). Check our rates and if you want to include other toys on board, you just have to ask for it.

If you want to know more about water sports in Ibiza …

Do not miss the motorcycle rental in Ibiza or get informed about the best offers for rent speed boats in Ibiza,

Everyone to the water from our rental boats in Ibiza and Formentera!

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