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Getting a job in Ibiza can be a real odyssey. Many are the people who year after year decide to come to Ibiza, and not only to rent a boat in Ibiza, but also to try their luck at the Island of Opportunities.

It is a bit similar to the feeling that “Las Vegas” can awaken, where anything goes and almost nothing is forbidden. Visitors from all over the world come loaded with dreams in their suitcase. With the heart full of hope and with that magnificent sensation of a new beginning. Finding a job in Ibiza can be easy if you know how. The White Island known throughout the world, for its paradisiacal beaches, the continuous party and for its nightlife, covers a wide range when it comes to offering work in Ibiza.

So first of all, welcome!

working in Ibiza
It is normal for you to have doubts when looking for a job in Ibiza. We help you know where to start looking.

Looking for work in Ibiza or renting a boat in Formentera?

Both things, of course. Both should go together, like having a party at work on your birthday … hahaha back to the subject!

In the workplace, it is true that you have to be clear about things and know what you can find work in Ibiza.

If we compare it with the peninsula or other places in the world, there are countless different jobs and jobs that you have never heard before. Some of them are: “Nautical broker”, “Concierge”, “Vip experiences”, “Hostess”, “Driver”, “Runner” … etc. (The latter are not the ones running). As the broker who does not work in the stock market but those who are engaged in boat rentals in the Balearic Islands. In the end everything is simpler, but you have to get used to the vocabulary of the island.

Employment in Ibiza and Formentera
There are many jobs available to work in season in Ibiza.

The languages ​​on the island are highly valued, English could be said to be the almost official language of the island. In fact, many of the people who live here do not know Spanish. It will be good that you come with a minimum of English, to be able to have more doors open when it comes to finding work in Ibiza.

Accommodation in Ibiza

The first thing we recommend is that before starting the job search on the island, it is that you look for accommodation.

You will find companies that if you still do not have a home, they will not take care of you or they will not even risk giving you work without having a bed to sleep in. This is the biggest problem you can have on the island. Finding a job is going to be easier for you than finding a house or room.

accommodation in Ibiza and Formentera
You can start with an individual room

On the other hand, given the problem of accommodation in Ibiza, there are companies that offer their workers accommodation. These companies are usually hotel chains, construction, services sector … etc. Find out about the options you have in each interview. You will find several available positions and we advise you to also value these factors.

Do not desist in the search of house, nor leave it for the last.

There are many cases every year, people who, after finding a job, have to end up leaving. And others, end up living on floors with too many people, in fact, there is a hot bed.

This to give you an idea is: a room with 2 beds or 2 bunk beds. We speak of 4 or 8 people respectively, in a room. Some sleep during the day and others at night, pack suitcases and belongings … in very small spaces. And for the modest price of 500 euros the bed (sometimes more) for 12 hours a day. Others end up in terraces, cars … etc.

Curious case occurred at CharterAlia

It has happened to us that they have asked us how much it would cost to rent a boat in Ibiza only at night to sleep exclusively. Of course not, our boats are for day rentals or weekly rentals for our clients.

employess in Ibiza
Work in Ibiza of what you have always dreamed of!

This is a reality on the island of Ibiza that has more and more repercussion in the media. So look first for a place where you are going to be well, what work, I’m sure you’ll be able to choose.

Where to look for work in Ibiza

There are several ways for you to look for job offers in Ibiza and Formentera. The best known are from infojobs, or LinkedIn, to Facebook groups. The latter has been created to publish offers in real time in a simple manner. You can put the search engine “work in Ibiza” or “job offers in Ibiza” and you will see how several options appear to you.

Chef Ibiza
You have a born talent for the kitchen, hundreds of businesses decided to the hotel trade offer vacancies.

In addition, you also have the option of searching through local newspapers, such as Diario de Ibiza or Periódico de Ibiza.

Other options to look for work in Ibiza

Then as no, there is the usual way, which is to carry the curriculum in hand. There are places where they do not collect them and you must send them an email, or sign up on their page and insert the curriculum. This occurs, for example, with the Palladium Group. The most important hotel chain on the island where hundreds of people work each year.

Event hostess in Ibiza
Belonging to a large work family, it can be very fun.

If you can choose we advise you to look for housing near work, since in summer there are many traffic jams that form. It is such a mass, that today the roads are not prepared to make traffic more fluid …

In this way, you will have more time to enjoy paradise too, and who knows, maybe you will love to rent a boat on your day off and so we will show you the secrets of the neighboring island, Formentera, how beautiful it is!

Work at CharterAlia

Have you thought about working with a captain in boat rental in Ibiza, working as a boat mechanic or stewardess on a boat? Send us your resume!

One last tip! Always remember that your positive attitude and your desire to learn will open more doors than anything. That is the main thing that you must always maintain, your cheerful and fighting spirit!

Vocation in Ibiza
The good thing about working in Ibiza, is any free day becomes a vacation. Remember that you can also rent a boat!

Follow your dreams…

So, if you have decided to come and look for your dream, a new life, or just try your luck, we give you a lot of encouragement from all the CharterAlia team and a lot of strength to fulfill your dreams! We hope this information has been useful to you.

We leave the information for the residents of the island at the following link: We have incredible offers to rent a boat in Ibiza for residents!

A hug and our best wishes!

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