Catamaran Lagoon 380 2018 Ibiza and Formentera

We give you a warm welcome to this page that describes our new beautiful sailing catamaran Lagoon 380. This is the 2018 model but we have 4 other identical models of the catamaran Lagoon 380 in our fleet.

It is a sailing catamaran with a maximum capacity of 12 people for day trips without an overnight stay and 8 people for rent with an overnight stay for one or several days or even weeks.

Rear view of Lagoon 380 2018 catamaran hire in Ibiza with skipper
Rear view of the catamaran rental in Ibiza, Lagoon 380 2018 model.

Catamarans are very wide and stable,  so this is the ideal vessel for everyone, including those who are not used to sailing or are prone to motion sickness. Our catamaran comes with 3 private toilets with shower and offers a total surface area of 80m2 on which you will spend an unforgettable day at sea!

Aerial shot of catamaran Lagoon 380 2018 at full sail
Beautiful image of the Lagoon 380 2018 catamaran sailing at full sail between the islands of Ibiza and Formentera.

Our catamarans are equipped with all kinds of comforts and extras: WIFI, wireless speakers to connect your mobile and put your own music, nets for laying down while we sail, pulpits at the bows of the catamaran with the best views, 150 liter outdoor cool box, paddle board, dinghy, EASYBREATH snorkeling equipment, fins and a long list of amenities. All these extras are included in the price.

Clients laying down on the nylon trampolines on a catamaran charter in Ibiza Lagoon 380 2018
The level of relaxation that can be reached while sailing on the Lagoon 380 2018 catamaran is such that it will be difficult not to enjoy a pleasant siesta on the nets.

I would like to emphasize that our catamaran is not the typical charter boat that you see with 60 or 70 people squeezed in like sardines. On board will be only your group. We always try to take full advantage of the wind to sail, without the use of an engine, to appreciate nature while respecting it and enjoy an incredible day of sun and sea. 

Clients in the cockpit of the charter Lagoon 380 2018 catamaran Ibiza Formentera
The cockpit of the Lagoon 380 2018 catamaran is so large that there is space for the twelve occupants.


Sailing in a catamaran rental in Ibiza is a pleasure
The nets at the bow are ideal to lie down to sunbathe and to enjoy the floating sensation as we glide through the waves on the Lagoon 380 2018 catamaran in Ibiza and Formentera.



Two Lagoon 380 2018 catamarans hired with skipper in Cala Conta
Two of our catamarans, including our new Lagoon 380 2018, floating on the transparent sea of Cala Conta, located on the west of the island of Ibiza. It is one of our stops within the recommended route of the best beaches of Ibiza.

Rental prices ALL INCLUSIVE (except food and drinks)

Period People 01/11 – 31/03 01/04 – 14/06 15/06 – 19/09 20/09 – 31/10
Full week rental from Saturday to Saturday 8+1 10,950 11,950 12,950 11,950
Full week rental not starting on Saturday 8+1 11,950 13,950 14,950 13,950
Period People 01/11 – 31/03 01/04 – 14/06 15/06 – 19/09 20/09 – 31/10
Full day charter without overnight stay (8h) 11+1 3,250 3,250 3,250 3,250
Full day charter with overnight stay (price per day) 8+1 3,650 3,650 3,650 3,650

Embarking and disembarking will take place in Cala Jondal where our crew members will take you to our catamaran on one of our zodiacs.

Drone shot of the Lagoon 380 2018 catamaran in Es Calo in Formentera
Beautiful photograph taken from the drone of our Lagoon 380 2018 catamaran anchored in Es Calo, south of the island of Formentera.

The endless list of extras included for day trips without an overnight stay

  • 80 m2 of surface of the catamaran at your disposal.
  • Fuel.
  • VAT and all taxes.
  • Professional captain
  • EASY BREATH snorkel masks.
  • Stand Up Paddle Surf Board.
  • Zodiac with outboard engin in case you want to disembark in any beach.
  • WIFI on board.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Megaboom speakers so you can play your own music straight from your phone.
  • Nets to lie down on to sunbathe and feel that you are flying over the waves.
  • Large ice cool box to fill it with all your drinks.
  • Ice for the cool box.
  • Large area with shade in the back of the catamaran with dining table and space for 12 people.
  • Pulpits in the bow of the catamaran to sit and enjoy the best views.
  • Final cleaning.
  • The best day of your life! 😉
Hen parties on board a catamaran hire in Ibiza and Formentera Lagoon 380 2018
The Lagoon 380 catamarans, including our new Lagoon 380 2018, is preferred by groups celebrating a hen do. Long live the bride!


Plenty of space at the front to relax on board our catamaran hire in Formentera Lagoon 380 2018
The front of the catamaran, including the Lagoon 380 2018, is so wide and spacious that the entire group can get front row seats to enjoy the best views.

Also for bookings with an overnight stay (sleeping on board)

When the catamaran is rented for several days in a row, sleeping on board, we include:

  • Interior use of the catamaran, cabins, kitchen, etc.
  • Interior use of household appliances and kitchenware.
  • Sheets and blankets for all beds.
  • Bath towels for all occupants.
  • For overnight stay fuel is NOT included in the price, it’s calculate as 15 euro per hour of motor used.
  • For overnight stay a deposit of 900 euros in CASH will be ask before the charter and will be given back at the end of the charter minus the expense for fuel.
One of the cabins at the bow of this Lagoon 380 2018 catamaran for hire in Ibiza
For four cabins on board the Lagoon 380 2018 catamaran are used when the boat is rented for overnight stays. This is one of the cabins towards the bow.


Living area and terrace of the brand new catamaran Lagoon 380 2018 for rent in Ibiza
The living room and the terrace can be combined in a single environment. It is an ideal combination for when the Lagoon 380 2018 catamaran is rented for overnight stays on board.


Lagoon 380 2018 catamaran rental in Eivissa living area with integrated kitchen
The kitchen is integrated with the lounge and the exterior rear terrace. They form a single environment at the same level.


Aft cabin on board Lagoon 380 2018 catamaran for hire with skipper in Ibiza and Formentera
Image of one of the aft cabins. These cabins are only used when the catamaran is rented to sleep on board. I assure you that the soft waves will rock you to sleep, just as in your own house!


Floor plans of the Lagoon 380 2018 catamaran for hire in the Balearic Islands
In the floor plans we can see the interior width of the Lagoon 380 2018 with four cabins, two bathrooms, and the interior lounge.


Bow of the catamaran Lagoon 380 2018 while anchored in Mallorca
Impressive view of both bows and space between the two hulls of the catamaran Lagoon 380 2018 anchored in the waters of the Balearic Islands.


Aerial view of catamaran Lagoon 380 2018 rental boats in Ibiza in Cala Comte
Aerial view of two of our five Lagoon 380 catamarans anchored on the beach of Cala Comte, west on the island of Ibiza.

Food and drink options for day trips without an overnight stay

We offer different food and beverage options for your day trip in one of our Lagoon 380 catamarans:

Option 1: Disembark at one of the restaurants on the beach.

The typical and most demanded option is to eat at a restaurant on the beach: The best restaurants, and the most visited during the summer months, are usually located on the shore of the beaches that we are going to stop at along the route of our wonderful catamaran excursion. All these restaurants and beach bars offer a free dinghy service to and from the restaurant. After anchoring and enjoying a refreshing swim in the turquoise waters, once you are ready, we will call the restaurant over the radio and they will send the speedboat to pick you up on our catamaran and leave you on the beach, just in front of the restaurant. To return to the boat, just inform them that you are ready and they will bring you back on board. If you choose to disembark to eat on land, we give you an extra hour of navigation so you can eat calmly without having the feeling of losing your precious boat time. This means, instead of 7 hours, we would be enjoying an 8 hour tour for the same price.

Anchored in Cala Es Codolar with our Lagoon 380 2018 catamaran rental in Ibiza with skipper
When the north wind blows, we usually visit the quiet beach of Es Codolar. This beautiful cove is protected from the tramontana winds.

Option 2: Bring your own food to eat on board

Bringing on board all the food and drinks you want is not a problem at all. In fact, we recommend it. We put at your disposal an external cool box that you can fill with ice and your drinks.

Of course, combining options 1 and 2 is also a possibility. You can bring drinks and something to snack, since the sea always brings out the hunger, and then go down to the beach to eat at the restaurant, which is much more comfortable.

Although the 7 hour full day boat trip may seem like a long time, all of our customers are surprised at how fast their day goes by.

What are the recommended itineraries for the catamaran?

In our opinion there are two routes that stand out above all others:

ITINERARY 1: The excursion of the best beaches of Ibiza

Depending on the sea conditions, we will either depart from Cala Jondal (South of Ibiza Island) or San Antonio Bay and from there we will visit some of top rated beaches in ibiza. If we depart from Cala Jondal, we will sail around magic Es Vedrà islands and Cala D’hort. Or, if we depart from San Antonio we’ll visit the famous Cala Bassa and Cala Conta.

Beaches to visit by boat for hire in Ibiza Formentera with CharterAlia
This beautiful image taken from the catamaran is the beach of Cala Comte, famous for its turquoise waters and part of the route we recommend along the best beaches of Ibiza.


Turquoise waters in Cala Comte in Ibiza visit with rental boat
The waters of Cala Comte are like a swimming pool. Do not forget to visit them on board our catamaran during the tour of the best beaches in Ibiza.


Catamaran Lagoon 380 2018 anchored in Cala Bassa Beach in Ibiza
Cala Bassa is the first of our stops in the recommended itinerary of the best beaches in Ibiza.

ITINERARY 2 – Excursion to Formentera:

Starting from Cala Jondal (South of Ibiza Island) we will set sail towards Formentera, anchoring at the famous Illetas beach where you have the option of having lunch at any of the fancy restaurants on shore. If there is enough time after lunch, we will sail to Espalmador island, right between Ibiza and Formentera. Finally, we set sail back to Ibiza, dropping you off at the same pick up point (Cala Jondal).

Rental catamaran for visting best beaches in Ibiza with transparent waters
The visit to the beach of Illetas, found in the itinerary to the island of Formentera, is one of the most popular.


Bathroom with shower inside the catamaran for hire in Ibiza CharterAlia Lagoon 380 20018
One of the three bathrooms we offer in the catamaran Lagoon 380 for rent in Ibiza and Formentera.


Frontal shot of the catamaran for hiring in the Balearic Islands
The entire group photographed at the bow of the Lagoon catamaran for rent in the waters of Ibiza and Formentera.


Paddle surfing into the sunset during catamaran rental with overnight stay
All our catamarans include a paddle surf board with oar for free for the greatest enjoyment of all our Ibiza catamaran rental customers.


Overnight sailing on board a catamaran in Ibiza
During the overnight trips, we sometimes do nocturnal sailing under the light of the moon.


Clients sitting on swimming platform of catamaran for charter in Ibiza
Both swimming platforms on board the Lagoon 380 are so wide that they comfortably fit up to 4 people seated.


Easy access swim ladder on charter catamaran in Ibiza and Formentera Lagoon 380
Any corner of the catamaran can be used for a minute of reading and relaxation.

Which of the two itineraries do we recommend?

Although Formentera is better known, we particularly recommend the first tour. The excursion of the best beaches of Ibiza offers a wider variety, allowing the opportunity to visit more beaches. The area is also better protected from the waves, meaning our clients do not tend to get nauseous or seasick.  Boarding is much more comfortable (if it is done from the port). Lastly, we can see the sunset at Café del Mar, which, as mentioned before, is usually the most spectacular moment of the day.

CharterAlia catamaran Lagoon 380 2018 sailing towards the sunset
The idyllic image of the catamaran Lagoon 380 sailing at sunset in the bay of San Antonio.


Enjoy a sunset on a catamaran excursion from Cafe Mambo and Cafe del Mar in San Antonio
We always recommend renting the catamaran to enjoy a day and end with an unforgettable sunset.


Balancing on the pulpit at the bow of the catamaran Lagoon 380 in Cala Tarida
A good balance is SO important in a boat as in our lives. The catamaran is the most stable type of boat that exists, ideal for those of you who are prone to seasickness.

Large groups of more than 12 people

If the size of your group is greater than 12 people, you will need to rent two boats, as Spanish law sets the legal limit of 12 people per boat, even for the largest catamarans. You can combine 2 catamarans, 2 sailboats or 1 catamaran + 1 sailboat. Although for many large groups the idea of separating onto two boats may seem like a problem, we can assure you that our experience shows the opposite: we sail side by side and when anchored the boats are tied together with a common surface shared between both boats, this allows our guests to move freely between the two.

Don´t miss out on watching this video so you can see how AWESOME of a time we have on board with larger groups:

Written by José Navas-Parejo, captain and owner of CharterAlia, a boat hire in Ibiza and Formentera.

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