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Hello! My name is Jose Zorrilla. I was born in Irun, an important town of the Basque Country known for bordering France. At 10 years old my parents moved to the vibrant city of Malaga where I grew up and lived in a sea of pure happiness.

Catamaran charter in Ibiza group picture with skipper Jose
A group picture to remember all the laughter and great memories from our day at sea.

The dark phase

I studied to be a draftsman but life’s circumstances lead me to start working for a rent-a-car as a receptionist, which later promoted me to the role of supervisor. That was the DARK PHASE of my life, where my hobbies on days off and vacation consisted of water sports (such as surfing, kayaking, sailing with a friend, etc.), adventures and my desire to get acquainted with new places and people.

CharterAlia boat trips with Captain Jose in Ibiza and Formentera
Eager to explore the world!

I lived those years as one who lives connected to the false security of everyday life, until around 2008 when what came was what they called THE CRISIS- something that brought me much fear when heard at all hours by friends, co-workers, newscasts, etc.. It paved for me a path full of opportunities and changes that I did not want to let pass me by. Seeing that the company I worked for was going to be affected imminently in my city, I wanted to jump the gun. One year before its closing, after a quick discussion on which thing I preferred to be active on, of all those that I liked to do and for which I live for, the one I see myself taking part in for years to come and that I desire to do when I see others doing it, what was going to be the tool of my future happiness, I decided the answer was simple and that was SAILING.

The magic, light and perseverance phase

In my dreams it sounded like those adventure books you read as a child and could easily believe that you were already CAPTAIN. Only this time I was a few years older and it was time to start STUDYING!! Just when you thought you had left that stage in your life behind, you now find yourself in the library with a few coloured markers saying “I will pass!” It was hilarious.

Skipper Zorrilla boat charter in Ibiza and Formentera
I am always thinking of my next adventure.

This is the MAGIC, LIGHT AND PERSEVERANCE phase. Beginning to study while I was also working proved to be extremely difficult, but much harder was dealing with everyday bills if I no longer had a job and refusing to continue my studies. Completely convinced of personal success outside of my comfort zone, I presented myself in Ibiza with a suitcase, 100 Euros and a Mercadona purchase with my car- which often served as both home and storage. But I was embraced with beginner’s luck and already working in a rental company three days after arriving. It was not a car rental. They rented sailboats and catamarans!!! I could not believe it. I had my first opportunity as a skipper a month in and started doing maintenance work, covering my first season on the island with a few weeks of work that I would have never believed if you would have told me a few months earlier.

Jose captain for yacht charter in Ibiza CharterAlia
From here, I can clearly see my future.

This helped me gain confidence and that winter I stayed to live on the island of Ibiza, partially for love and also to continue on the roll I was on and letting flow what had begun to take shape. After a few years of experience and sailing cruises, I had the brilliant idea upon seeing the CharterAlia website, I wanted to meet someone whose story, I realized when I read it, had touches of mine, which brought curiosity. Meeting Jose Navas was exciting and a great surprise. We spoke the same language and were surely of the same tribe. Everything seemed to fit in place again.

Skipper Jose for CharterAlia boat rental in Eivissa
José and José, similar in more than just the name.

The gathering phase

My next season, I worked with the sailboat of an acquaintance in Malaga that only brought me problems and made it difficult to keep smiling. I like challenges so I did not lose my smile, instead it remained. That summer, since obstacles either kill you or make you stronger, José Navas and I gained confidence with each other and he offered me work on one of his catamarans for the following season. There was only one requirement, a professional title. It was time to give it my all because change was finally coming.

This phase is called THE GATHERING. The seed that I had planted with so much effort and enthusiasm was beginning to flourish, now I only needed the grand finale. But this time I was not alone. Along this path I had met another one of my tribe, the GREAT FEDE– someone who does not hesitate to help out when it is most needed, and not just with his big smile. Together, we pushed and prepared ourselves daily and, between jokes and laughter, strived to get our professional title to start a new season, not only for work but in our lives as well.

Zorrilla sailing in Mediterranean aboard yacht for charter in Ibiza
The great Fede has helped me a lot.

My first summer with José Navas in CharterAlia was spectacular on both a professional and personal level, which is the reason I am so thrilled and enthusiastic to repeat the summer season with him, the Great Fede and an essential regular of the coast of Ibiza and a better person and patron, Edorta. Together with Mario and the own José Navas, we form the skipper team of Yacht Charter Ibiza CharterAlia.

Group photo with skipper Jose rent catamaran in Balearic Islands
We are waiting for you in Ibiza!!

The let’s ENJOY phase

I will be waiting for you in Ibiza for another amazing summer during this season. This phase is called WE ARE GOING TO ENJOY!!

Captain Jose Zorrilla of CharterAlia boat rental in Formentera and Ibiza
Here is a toast to the skipper we love most!

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  1. Hello,

    I would like to have a rate. We are 5 girls in ibiza and we would like to privatize a speedboat or yacht to go to formentera for the day. Can you please give me a quotation.


    1. Hola Charly!!!

      I would love to help accommodate you and your 4 friends. I have emailed you further information on our speedboats for hire to Formentera. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me via email.

      Hope to see you soon!

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