Lagoon 40 catamaran of 2019 Ibiza Formentera

We are pleased to present the beautiful and new 2019 Lagoon 40 catamaran rental with watermaker that will be added to our fleet of boat rentals in Ibiza and Formentera from June 2019.

New futuristic design: Catamaran Lagoon 40

It is a new catamaran, manufactured in 2019, that offers dimensions of almost 12 meters in length and a surface area of 100 m2. The modern and futuristic design of this boat, with the mast placed further back than usual and its self-steering genoa, is clear to see. It is the latest pretentious shout of the prestigious French shipyard Beneteau Lagoon.

The model of Lagoon 40 catamaran that we describe in these lines is the charter version. In other words, it offers 4 cabins and 4 bathrooms with private access from inside each cabin- unlike the catamaran that can be seen in the previous video that only has 3 cabins (one of them larger).

Photo with drone of charter catamaran Ibiza Lagoon 40
Spectacular aerial image of the front area of the catamaran and the nets.

In addition to the 4 double cabins, the Lagoon 40 catamaran also has the two hatches on the bows. The hatches are small individual cabins in the bows of the catamaran. Access to the hatch is through the exterior. These small bow cabins are normally used for the crew. In the case of not needing a professional skipper, this boat would accept up to 10 adults, using the small bow cabins (hatches).

The sofa in the living room can be converted into a double bed. Taking this into consideration, this catamaran could reach up to 12 people- using the two individual cabins at the bows and the living room sofa converted into a bed.

Catamaran Lagoon 40 for rent in the Balearics
Impressive image of the Lagoon 40 catamaran sailing full sail between Ibiza and Formentera.

This fabulous rental boat in Ibiza and Formentera, therefore, allows 8 passengers to sleep comfortably- with 2 passengers for each of the four double cabins with bathroom and 2 passengers in the individual bows. The maximum recommended capacity of this wonderful Lagoon 40 catamaran for charter is 10 people. However, for a family with children, up to 12 people could be reached on board using the sofa bed in the living room.

Lagoon 40 floor plan and distribution
In this image, you can perfectly appreciate the interior distribution of cabins, lounge and hatches and the number of people that fit in each of these spaces.

The cockpit (outside rear area of the boat) is at the same level. There are no longer those uncomfortable steps in the cockpit as with other previous models. The four-seater outdoor sofa has been pushed back with the idea of conferring maximum possible habitability to the terrace.

Model boat for rent in Baleares Lagoon 40
In this panoramic view of the Lagoon 40 catamaran for hire, we can see the helm to starboard, the cockpit on one level and the wide steps to access the sea.

Unlike most models of Lagoon catamarans, the rudder has been placed on the starboard (right side of the boat looking from aft) and the helm is perfectly integrated into the aft terrace. This makes the captain completely integrated with what occurs on board.

Hire with or without a skipper

We are talking about an entirely brand new catamaran. The main novelty, besides its design, is that this impressive charter boat can be rented with and without a skipper. It is probably the only brand new catamaran in 2019 that is offered in the Balearic Islands for customers with a nautical sports license. And of course, even if you have the license, if you prefer, we can offer it to you with a professional captain.

Lagoon 40 catamaran for charter in Ibiza and Formentera
1 Diving in the sea
2 Go back on board
3 Repeat


One of the extras that bring greater comfort on board is the water-maker. The dream fulfilled by many navigators. For weekly rentals, the water-maker has become on-board equipment that is practically indispensable. Being able to plan a route for a week without having to go near a port to refill water is the maximum comfort.

The water-maker installed on board the Lagoon 40 is a machine of the best brand, Dessalator, of the latest generation. It is connected to the alternators of the motors, so every time you use the boat’s engine you can refill the drinking water tanks of the charter catamaran with the push of a button.

Picture of the cockpit with rear terrace of catamaran lagoon 40 in Formentera and Ibiza
In this image, we can appreciate the great amplitude of the aft terrace thanks to the new design.

Dinghy with outboard engine

Every time you want to disembark at any of the wonderful beaches of Ibiza and Formentera, you can use the Highfield brand neoprene dinghy. This pneumatic is equipped with a 10 hp Honda engine. Be careful not to leave the zodiac unattended on the shore! 🙂

Interior of catamaran Lagoon 40 in Ibiza and Formentera
The interior finishes in birch wood by Nauta Design are really wonderful. It is a luxurious floating house.

Electric toilets

One of the most cumbersome tasks of life aboard a rental boat is usually flushing the toilet. Most boats have a manual crank that operates the toilet flushing pump. You have to pull it 7 or 8 times. However, the Lagoon 40 multihull boat is equipped with electric pumps for the toilets from factory, so pulling the chain will be as easy as pressing a button. Just like at home.

View of the catamaran salon Ibiza Lagoon 40
The ergonomic layout of the living room takes full advantage of the interior space by offering very large common areas.

Technical equipment

In addition to all the necessary instruments to navigate with the latest generation B&G brand GPS plotter, probe, log, full wind equipment and autopilot, the Lagoon 40 charter catamaran in Ibiza offers the following equipment:

  • Battery charger of 40 amps.
  • Fusion equipment USB-Bluetooth.
  • Speakers in the lounge and on the aft terrace.
  • All lights are low power LEDs. Both navigation and domestic.
  • Davits to raise and lower the dinghy comfortably.
  • Curtains in cabins and lounge.
  • Leather bulkhead organizers in the cabins.
  • Pulpits with wooden seats in the bows.
  • Water tank of 600 liters.
  • Port socket of 220 volts.
  • 12 volt refrigerator.
  • Soundproof motor compartments.
  • Steel gas oven.
  • Cabin mirrors.
  • Storage compartments under beds with doors.
  • Kitchen very equipped with sink, utensils and everything you need to cook on board.
  • Outboard motor stand.
  • Electric winch.
  • Fresh water pumps.
  • Cushioned seating at helm.
  • Electric heater to have hot water on board.
  • Paddle surf board.
View of the kitchen of the Lagoon 40 catamaran in Ibiza
The L-shaped kitchen seen from the aft terrace. Ideal for taking dishes directly to the table on the terrace.

Catamaran weekly rentals

This catamaran is normally rented for full weeks. The charter weeks are scheduled from Saturday to Saturday. The check-in is done on Saturday at 5:00 pm and the check-out is the following Saturday at 8:00 am.

It is very important to keep in mind that, when this sailing catamaran is rented without a professional skipper from our company, it is necessary to provide a deposit of 4,000 euros.

At the time of the return of the catamaran, the customer can choose between refilling the gas tank at the nearby gas station, or pay for the fuel consumed.

The deposit of 4,000 euros (only for rentals without skipper) can be paid upon boarding and will be returned at the time of disembarkation.

Inside double cabin of the Lagoon 40 charter catamaran in Ibiza
Image of one of the two aft cabins with private access to the bathroom. Includes reading lights, hatch, ventilation hatch and small bedside tables.

Rental rates for Lagoon 40

In the table that you will see below, you can check the rental rates of this magnificent sailing boat, the Lagoon 40 in Ibiza and Formentera.

Prices include VAT and all taxes. The obligatory insurance of civil responsibility and of the traveler is also included. We also include sheets and towels.

The price for rent with skipper is the same as for rent without skipper.

Weekly rates for Lagoon 40
Model Cabins WCs People 27/04 – 07/06 08/06 – 05/07 06/07 – 26/07 27/07 – 30/08 31/08 – 13/09 14/09 – 25/10
Lagoon 40 4+2 4 8+2+2 10,900 12,900 13,900 14,900 13,900 10,900

If you are curious, here you can read the story of our company, CharterAlia, boat rental in Ibiza and Formentera.

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