Luxurious Lagoon 620 catamaran rental Balearic islands Spain

At CharterAlia, we are proud to present one of the largest charter catamarans in the Mediterranean. The luxurious Lagoon 620 was built in 2011 and offers extraordinary dimensions for a sailing boat, with an outstanding size of 19 meters long and 10 meters wide and over 250 m2 of livable space! This is a true floating villa which will delight even our most high-end customers.

Catamaran with two decks Ibiza
Passengers contemplating the magnificence of the Lagoon 620 catamaran while sailing.

This amazing sailing ship has six cabins, three on each of the hulls. One of the cabins is the fully-equipped kitchen and the other five are luxurious bedrooms with double beds and private ensuite bathrooms.

Deluxe suite on board of the Lagoon 620 Ibiza
One of five luxury cabins – this boat is a dream come true!


Lagoon 620 Catamaran anchored
When this boat anchors, it becomes a floating villa with 250 m2 of living space available to our customers.

Suspended above the water, between the two hulls of the ship, we find an amazing lounge from where we can enjoy the spectacular panoramic views of the coastline. The living room has three different areas, arranged to satisfy all the needs of the passengers onboard.

There is a spacious dining area with exclusive leather sofas and dining tables. The table setting is adjustable making it perfect for all kinds of dinner parties. The rental fee includes a hostess who is also a professional cook, so you will be able to savour excellent food without ever having to go to land.

View of the living room and terrace of the catamaran Lagoon 620
View of the living room and terrace from the inside of the catamaran Lagoon 620.

In the sitting room, there is a 36-inch flat screen elegantly hidden inside the coffee table, and simply pushing the button will make the screen rise up automatically. Thanks to the satellite connection, you won’t have to worry about missing any of your favourite programs. Or if you prefer watching a movie, you can use the Blue Ray DVD player. The screen is connected to eight speakers. They are distributed around the living room and two decks, creating a surround sound system and giving you the sensation of a home cinema.

Steering the boat without leaving the comfort of the living room is also possible for the captain, ideal for the rare occasion when the weather isn’t on our side. There is a special area from which we can control the vessel without going onto the fly-bridge. This inside helm uses cameras so we can maintain a perfect view of the exterior from the inside. Other devices found on the inside control panel are the GPS plotter with touch screen, joystick control system, autopilot, detailed nautical charts of Mediterranean, and the radio systems. (Digital and satellite).

The amazing lounge on the Lagoon
In this picture, we can see the different areas of the living room with expandable tables and the interior helm.

However, if you prefer a more active role while navigating, the flybridge might be your favourite area of the vessel.

Top deck and outside helm

This top deck is a dream come true for any sailing enthusiast! It offers 60m2 and is situated on top of the main deck, making sure you will feel like a king.

Top deck and outside helm
The flybridge seen from the bow.

This upper helm contains all the navigation tools and gadgets to smoothly sail through the Mediterranean sea. Here you will find two steering wheels on opposite sides, so the captain can always steer on the windward side, ensuring maximum visibility. The fact that the steering wheels are located more than six meters above the waterline also increases visibility. It is not uncommon to hear captains bragging about the spectacular views from the Lagoon 620. This is also the place from where we hoist and maneuver the sails. We can do it manually or with the help of all kinds of electric winches that facilitate sailing the ship.

These dimensions reveal that this top deck was not only intended to be a great outside helm and thanks to its fabulous design, it’s also one of the most beloved places for our passengers to relax. Here you can enjoy the sun, or shade, from one of the comfortable armchairs, while listening to some good music, which you can change easily with a remote. The only reason you’d need to get up would be to get a drink from the fridge located on the same deck. In case you want to go to the main deck, downstairs, there is a double staircase making changing decks super easy, convenient, and effortless.

Luxurious catamaran Balearic in Formentera
The largest and most luxurious private catamaran charter in the Mediterranean.

Main deck

When you go down from the upper deck, you will arrive at the main deck. Here you will find another impressive outdoor lounge. This extravagant hideaway has a ceiling covering that provides shade and a cozy atmosphere. The teak floors match the wood dining tables, creating an elegant look. The teak floors are also very comfortable as they protect your feet from the heat. From this deck, you can access the sea with two ample integrated stairways.

Luxury catamaran rental Balearic Islands
In this aerial picture, you can see the twin steering wheels on the upper deck and the majestic entrance to the water provided by the two integrated stairways.

With two refrigerators, state of the art speakers, and an outdoor sink, it’s also a great place to prepare some mojitos and celebrate the summer. To make it even better, we can illuminate the water surface after sunset, turning the ship into the most beautiful place to celebrate nightfall.

Outdoor kitchen Lagoon 620
The outdoor galley is located on the main deck and comes with 2 electric refrigerators.


LED lights of the catamaran lighting up the water
LED lights reflecting on the water. Let´s celebrate the summer!

Sail and engine

The largest and most luxurious private charter of the Baleares is also equipped with state of the art sails made by the prestigious sail maker North Sails, known to manufacture the best sails. This is why the vast majority of vessels competing in Volvo Ocean Race and America’s Cup choose to sail with North Sails. This catamaran has 3 different kinds of sails, so we can always get to where we want using the wind as our main source of power.

  1. The first sail is a full-roach mainsail that can be hoisted automatically with the help of an electric winch.
  2. The second sail is the Genoa sail. We use this sail when winds are light or moderate. This overlapping jib of 230 m2 increases the surface space so we can compensate for our loss in speed.
  3. The third sail is a spinnaker. This sail is ideal for downwind sailing. This sail is 300 m2, almost as big as a basketball court.
Mast and boom of the Lagoon 620
Carbon mast and boom that significantly reduce weight and improve the performance of ship navigation.

No wind? No problem! This boat is powered by two 110 HP Volvo engines, located at the back of each hull, as usual on catamarans, so we can always sail even without wind.

Layout map catamaran Lagoon 620
This image shows the interior layout of the 5 cabins with lounge and 5 bathrooms. The Volvo engines are located at the back of each hull.

Equipment aboard the Lagoon 620 sailing catamaran

  • Carbon boom to reduce weight.
  • Lightweight carbon mast.
  • Lazy Bag to keep the mainsail when it’s not being used.
  • Furling Genoa and independent electric winch hoist mainsail.
  • Two 1,000W electric winches, one on the bow and one on the stern to facilitate the docking maneuvers.
  • High-capacity watermaker machine for water treatment (280 litres per hour). This feature ensures that there is enough drinking water on board and that all the needs of the passengers are met during their stay.
  • Two powerful air conditioning machines with reverse cycles in all cabins.
  • Microwave oven and grill.
  • Extractor fan in the galley.
  • Washer/dryer (5kg).
  • Dishwasher.
  • 8-speaker sound system with surround sound and remote system from the flybridge.
  • Defibrillator.
  • Nespresso coffee machine.
  • Integrated electric cooker.
  • Special ecological space for barbecue, charcoal and barbecue grill.
  • Selection of books and music CDs on board.
  • 36-inch TV flat screen.
  • Blue Ray video device.
  • Wine cooler.
  • Ice machine.
  • Colour printer.
  • Parabolic antenna for satellite TV.
  • Satellite phone (calls not included in the rental fee).
  • A MacBook and an iPad for general use by our customers aboard.
  • RIB dinghy with outboard motor 70 HP.
  • Two electric bicycles to avoid walking long distances on the docks.
Boat with washing machine and dishwasher
In the galley we have a washer and a dryer that washes up to 5 kg in one cycle. Next to it, you can find the dishwasher.


On board refrigerator with icemaker
Refrigerator with temperature monitoring and ice-maker.

Variety of water toys

And if all the above listed equipment was not enough, you can entertain yourselves, when anchored, with the following water toys:

  • Wakeboard to be used with the RIB dinghy.
  • Inflatable hotdog with the capacity for 3 people.
  • Two paddle surf boards (Stand Up Paddle Surf ).
  • Two kayaks with transparent bottoms to see under the sea.
  • Air compressor to fill SCUBA bottles.
  • 6 scuba diving outfits. Complete with lightweight carbon oxygen bottles, jackets masks, etc.
  • 15 snorkelling kits complete with diving goggles, fins, and tubes in different sizes.
  • 12-square meter floating mat.
  • 4 double sun beds.
  • 2 retractable canvas awnings.
  • 60 goose down pillows distributed throughout the ship.

Weekly Price Catamaran rentals in Ibiza

Our Lagoon 620 catamaran is offered with the professional crew (skipper and cook) for week-long rentals (please contact us for more info on single day charters and events). We are based on the island of Ibiza but we can go to Formentera, Mallorca, and Menorca depending on the desired route chosen by our customers.

Lagoon 620 catamaran port side
Lagoon builders sure know how to create a superb vessel.
Lagoon 620 weekly rental fees
Model Cabins WCs Ppl 05/05 – 08/06 09/06 – 20/07 21/07 – 24/08 25/08 – 21/09 Skipper Dpst
Lagoon 620 5 5 10+2 29,500 35,000 38,000 29,500 incl 5,000

Additional information

  • All prices include VAT.
  • Check availability for individual days and weekends.
  • Captain and cook/hostess included in the rental fee.
  • Rates do not include mooring in ports.
  • Dinghy with outboard motor 70HP included in the rental fee.
  • Sheet sets, towels, linens, and kitchenware included.
  • Final cleaning also included in our prices.
  • Insurance, taxes, and authorization rule charter in Balearic Island included as well.


Table on the suite of a catamaran
Office in one of the cabins.


Bathroom with separate shower on board the catamaran
One of the 5 ensuite bathrooms, complete with toilet and shower.


Bow areas catamaran Lagoon 620
The two nets at the bow of the boat.

By Jose CharterAlia – read about the author and if you feel like you can also read our story.

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