I want to buy a boat, what type is the most suitable?

Are you considering buying a boat to enjoy the sea? If so, surely you have thousands of doubts about the type of boat that best suits what you need, the offer of cheap boat insurance in the market, how you should keep the boat … As it is an important investment, and to avoid possible problems or disappointments in the future, the best thing you can do is start to see which boat is most suitable for you considering, in addition to the economic issue, several aspects.

Sailing around Ibiza
It could be you sailing around Ibiza in your own boat!!

For example, first of all you should be clear about how many people will usually go on board. That is to say, are you planning to enjoy the journeys as a couple or with friends and family? Keep it very clear because depending on the number of passengers you will need a larger or smaller vessel. At the same time, keep in mind that its size will also affect the price of the insurance: although there are cheap boat insurance if it is a large vessel, the cost of insurance benefits will make the annual maintenance of the vehicle more expensive.

Another important variable during the decision to buy the boat is the type of routes that will be made. We will not need the same type of boat if our journeys are only one day, always returning to port, if, on the contrary, we spend more days at sea. If the routes are more than one day then we must decide for boats that have a greater number of benefits and that allow making life on board more comfortable.

Luxury yacht life
Did you ask for everything?

In addition, the dimensions of the boat will also be defined by the areas for which we sail and want to dock as well as our home port. And this is because there may be size restrictions, special permits or the cost of mooring for certain boats is too high for the budget we have.

To reduce costs study the offer of affordable boat insurance

And one last question to consider, new or second hand boat? All have their pros and cons so depending on what we can invest we can choose between one or another option. Keep in mind that part of the budget also has to be used to insure the boat.

Boat crisis
Better insured than sorry…

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