Cala Bassa, one of the best beaches in Ibiza and Spain

Cala Bassa is considered one of the best beaches in Spain. It is famous for its calm turquoise waters. From the catamaran you can see how the waves gently roll to shore and break on the spectacular white sand beaches. The place is known for its lively ambiance and lovely visitors coming from all corners of the world.

calabassa beach near San Antonio
Beautiful day at one of the best beaches in Ibiza.

This paradise is located on the west coast of Ibiza. Only three miles from San Antonio.

Cala Bassa is also a perfect place to find a good restaurant. Its coast is home to a wide variety of amazing restaurants suitable to everybody’s liking and all budgets.

rent a boat at calabassa ibiza catamaran
Anchored at Calabassa, Ibiza.

Restaurants Cala Bassa

Finding a restaurant along the seashore of Cala Bassa in accordance with your taste will be easy. There are many establishments that offer all kinds of tasty dishes from classic paellas, to the more experimental nouveau cuisine. If you want to maximise your time at the beach, you can always find a takeaway option with simple but tasty meals. Although Cala Bassa is a popular hot spot to spend your day, prices have remained what they were – kind and reasonable. This makes dining out or having a tasty snack affordable for everybody.

We gladly present our favourite restaurants

  1. The Chiringo is a restaurant that specialises in local recipes rooted in the Mediterranean kitchen. Here you can find Ibiza’s famous fish stew called “bullit de peix” or the famous paellas and stews. It is a mid-range restaurant, so a three course dinner costs around 50 euros each. This excellent restaurant is renowned for its high quality and terrific service.
  2. The Cala Bassa Beach Club (CBBC) is the bright shining star of the beach. The chefs offer fusion cuisine, they combine elements of different culinary traditions creating outstanding and surprising combinations. The music played by the resident DJ and the excellent service creates a unique atmosphere that will make you feel like you are on cloud nine! This is a high-end restaurant, with average prices of 60-70 euros per person. If you look for fine dining in a unique style, then Cala Bassa Beach Club is the place to be.
  3. El Snack offers a large variety of special sandwiches, hot dogs, pizzas or homemade burgers. All very tasty and affordable. Even during peak time, staff are kind and serve you efficiently. This is a budget restaurant and average price per person usually does not exceed 10 euros.
lunch at calabassa ibiza
Here I am with some of our customers having a wonderful lunch at the CBBC.

In order to get a table at The Chiringo or the Cala Bassa Beach Club, it is essential to book a table a few days in advance. We are happy to do this for you. It saves you the trouble of calling. We think that enjoying the beach is much nicer than being on the telephone trying to explain yourself in a foreign language.

When dining at the Chiringo or at the Cala Bassa Beach Club, wearing a shirt is obligatory. Going barefoot to any of these restaurants is perfectly fine – after all, this is Ibiza!

Calabassa Beach Club and catamaran
The table is ready for lunch!

All beach restaurants offer a free boat service. A skipper will pick you up at our catamaran and will take you to the shore. We reckon this is quite an amazing treat you will remember for years to come!

calabassa beach club dinghy service
Let’s go grab a bite!

Other services Cala Bassa

Besides the restaurants and the beautiful beach, Cala Bassa has much more to offer to our clients. Here we provide an overview of the other services you will find at Cala Bassa.

  • Bathrooms and showers.
  • Protected swimming area.
  • Two emergency embarkation lanes to ensure fast access to the sea.
  • Water motorcycle/jet ski rental service
  • Rental service of water toys, such as inflatable bananas.
  • Wooden paths that do not burn your feet.
  • Beach bed and umbrella rental service.
  • Rental of Balinese beds (managed by the CBBC).
  • Ibiza style hippy shops.

    at calabassa beach you can rent a banana
    Going bananas!

Cala Bassa from the natural point of view

Cala Bassa is a naturally horseshoe-shaped bay, surrounded by junipers which almost reach the very limits of the white sand shores. It’s named after the tip that is found on the westernmost end of the bay la punta bassa. Located in the San Antonio bay, Cala Bassa is sheltered from nearly all winds. We only have to pay attention to the Northwestern winds, in case these winds get stronger we move the catamaran to the west where it will also be protected from these winds. The natural conditions and the setting of Cala Bassa make it one of the safest sailing destinations.

captain shows calabassa beach
Here I ‘m showing the beautiful beach of Cala Bassa.

At the other end of the bay, we find a rocky area with numerous caves. Exploring these caves with the stand up paddle surfboard is a lot of fun! A stand up paddle surfboard is larger than a surfboard and, therefore, it is a very stable board that allows you to stand on it comfortably. The paddle is used to move freely so that you can explore these magnificent caves.

stand up paddle surf en ibiza
Paddle board makes me happy!

Arriving at Cala Bassa by boat

We will make good use of the wind and the currents so that we can sail without using the engine.

calabassa mister binguel
Our catamaran anchored at beautiful Cala Bassa, Ibiza.

Contrary to what the name Cala Bassa suggests, the cove is fairly deep. We will find a good spot to cast anchor, taking into account other ships nearby. The depth of the waters allows us to dive from the catamaran into the sea confidently. The marine life is worth checking out as colourful fish and a wide variety of water plants can be found.

Sunset at Cala Bassa
One afternoon in August from the Cala Bassa beach.

One of the most protected beaches of Ibiza.

This amazing cove is located within the San Antonio bay. This means that it is sheltered from practically all winds. We only need to keep track of the Northwestern winds.

In case of tease winds gain strength, we move to the west wing of the bay. Here we are even protected from these winds. This makes Cala Bassa without the doubt one of the safest places to sail.

Caves in Calabassa
Safe Haven.

One of the favorite beaches of rich and the famous

As you can see, Cala Bassa is a charming beach, a truly unique place with a lot of plusses. It´s an accessible beach that can be reached with ease by both land and sea. It’s breathtaking beauty and vibrant ambiance makes it one of the favourite spots of many famous footballers, singers, and models, thus making it a glamorous spot.

The view from El Chiringo at Calabassa
View from Chiringo in August.

My favourite skipper’s tale

In the middle of June 2014, we rented one of our catamarans to two English couples.  They were in their sixties and very friendly. They had booked the excursion named the Best Beaches of Ibiza which, in my opinion, is the most excellent of all routes by boat in Ibiza.

Cala Bassa in the sixties
Image of Cala Bassa in the 60s, the “other” Ibiza.

I was the captain that day and very happy to take my catamaran out for some fresh air.  After talking about the dos and don’ts and explaining the rules used on the catamaran, I asked them if they wanted to connect their mobile phone to the speakers. They were delighted with the proposal. As soon as we left port, their favourite Beatles track blasted through the speakers. They told me that they were huge Beatles fans. They had a mega collection of merchandise and had all their albums. They had been to a few concerts and they recalled them vividly. Telling me these stories, their faces lit up.
We arrived in Cala Bassa, dropped the anchor, and the guests went for a swim. I called Julián, the dinghy guy, who would take the guests to the Cala Bassa Beach Club where I had booked a table for them. They returned a little later than usual, but when they came on board they were euphoric. ¨ You won’t believe who was sitting at a table next to us. Paul McCartney and his wife!!!¨, one of them exclaimed. They were so excited that they started calling all their friends to tell them about what had just happened. They didn’t pay attention to anything else I said, hahaha! These are the beautiful events that happen in Ibiza!

paul mcartney at calabassa
The day my customers ran into Paul Mcartney at Cala Bassa.

By Laura Soteras.

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