Motor boat Sunseeker Thunderhawk 43 with skipper Ibiza

This Sunseeker Thunderhawk 43 power yacht for rent in Ibiza is a sophisticated luxurious yacht that perfectly combines a classical design with the latest technology. Thanks to its great dimensions this rent motor yacht can take up to 10 guests to spend a nice day along the beaches of Ibiza and the nearby Formentera Island. The captain and many extras are included in the price. Below you can find a detailed description of this motor boat and the prices of our day charters in Ibiza.

Sunseeker Thunderhawk 43
This incredibly sleek and sexy motor boat will make many heads turn.

Yacht charter Ibiza: Sunseeker 43 dimensions

The center line of this yacht charter Ibiza measures 13.43 meter and it has a beam of 3.35 meter. These amazing dimensions make the yacht really comfortable spacious. Furthermore, there is a smart division of space this explains why we can accommodate 10 people with lots of room.

Ibiza yacht hire: Thunderhawk 43 description

The front deck has been transformed into a lounge area by placing two comfortable sunbeds on this deck. The Sunseekers nautical architects take advantage of these empty spaces and look for amazing ways to use them.

Stern of the Sunseeker Thunderhawk 43
Comfortable sunbeds at the bow and stern of the motor yacht.

The back deck of the Thunderhawk 43 power yacht for rent in Ibiza has also a great design, effectively combining the different functions that need to be performed. At the rear we have the helm, very comfortable, well organized space, with good visibility and great access to the on board navigation equipment. There are two comfortable chairs, a well sized steering wheel, accurately placed gauges and a lightly blue coloured windshield. The colouring blocks the reflection of the light on the water and increases visibility.

Taking it easy on board of the Sunseeker Thunderhawk 43
Enjoy the summer and take it easy.

Moving further aft we find a nice wrap around sofa, with white soft white leather and navy blue pillows. This is a perfect place to sit and have a drink. It is also the best place to sit when the Sunseeker power yacht goes at full speed since it is the most sheltered from the wind. Closer to the edge of the motor boat we find other three sunbeds where you can lay down and enjoy the sun. Isn’t it a great idea to watch the sunset from one of our vessels that we offer as Ibiza boat hire?

Classical interior of the Sunseeker Thunderhawk 43
The classic white and navy blue interior of the Sunseeker Thunderhawk 43.

Sunseeker Thunderhawk 43 offers a nice shade

Although the wind will cool you down, this Sunseeker Thunderhawk 43 Ibiza rental yacht comes with a large bimini. It covers the back deck and provides it with the much needed on board shade area. This way we won’t need to pull sprints with other yachts to seek some cooling. 😉 The bimini is not visible in the pictures, but it can easily be set up by the captain and stay on, even when driving at full speed.

It is easy to see how this rental power yacht in Ibiza was carefully designed. Colours white and navy blue were used, a classical nautical theme giving it an elegant look. The general condition of the motor yacht is excellent as it was recently refurbished.

Ibiza yacht charter: Sunseeker Thunderhawk 43 engines

Apart from its amazing looks, this motor yacht for rent in Ibiza is very fast, perfect for speed lovers. The speed of this motor yacht is provided by two fantastic Volvo Penta 240HP engines. These motors are well known for their high performance and effectiveness. So the engines provide great speed while keeping fuel consumption moderate.

In optimum weather conditions this yacht for rent in Ibiza is able to reach 39 knots (around 70 Km/h), an excellent achievement for a motor in this category. The technical engineering reflects the expertise of the Penta company that was, after all, the first to produce a marine engine.

Fast Thunderhawk 43
This light and fast Thunderhawk can reach an impressive 39 knots.

This great yacht charter in Ibiza can be rented for day trips to get to the stunning beaches of Formentera or stroll along the beaches in the south of Ibiza Island. This motor yacht for rent is moored at the port of Ibiza town.

You can start your day between 10:00 and 13:00. We are flexible, giving you some space to find a time that fits everybody. A full day rent consists of an 8 hour boat trip. Prices can be found in the table below. The price includes; skipper, drinks, towels, and VAT.

Sunseeker 43 Thunderhawk daily rental fees
High season – July and August Mid Season – June and September Low Season – Rest of the year
1,950 1,850 1,750

This season we also include snorkelling equipment and an inflatable paddle surf board. Fuel is not included in the price and settled when returning to port. On average this yacht consumes 110 litres in one hour. This means that on a normal day from the marina in Ibiza town to the Northern shores of Formentera and back, fuel costs will be 250 Euro.

Sunseeker Thunderhawk 43 with captain
The rental fee includes a captain and many extras.

You can read the story of CharterAlia, our Ibiza yacht charter company.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    After our phone conversation, i confirm to you that i m interested to rent one day the Sunseeker Thunderhawk 43 for the friday, saturday or sunday 29, 30 or 31 of july.
    Please let me know if it is available.

    1. Hello Berrehouma: I have emailed you in regards to the Sunseeker 43 you are interested in. If you have any further questions feel free to contact me. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Dear you,
    I would like to rent a boat for the day 14th of July to spend some time at Formentera.
    I will be with my wife and want some confort.
    Sunsseker 43 looks good but can you suggest a boat for us please? We need a captain.
    Many thanks,

    1. Dear Scialom,
      Thanks for your request. Our Sunseeker 43 is not available but our comfortable Sunseeker 46 is available for the 14th of July. I have sent you all information and on our other speed boats so you can better compare and find the most suitable for you and your wife;-)
      Don´t hesitate to contact us by email if you have any doubt.
      Best regards.

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