The best restaurants in Formentera

If you have chosen one of our awesome excursions in sailboat or catamaran to our neighboring island Formentera, these are what we believe to be the best restaurants that you will find. Well, the best restaurants in the northern area of Formentera, in the wonderful beaches of Illetas and Cavall d’en Borras.

illetas beach in formentera
Illetas beach in Formentera.

Ranking of the best restaurants in Formentera

In general, for all restaurants, we recommended that you book your table at least two days in advance. If your booking is for the weekend, especially during the high season, you should book even earlier.

It is important to note that many restaurants offer only two lunch shifts: At 13:00 and at 16:00.

Aerial view of Illetas beach in Formentera
Aerial view of Illetas beach in Formentera island.

The best restaurant in Formentera: Es Moli de la Sal

Restaurant Es Moli de la Sal – Telephone +34 971 18 74 91 – VHF CH 87: This is an old salt mill. It is quite well preserved and its white tower is easily recognizable from virtually anywhere in the northern part of the island of Formentera. The location is very picturesque and offers spectacular views of the area west of the beach Cavall d’en Borras.

General view from the restaurant Es Moli de la Sal in Formentera
The spectacular view from the restaurant Es Moli de la Sal.


The famous tennis player Rafa Nadal eating at Es Moli de la Sal
Even the famous tennis player Rafael Nadal likes to eat at Es Moli de la Sal.

Although they offer a variety of dishes, their typical Spanish cuisines truly stand out- their specialties being rice stews and paellas. They offer a dinghy pick-up service that you can contact through the VHF radio on CH 87 or on the telephone at +34 971 18 74 91. Beside the restaurant is a small beach that is spectacular for the children to have fun and swim in while the adults enjoy the bar. The average price is about 70 to 80 euros per person. They offer both lunch and dinner.

Moli de la sal dinghy service Formentera
Dinghy pick-up service at Es Moli salt, one of the best restaurants in Formentera.

Trendy restaurant in Formentera: Juan y Andrea

Restaurant Juan y Andrea – Telephone +34 971 187 130 – VHF CH 74: Mr. Juan and his wife Andrea were the caretakers of the islet of Espalmador. During the 80s, noting the large number of boats anchored in the turquoise waters north of Formentera, they decided to establish a fish snack bar that today has become one of the most famous restaurants in Formentera for various reasons. We want you to be aware that their high prices are one of those reasons. The restaurant is easily recognizable, at the south end of the beach of Illetas, by the palm trees that line the tents that offer shade to diners.

It is the typical beach bar that is worked by very beautiful waitresses, who are usually overwhelmed with work and in need of days off. It offers modern cuisine, sometimes too minimalist and very trendy for my taste. Nevertheless, there are still tables on the sand where you can eat barefoot if you wish. It is usually one of the most requested restaurants to eat at for our international customers. The average price is about 100 euros per person. They have free dinghy pick-up service for customers with reservations. Juan y Andrea only offers lunch and they are not open for dinner.

Juan and Andrea restaurant in Ses Illetes in Formentera
A peaceful lunch at the restaurant Juan and Andrea will have you feeling like you are in paradise.

Restaurant of Illetas, Formentera: Beso Beach

Restaurant Beso Beach – +34 971 324 572 – VHF CH 76: Located south of the beach of Cavall d’en Borras, near the entrance to the port of Formentera, and extremely easy to find thanks to the large white letter B that is displayed on the roof. Lately, it has been one of the trendiest restaurants in Formentera due to the festivites that are formed at the end of the second lunch shift, with people dancing on the tables and partying that continues into the night. This restaurant inherited the public who used to frequent the old Big Sur to watch the sunset (the owner and name changed in 2011 to Beso Beach). Lying on the shore in front of Beso Beach, with a mojito in hand, as you watch the sun set, is priceless!

Watching the sunset from Beso Beach in Formentera
The Balearic Islands have breathtaking sunsets full of magic.

The food at Beso Beach is pretty good but the price is like all the restaurants in the area, an average of about 70 to 80 euros per person. Also like other restaurants, it offers a dinghy pick-up service on the VHF channel 76.

Watching the sunset at Big Sur in Formentera
Watching the sunset at Beso Beach in Formentera.

The restaurant of Ses Illetes: Es Ministre

Restaurant Es ministre – +34 609 600 538 – VHF CH 75: This is another old beach bar that has truly come up, though not as chic as its neighbor Juan and Andrea. It specializes in fresh seafood, which we can choose directly from the tank. It offers mostly traditional Spanish food and is slightly cheaper than the restaurants that surround it. The average price may be around 50 to 70 euros per person.

Enjoy some fish and wine at Es Minstre
Enjoy a delicious fish dish with a nice wine in Es Minstre.

It also provides free dinghy transportation to and from the boat for restaurant customers. You can radio Es Ministre on VHF channel 75 and Nico, the friendly dinghy skipper, will pick you up.

The dinghy dock at Es Minstre
Arriving at Es Minstre is already amazing with the clear waters… And then comes the delicious lunch.

The restaurant Es Ministre is very close to Juan and Andrea, in the central area of Illetas beach, and is easily spotted from the sea by the 6 flags hoisted on the poles located along the facade.

Restaurant in Cavall d’en Borras: El Tiburon

Restaurant El Tiburon – +34 659 638 945 – VHF CH 66: This still continues to be the typical beach bar practically on the edge of the beach, although it has restaurant prices. It is located in the north of Cavall d’en Borras, between Es Moli de la Sal and Beso Beach, but with plenty of beach area between each other. It is unmistakable for the shark they have placed on the roof.

You can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner like in any other restaurant for about 50 to 60 euros per person. The menu is not too varied. It is ideal for sharing some appetizers and drinking a mojito while the sun sets. It does not have too many tables and they fill up rather quickly, so booking is essential. The owner is a German who is more interested in living life and not complicating his existence by expanding or being more publicly known. It is likely that he won’t even pick up the phone when you call…

El Tiburon restaurant in Formentera
After a scrumptious meal… sun, sea and sand!

One of the first hippy beach bars: Kiosko El Pirata

Kiosko El Pirata – +34 971 32 40 64: This was one of the first hippy beach bars that went into business on the white sand of the famous beach of Illetas in Formentera in the early 80s. It is immediately recognizable by the black pirate flag that crowns the mast that emerges between the tents that provide shade to the dining room. The tables are located on the same sand and the cocktails are legendary. It is only open for lunch but it does not close until almost sunset. Like other restaurants, it offers free dinghy transportation service for its customers.

Megayacht with helicopter anchored at Illetas beach in Formentera
Mega yacht with helicopter anchored Illetas beach in Formentera.

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